Today: Express your creative powers – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperExpress your creative powers. ¬†Put into action the unbounded potential of your creative mind to do great things. ¬†Communicate from your soul and the wind will carry your influence far and wide with a persistent penetration of the collective psyche.… Read the rest

Today: Breakthrough from within – from the I Ching


You have the opportunity for a significant breakthrough. It will come not from external circumstances but from within you. Stop pushing hard against obstacles. Rather seek the path of least resistance. That will come through discipline and commitment to your … Read the rest

Today: Stepping on the tail of the tiger – from the I Ching


Stepping on the tail of the tiger.

It is time for the weak to take a stand against the strong. ¬†This worries the strong player, who does not take any action as long as it is done with decorum. ¬†Pleasant … Read the rest

Today: Speak softly and firmly with conviction and confidence – from the I Ching


The penetrating wind.  Darkness, in itself rigid and immovable, is dissolved by the penetrating light, to which it subordinates itself in gentleness. In nature, it is the wind that disperses the gathered clouds.

Today: Stay vigilant and allow the transition from chaos to order to complete – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperRemain¬†vigilant of the wiles of the snake. ¬†Do not engage nor meet him halfway. ¬†At the same time, do not impose too heavily your admonitions to your circles about dealing with it. ¬†Your inner strength and clarity will … Read the rest

Today: Joining together for mutual support – from the I Ching


Waters flow together on the face of the earth. The situation calls for joining together in common bond. ¬†Everyone must ask whether he/she is capable of bearing¬†great responsibility, has the greatness of spirit, consistency, and strength to hold the … Read the rest

Today: Enduring devotion – from the I Ching


Thunder comes resounding out of the earth.  Begin some movement or gesture that meets with devotion and therefore inspires enthusiasm, carrying all with it.  You know what this is from within your own heart.

Today: Expansion and contemplation – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperThe Cosmos is supporting you. ¬†Receive its blessings and use it selflessly to accomplish great things. ¬†Now is the time. ¬†You are being given the strength and wherewithall to go big. Those whom you bless will be¬†filled with joy … Read the rest

Today: Promote peace through small measures and gentle persuasion – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperPeace is the dominant influence. ¬†Look to your family and circle of friends to nurture it. ¬†Don’t try to stave off external hostile attacks. ¬†Be strong from within.

Today: Complete the return to order – from the I Ching

You are in a position to bring any remaining chaos into order ayinyang02papernd unity with your light and warmth. ¬†Your efforts will continue to pay off with your perseverance and devotion. Do not rush to conclusion, rather be steady … Read the rest

Today: I Ching – Previous Readings

Personal I Ching readings

20190321¬†“You are committed to your path. There is no turning back. Finish what you have started.‚ÄĚ

20190320¬†You must act in accordance with your divine nature. Then all goes well.‚ÄĚ

20190319 Enjoy the increase in Read the rest

Today: Let Your Inner Power Bring Peace – from the I Ching


Having held firmly to and storing up great creative powers based in Truth, it is time to unleash them in a strong clearheaded way. ¬†Great and difficult undertakings will succeed through¬†light and clarity and the daily renewal of character.… Read the rest

Today: Creative Power, Risks and All – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperIt is a good time to be in touch with your creative powers and use them to their fullest extent. You can do anything. ¬†Build during the day, never stop, even at night, while others rest. ¬†Your sphere of influence … Read the rest

Today: Lie Low with Perseverance – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperYour course is set. Go about making small advances toward your goals. Avoid big moves. ¬†Remain humble and sincere with no pretense or posturing. ¬†You have¬†nothing to prove to yourself or others. ¬†Do not¬†not strive after lofty things … Read the rest

Today: Reemergent Deception – from the I Ching


Just as in¬†yesterday’s report of increased clarity, the same forces of late are at work trying to undermine that, again through deception. ¬†This is especially insidious, as the deceived does not recognize the deception nor suspect the deceiver and … Read the rest

Today: Chaos and confusion have yielded to order and clarity


A time of chaos has passed. ¬†There is new order and clarity from an awakening to the glimmer of reality. ¬†This awareness is new and fragile. ¬†It is held in a delicate equilibrium that¬†will take vigilance and discipline to … Read the rest