Today: “Since the mind is beyond the categories of time and space” – Yogi Bhajan

SSSYWa“Since the mind is fast, and beyond the categories of time and space, it supports your actions with many more thoughts than you could ever act on. The result of this is that it is not you who think. Your mind thinks, not you. It floods you with thoughts, both wanted and unwanted, intended and unintended. Not all thoughts support the you which is you. You are awareness itself and not all these thoughts. You are actually carried through the soul.” Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam!
Ram Anand


Today: Use gentle persuasion – I Ching

Exert influence on external circumstances through small means of gentle persuasion.

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's translation of the I Ching

The image of many clouds, promising moisture and blessing to the land, although as yet no rain falls. The situation is not unfavourable; there is a prospect of ultimate success, but there are still obstacles in the way, and we can merely take preparatory measures. Only through the small means of friendly persuasion can we exert any influence. The time has not yet come for sweeping measures. However, we may be able, to a limited extent, to act as a restraining and subduing influence. To carry out our purpose we need firm determination within and gentleness and adaptability in external relations.


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