Today: “The problem with walking on the spiritual path” Yogi Bhajan

“The problem with walking on the spiritual path is that you are tested at every step. Each step expands you, lifts you, and gives you elevation. But on the neurotic path, the path of ego, you enjoy every step, but every step is just flat. No lift, no elevation. You get so tied into it that soon nothing can reach you. Ego is the very capacity to be finite.” Yogi Bhajan
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Today: Endure (some more) – from the I Ching

Hang in there. Endure (some more).  Regardless of the severity of the situation, which may be critical, use the waves of your radiance to influence rather than harsh measures.  Don’t look for any relief or guidance from those in charge.  Bond with your peers to remain strong.  Reach out to those who are weak to join you.  Together, you will not be worn down.
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