Today: “Liberation is from the subconscious mind – Yogi Bhajan

SSSYWa“Liberation is from the subconscious mind, the watchdog of the self, the recorder of the self.” Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam!
Ram Anand



Today: Do not become too attached – I Ching

Do not become too attached to your circumstances.  Keep your manners and associate with good people.  Take responsibility for your actions.  Liberate yourself from the subconscious that ties you to your ego.  Move on when it is time.

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's translation of the I Ching

WHEN A man is a wanderer and stranger, he should not be gruff nor overbearing. He has no large circle of acquaintances, therefore he should not give himself airs. He must be cautious and reserved; in this way he protects himself from evil. If he is obliging toward others, he wins success.
A wanderer has no fixed abode; his home is the road. Therefore he must take care to remain upright and steadfast, so that he sojourns only in the proper places, associating only with good people. Then he has good fortune and can go his way unmolested.

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