Today: What does not work… – from the I Ching

What does not work cannot be made to work just by trying harder or by force.  The only recourse is to fall back and rely on your inner worth, which will shine with accomplishments in another time or under other … Read the rest

In the third layer of ether…


“In the third layer of ether, a soul vibrates in the pure light of the soul to reach liberation and to uplift all souls now, past, and future. It goes through and beyond time. It is these three ethers that

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Today: Drop endeavors that do not serve you

It is wise to separate yourself from forces that do not serve you and would rob you of your peace. There is no failure in retreat that allows you to regroup and move toward your own center and a much … Read the rest

In the second layer of ether…


“In the second layer of ether, the soul is content to stay, supervise, and help other promising souls. It acts beyond space, beyond its own personal domain.” Yogi Bhajan

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Meditation: TCH20 02 960722 – Increase the Power of the Infinite Within

TCH20 02 960722 Meditation to Open the Lock of the Heart Center, to Increase the Power of the Infinite Within


Mudra: Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. Bring hands approximately 6-8 inches in front of your face, palms … Read the rest

Today: Thunder fills the heavens with awesome power

Use your vast personal power to go through the wall that has blocked you. Use it very carefully to bring peace to everything and everyone around you.


I Ching: Today

“What happens between God and you?


“What happens between God and you? What happens when this soul of yours comes to this planet? When you, the light of the soul, come in the soul to experience this creation what occurs? There are five layers of ether.

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It is that core personality of you…


“It is that core personality of you, your consciousness that you must recognize. Then the mind will not amplify and manipulate your fears. The moment you have no fear, when you are fearless, and revenge less, you are the living

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Today: Completion

The current order is complete. Everything is in a delicate equilibrium.  If something new needs to happen, let it start from a small seed in order to begin establishing a new order.  Don’t upset the equilibrium.


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Today: Let the small depart

Whatever is holding you back and thwarting your aspirations to elevation and enrichment, whether a person or or situation, don’t struggle with it. If you don’t feed its influence over you, it will leave of its own accord and you … Read the rest

Today: Speak softly and act with firmness, calmness and confidence

Exert your influence in small ways with gentle persuasion.  Be sparing of words and act with confidence and conviction so that others who are held hostage by their prejudices and mistaken beliefs can begin to find liberation by your example.… Read the rest

Today we are talking about something very serious…


“Today we are talking about something very serious. It is the cause of all tragedies, the cause of all our pain, the cause of all our degradation, inferiority, depression, unfulfillment, unhappiness. Whatever negative is in your life, this one thing

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Today: Be patient and confident

If what you seek is just out of reach or a long time coming, practice self restraint and become even more graceful. Control your fear and hold your confidence. You will be rewarded with opportunities that are commensurate with your … Read the rest