The Chaos Strategy



Many have figured this out.  Many deny it.  Chaos was weaponized a long time ago, and keeps re-emerging as a political reality for those who have forgotten history.

It isn’t about truth or lies.  That is just the tactic.  The strategy is all about chaos.
If you find the means to produce pure and ultimate chaos, then you can easily find the means to seize the power necessary to bring back “order”.
If you can blow up the world economy (e.g., toxic tax bill) then you find the means to put it back together in your own image.  There will always be somebody else you can blame for the catastrophe (2008).
If you can wage catastrophic war producing total devastation (e.g., nuclear war), then you can rebuild on your own terms.  There will always be somebody else you can blame for the cataclysm.
If you can privatize a nation’s secret security and spying infrastructure (cia) then they will work for you secretly (gestapo) and can target and prosecute fellow citizens with extrajudicial impunity.
If you can completely dismantle democratic institutions then you can define your own.
If you can get enough people (e.g., religious zealots) to believe that blowing up the world is a good thing, then there is nothing that you can’t accomplish with their help.
If you can appear to be insane to enough people (e.g., everybody) then they will underestimate you (as always) so you can fly under the radar and fully implement your chaos strategy.


Meditation: Subagh Kriya – Summer Solstice 1996

1. Palms facing you and flat, as if you are reading a book, bump alternately the heels of the palms together and then the Jupiter (index) fingers. The Jupiter fingers completely touch, but the palms only touch, and not the Mercury (pinkie) fingers.  Chant “Har” from the navel each time they bump.  Do this 11-min., then inhale, placing your hands flat against each other in front of your heart and pressing as hard as you can.  Squeeze your whole body. Exhale.  3 X.

This is for prosperity.


  1. Arms up at a 60-degree angle, elbows straight, palms facing outward and flat, cross the hands in front of you until just the wrists cross, then open your arms up again. Keep your elbows straight.  Alternate the left and right hand in front of the other.  Chant “Har” each criss-cross and uncross.  Do this 11-min.  Inhale, stretching as high as your hands will go, squeezing your whole body, hold, then exhale.  3 X.This turns misfortune into good fortune.

3. Place both thumbs on the Mound of Mercury for each hand, then close the

hand into a kind of fist, enveloping the thumb. Arms are up at 60-deg.  With a sudden motion, make a small circle with each fist, and stop.  Then do it again.  Your navel should move as you do this.  Chant “God” from your navel each time you make the circle.  Eyes are at the tip of your nose.  Do this 11-min.  Inhale, make tiger claws, stretch left as far as you can, hold, face front and exhale.  Then do this same on the right side.  3 X.

Stimulates the central nerve and opens the solar plexus.  It is good for when everything is falling apart, and there seems to be no hope.

4. Hold your hands in front of your navel, right hand in front of

the left, palms flat and facing inward. Alternately move them up and down somewhat rapidly,about 3 X per second.  Chant “Har Haray Haree, Wha-he-guru” as you do this.  After 3 1/2 minutes, start to whisper the chant.  After another 3 1/2 minutes, chant it silently to yourself for another 3 1/2 minutes.  Inhale, pressing elbows tightly against your ribs, squeezing your whole body, hold, and exhale.  3 X.
This one conquers fear.


5. Hold your elbows out in front of you, each hand on the opposite elbow, like Genie, in “I Dream of Genie”. Breathe one breathe per minute.  Inhale to a slow count of 20, hold for a count of 20, and exhale for a count of 20.  Eyes are at the tip of the nose.  At first it may help to visualize a thin thread that you inhale through the nose and through the back of the head, then down to your lungs and to your navel, then back out again.  This takes some practice, but it can be done.  It is very relaxing.  Do this 11-min, and that’s it.

This one conquers death.

These were given to us by the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan at Summer Solstice in 1996.  He said, “This is my gift to you”.

Taken as a whole, the Subak Kriya is one of the most powerful and complete kriyas you can do.  If you do it every day for 40 days, you will transform yourself into a glowing, balanced, fearless, prosperous, and glorious being.  You will become powerful beyond your imagination.


Meditation: LA742 921201 Fear 1, original fear

LA742 921201 Fear 01 The original fear:
to face  the void within yourself

View complete video lecture from 19921201

11 minutes: Each breath must last 20 seconds and be in 3 phases: inhale in 5 seconds, hold it for 10 and exhale in 5. 3 breaths per minute for 11 minutes equals 33 breaths total.Easy pose, eyes closed. Your right hand is on your right knee with the palm facing up, thumb and index finger are held together but separate from the other three fingers which are together. Your left hand makes a fist on your chest with the thumb vigorously pointing up.Inhale 5 seconds, hold it for 10 seconds, and exhale in 5 seconds. Do this 33 times.To conclude: make a fist with your right hand too, place it over your heart; like your left hand its thumb should be facing up vigorously. Inhale, hold it, and raise your arms so as to touch the sky with the thumbs straight up. Do it calmly eight times. (Stretch up with vigor, this restabilizes your lungs.), exhale

The cycle of raising your arms 8 times — must be repeated it five times.

This exercise adjusts the electrolytes, which you need because in the next 20 years the emptiness within yourself will increase progressively, and in these 20 years there’s nothing that will save you, nor philosophy nor religion… anything. You’ll have to do with your emotions alone and you’ll have to deal with them how to justify them. Things will not be like you think they are, and relationships will not be the way you expected. You won’t be able to give like you think you can give, and you won’t be able to have like you can have; but you cannot do anything about it, because this is the way Nature works now.

Exercise II: 6 minutes.Sit in easy pose, eyes open, arms at the level of your shoulders. As for your hands, the index finger is outside while the thumb holds down the other three fingers. Your index fingers move in a circle on the line of your shoulders from the inside to the outside and viceversa in 4 beats. Inhale while tracing small circles clockwise and exhale bringing them next to abdomen anti-clockwise. Fast, faster; faster you do, it better it works. This class hurts very much, but it will cure the nervous system. To conclude: inhale, squeeze your entire body against your back, and exhale (3 times).

Exercise III 8 minutes: Dance (PUNJABI DRUM MUSIC) with your shoulders; your arms and thorax held high; in this way the glands protect your heart from strain.

Sat Nam

Meditation: LA747 921231 Fear 6, to command yourself


 Close your eyes, interlace your fingers and bring them above your head. Stick your tongue out; this is called the “snake’s tongue”. Move as you want, but do it very fast. Be conscious of the central channel, which goes form the navel point to the third eye. connect the two chakras. Do this for 12 minutes.

See complete lecture video from 19921231


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Meditation: NM345- Strengthen and enhance the radiant body

NM345We have ten bodies.  The projection of the radiant Body, the tenth body, determines how other people see us and how we see ourselves.  It can be shiny and protective, or dull and porous.  We also use our Radiant Body to heal.  If it is strong enough, we can heal people with our mere presence.  This is a goal that is our challenge in this age, where so many people need to be healed and there is so little time.

This meditation strengthens and enhances the Radiant Body.

NM345 Mind & Mentality II Scope and Projection I

Tantric Har

Meditation: Kundalini Surjhee

On July 22, 2017

An immersion was held at Yoga West, led by Jagat Guru Singh. a long time student of Yogi Bhajan and Guru Dev Singh.

Its purpose was to introduce the Kundalini Surjhee Shabad to students in order to promote its recitation for their health and well being.



Meditation: M060-901121-AWAKEN-KUNDALINI

     Kundalini Surjhee 63 min

     Kundalini Surjhee Live 2.5 hours