Today: Upheaval and radical transformation – from the I Ching


It is a time of upheaval and radical transformation. Opposing forces are trying to destroy each other.  The age old struggle between light and dark has reached a critical mass.  It is important to wait for the right time to … Read the rest

Today: Go beyond your ego and associated self interest – from the I Ching


Go beyond your ego and associated self interest.  Do not deny yourself, rather extend your vision to include everything and everyone, serving in any capacity you are needed.  This attitude will dissolve the barriers that have formed between you and … Read the rest

Today: Dissolve the rigidity of the heart – from the I Ching


It is time to dissolve the rigidity of the heart that has led to extreme divisiveness among people.  We must allow ourselves to be shaken with awe in face of eternity – stirred with an intuition of the One Creator … Read the rest

Today: Be still as a mountain – from the I Ching


Be still as a mountain.  Bring to rest the sensations of the ego.  Disassociate from the fears and desires of others and the visible world around you.  Focus only on the immediate situation, dwelling only in the moment.  

Today: Stagnation and Retreat – from the I Ching


Stagnation thwarts all efforts to improve the situation.   No amount of brilliant or creative endeavors seem to change anything.  There is no blame.  Rather than feel remorse for the state of affairs, just accept that you must hold to your … Read the rest

Today: Strong Convergence – from the I Ching


It is a perfect time for kindred spirits to gather together in community.  This convergence is inspired by strong natural forces. Participation will yield a merging of the group psyche and a clarity of purpose. A strong, close knit union … Read the rest

Today: Conflict and Change – from the I Ching


It is a time of conflict. Paths are converging that are unable to occupy the same space.  If one or the other is unable to change, there can be no resolution.  You can force an outcome with some measure of … Read the rest

Today: Let go of your limitations – from the I Ching


Use your discipline to overcome your limitations, but not too much.  Too much discipline is too constrictive and cannot be endured.  It becomes self destructive.  Allow what you have been waiting for to come in its own time and through … Read the rest

Today: Follow your inner truth – from the I Ching


Follow your inner truth. Do not look at what others are doing for guidance. Only look within.  Others may fall away from your common path but you may remain on course with your steadfastness.

Today: Taking on power – from the I Ching


Taking on power with extreme caution and a healthy respect for the danger involved, and with full commitment, can produce results. Be aware that there will inevitably be opposition.  

Today: Maintain innocence – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperMaintain innocence. It is a time of being, not doing.  Don’t try to control anything lest it interrupt the natural flow of events.  Meet what is at hand with perfection and without an eye to the end result.  This will … Read the rest

Today: Embody past wisdom and your grace – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperHold firmly to the truth and great creative powers within you and store them up, bringing them forward with light and clarity.  Do not push for an outcome.  Allow your grace to infuse every circumstance with light to bring it … Read the rest

Today: Appreciate joy – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperAppreciate joy. Do not indulge overzealous joyous behaviors.  This is a pitfall of the young and inexperienced.  Nurture the inner source of that joy and turn it into blessings rather than simple mirth.

Today: Express your creative powers – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperExpress your creative powers.  Put into action the unbounded potential of your creative mind to do great things.  Communicate from your soul and the wind will carry your influence far and wide with a persistent penetration of the collective psyche.… Read the rest

Today: Breakthrough from within – from the I Ching


You have the opportunity for a significant breakthrough. It will come not from external circumstances but from within you. Stop pushing hard against obstacles. Rather seek the path of least resistance. That will come through discipline and commitment to your … Read the rest

Today: Stepping on the tail of the tiger – from the I Ching


Stepping on the tail of the tiger.

It is time for the weak to take a stand against the strong.  This worries the strong player, who does not take any action as long as it is done with decorum.  Pleasant … Read the rest