Lecture: KWTC-19940725 – Fact of Impact Is That You Can Rule

The only way a woman can be prosperous is if she understands that her life is full of problems and she has the capacity to overcome all problems with one damn smile. That’s truth. No woman who can smile … Read the rest

Lecture: LA907 970311 burn the subconscious “Life is Love”

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles March 11, 1997

LA907 970311 burn the subconscious “Life is Love”
We have life and we look on to it to live but we do not know the law of life. So as individual … Read the rest

Lecture: The meaning of love

Lecture: The meaning of love

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles April 12, 1989

Meditation: LA589-890412-GoldenGrain

There is a very popular saying. If you make all good things you will go to heaven, if not you will go to hell but

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Lecture and Meditation: Patience Pays – LA-19831020

Do you know actually it’s Guru Ram Das’ birthday today and do you know on Ram Das Guru’s birthday anybody who wishes anything, doesn’t matter how neurotic and insane and sinful he is, is granted, are you aware of this

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Lecture: NM0399-20010512 – The Power of Shushmana

The Power of Shushmana

Yogi  Bhajan,  Ph.D.    May  12th,  2001    Espanola,  NM,  USA

The  ida,  pingala  and  shushmana  are  our  essence.  3000  years  ago  the  energy  channels  of the  ida,  pingala  and shushmana were  known  as  the  human … Read the rest