Today: “Make your temple clean” – Yogi Bhajan

SSSYWa“Make your temple clean. Make your heart open with love so that He can come and sit in it. Whosoever live in fear has not seen the light. We have forgotten who we are. We are one and there is One to whom we belong. The aim of life is to inspire each other to God-consciousness.” Yogi Bhajan



Today: “Selflessly serve with no expectation of gratitude” – I Ching

Selflessly serve with no expectation of gratitude.  The right people be inspired to follow your example.

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's translation of the I

Sacrifice on the part of those above for the increase of those below fills the people with a sense of joy and gratitude that is extremely valuable for the flowering of the commonwealth. When people are thus devoted to their leaders, undertakings are possible, and even difficult and dangerous enterprises will succeed. Therefore in such times of progress and successful development it is necessary to work and make the best use of the time. This time resembles that of the marriage of heaven and earth, when the earth partakes of the creative power of heaven, forming and bringing forth living beings.

True kindness does not count upon nor ask about merit and gratitude but acts from inner necessity. And such a truly kind heart finds itself rewarded in being recognized, and thus the beneficent influence will spread unhindered.

In bestowing care and nourishment, it is important that the right people should be taken care of and that we should attend to our own nourishment in the right way. If we wish to know what anyone is like, we have only to observe on whom he bestows his care and what sides of his own nature he cultivates and nourishes. Nature nourishes all creatures. The great man fosters and takes care of superior men, in order to take care of all men through them.


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