Meditation: LA869 960410 – Expand the Arcline


Sit straight in Easy Pose.
For both hands, lock the little and ring finger tips under the thumb, and extend the index fingers and middle fingers straight.
The tips of the index fingers are at the sides, earlobe level. Forearms and mudra are perpendicular to the ground, pointing straight up.
Spine is straight, chest is out. Eyes are closed. Make an O of your mouth, and breath through the mouth. Listen to the sound your breath makes.
Crunch your lips to make the opening.
Hold the posture still, the hands do not move.
Keep the posture perfect and concentrate on the sound.   8 min.

Begin chanting Har. On the ‘r’, touch the tongue to the upper palate. Chant from the navel, pulling the navel in with each repetition.
Penetrate the chakras. Create the heat, use that power, hammer it out! Strike hard!   3.5 min.
To End:  Inhale deep and hold the breath for 30 seconds. Tighten the lips. Control the nose, concentrate on your navel point and line up your energy in a straight simple line.
Cannon fire the breath out, total exhale.
Inhale deep again, maximum deep and lock it, hold the breath for 15 seconds. Fire the breath out.

This exercise in three minutes will start playing games with you…don’t let the fingers and the position of the hand move…it’s the trick to it. I have done it, I know it and I understand it. No variance in posture for a better-best result. The tragic part of it is within three months [this] is going to relax you and start playing with your nerves one way or the other. Don’t worry about it, you will come through. Some people are so powerful they move the world.

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Healing the perception



We find reality through our perception.  When every component of our perceptive field is integrated into a whole we see that as reality.  If we do not add any bias to any component of perception, then we can trust that it is real.

Prejudices and other biases alter perception, forming a point of view.  An integrated point of view may appear real, though it skews reality toward that viewpoint. Then, we have a window, but not the whole picture.

As healers, when we relate with the patient and merge with in an integrated perceptive field  two things happen:
1.  We know the reality of the patient as we know our own
2.  We can manifest our intention in the relation.

That is the realm of the projective meditative mind.  If we can completely lose all points of view, then anything and everything can be healed.

A similar principle can be applied simply to healing others.  Every viewpoint that the patient holds results in some condition or position in the patient.  Not all points of view are equal.  Some result in positive relations, others, negative;  some loving, others adversarial.

If we agree that physical, emotional and spiritual conditions are held in consciousness, then we can say that these conditions can change or be released with a shift in the consciousness.  Simply, a change in a person’s  perception or viewpoint can precipitate healing in that person.  There can be a very strong resonance between the perception and a condition.

Sometimes it is simpler to address the perception than the condition.  A perception can flip in a moment.


Meditation: LA935-980608- Connect the subconscious and intuition

So tonight we are going to do a simple meditation to see if we can connect subconscious and intuition, okay?  Later on you like it, pay me some reward otherwise shout and leave, that’s my intention. I want to do the thing in two days that’s why I’ve stayed. LA is too wet for me.

All right, now please sit down and take this like this and put this, now chest line which is a arc line in ladies especially, men don’t have that so you have to just sit very straight and your fingers very straight and this touch very straight precisely. Now, suppose that hand, look at this that it should not go this way, no, just straight. Everything perpendicular, that’s the tragedy in Kundalini yoga, posture is a most important thing. They are easy posture, they are not difficult posture but simply it’s a simple thing to do.

Now you are set, now close your eyes nine parts and remain open
one part. Now it’s a difficult exercise and don’t goof about it. You have to breathe like this. It’s called trinity breath, breathe in two stroke. Two stroke and third stroke through the nose.
Use your diaphragm and breathe with two stroke really good, open up the clogged center.
Help with the breath, if you can help your pituitary.
Don’t stop you have to work on yourself.
Come on, two-stroke breath in one stroke through the nose out. You will feel the changes, feel it.
I am learning to find the balance to distinguish between moods and passion, healthy and unhealthy, self-destructive situation, wow!
Some of you are cheating. Catch up.
Breathe, breathe, it’s a difficult time I understand, two-stroke breath in, one stroke out.
Pituitary, which is at the end of the nose has to adjust, give him a chance.
Come on, come on, do it.
Catch up your strength, regulate yourself please.
Don’t you want to see what you get out of this?
Breathe in two-stroke and exhale through the nose, that’s all.

Inhale deep, put your heart in the center here and put all the pressure you have in your body and fight it to hold it in the center. It should be to that extent that your hand should shake, come on.
Let it go. Inhale deep again, please bring your hands at the heart center like this. You should put all the pressure there, just extend your shoulders and put the pressure that every fiber in your body must get the energy. This is the time to serve yourself. Let it go.

Inhale again and take your both hands up over your head and stretch your spine, tight, pull it tight, tight, tight, tight, relax.

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Meditation: M136-970930 – Reality and discipline

September 30, 1997  New York City

Today, we will work on your shashra, the seventh chakra and we will change your interlock of the third and the first chakra, to make out of you, whether you like it or not, we are not asking you for cooperation, we are asking you, whatever you have to do, you have to do, what we have to do, we have to do. The result will be that you will be balanced between your earth and your heavens.
It has come to an understanding, where you become you, in total balance and that’s what this night is about. To bring balance, in your unbalanced, micro and macro cellular system. So that you may understand happiness, you may understand prosperity, you can affect life. So, people can come to you, opportunities can come to you and chances of your vastness brings happiness to you. All-right?

Therefore, please sit down and put your hands in this condition, as you are blessing yourself. It is very simple. The psyche will catch up, your hands will come to an understanding then you know between your chest or breast whatever you have, the hands, they are very interconnected. So, get into that position, close your eyes and very faithfully, make an ‘O’ of your mouth and inhale deep and breathe out through the nose. Continue. 8 min.

Inhale deep, hold the breath and press your hands against your chest and press it hard and squeeze the body, squeeze tight, with the cannon fire breath out. Breathe in deep, hold tight, press hard, breathe out. Once again, breathe in deep, press hard, press hard and breathe out. Please relax. 1 min.

Put your beautiful hands like this and no, no you don’t have to do anything, put your chest out and shoulders, put your shoulders back, so that you release the central serum of the spinal chord. Just remember, it is very medical what I am telling you right now, just like this and put your shoulders up and this back and this thumb down, you know, thumb, you go down, yeah, is that understood? Now, close your eyes, put Rakhe Rakhan Har music tape and let them whistle with it. You will whistle, we will play the song and you will whistle, song you all know, Hardas Pai, Amar Das Guru, but you will just do that. 6 min.

Inhale deep, put your hands together and lock them, up, up on your head, over, over, over, lock them and try to stretch your elbows and do not let the lock go. Breathe in tight and stretch, breathe out. Breathe in again and stretch your shoulders and stretch elbow and try to pull, keeping the lock, do it all, let it go. Once more, breathe in deep, become so uptight and stiff that whole blood can go to the brain and change the gray matter and leave you alone from all this sickness, come on let’s try it. Go, relax. 1 min.

People are not suffering anymore, but there is a silent cry of the heart, which they can feel it but cannot hear it. And that is, when time is changing from the age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius. There is nothing to convince. You have food, you have home, you have sex, you have relationship, but you don’t have a peace. Today as our bodies are temple of God, which is there are their outhouse. We are surviving, let us see how we are surviving. Our fantasies are so much and we cannot fantasize collectively right, we take drugs so we can fantasize, that been expansion of our brain cells, which when contract, collapse.

We know how to extend ourselves, we know how to promise friends, we know how to talk to people, but we have not learnt the character to deliver things. So, neither we can trust anybody nor any body can trust. And the harsh way of knowing the truth and experience is very uncommon.

You want something easy, concessional, where you be appreciated. Therefore it is very, almost impossible to make a change. And when the age is changing, changes in negative, there is nothing you can do about it. Under this roof now, Catholics are sitting, protestants, seven day Adventist, Lothian’s, etcetera, etcetera, some other religion, Jews, may be somebody is a Muslim, somebody is a Hindu. Question is not our religion, question is that of reality.

People have to know, what reality they have. People have to know, what intelligence they have, people want to know is there any chance to live consciously. Twenty-five, twenty-eight years ago I came here, in United States and I said, “I have not come here to get students, I have come here to create teachers for the Aquarian Age.”

At that time, these words were just very foreign alien, so lot of people had lot of questions. Somewhere along the line, some of the great students of mine thought, they can topsy-turvy anything, everything, they couldn’t. Passage goes on. Teaching was my extra hobby. I have never depended on a student, neither will, nor a student is good enough who can take the weight, rather now I am in trouble, I have fourteen corporations and millions of dollars of land and properties, which I have to hand over to somebody. Somebody among you, who do not deserve to have it, but desire to have it, but by the will of the God and law of this planet, it has to go to somebody.

Somebody, who knows how to forgive, somebody, who know to, how to serve, somebody, who knows how to elevate, somebody, who knows, in spite of all the rotten things, one has to be conscious and graceful. Somebody, with the faculties, which cannot be defined as ordinary. It has always happened. What is happening to me shall happen to you too. Why with every odd, I am even? Because when I was very young, I disciplined myself and continued to discipline myself.

So I have found on this life, there is only one thing very precious, that is very private and that is very personal discipline. The purpose of chanting, the Aquarian Age mantras doesn’t make you a Sikh. Sikh means to learn. Learn those words, which that with the sound current and with a musical self, can affect your cosmenology, your reality. It is not something, which you can do, if you do not feel in your soul, that’s why in last twenty-eight years, we have never initiated anybody. You cannot aim to be a student of Kundalini yoga, if you do not initiate yourself. And it’s true, if you are that foolish, why should we initiate you? Initiate yourself, if you have some grace left and you want something and you want to see the unseen, know the unknown, hear the unheard, and speak the entire time, out of pure wisdom.

You know, whichever field of your life you are, you want to be popular, you want to be recognized, you want to be established, you want people should give you regards. I am asking a question, why? Why anybody should give you regard? You are on sale. You are always compromising your values and you are always on sale. No woman have met yet, who just glorify and glows her own beauty, her spirituality and her grace, is that her beauty? It’s all these makeup and trying to look this and that, is that is the only beauty? Isn’t that a man who shows courage and manners and commitment and character, is that not a beauty? There are beauties, which last for ever and there is a beauty which lasts few minutes.

Now, mankind is passing through the Age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius. Now, it doesn’t matter, how much you know, that’s nothing, now it’s a information age, get on the computer press two buttons and press the third one, you can get anything you want. It’s an information age. First, it was a computer age, ho big computer, now it is information age, majority of you can’t sleep at night. Last night I experimented. I said, “Tonight, we will not sleep, we will watch movies.” And one after the other, finally, in the morning, it was bruise hour, I said, “Stop it, lets stick to God is not practical.”

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Meditation: Perugia 2017 Meditations

Courtesy of Sandro Cifra

771130 Lower Back Is Where The Breathing Control Is

KWTC 870710 AB JAN UPAR KO NA PUKAAR no one complains about the Lord

KWTC 980710 life is lift to infinity

LA007 780117 Bewitchment in experience of infinity here takes you to infinity upon death




LA635 900323 Che significa essere un’insegnante

LA869 960410 Expand the Arcline

LA935 980608 tonight we are going to do a simple meditation to see if we can connect subconscious and intuition

M136 970930 Meditation Course – Work on Shashara, Balance Earth and Heavens

Sandro Cifra’s Collection of Meditations from Yogi Bhajan

The Chaos Strategy



Many have figured this out.  Many deny it.  Chaos was weaponized a long time ago, and keeps re-emerging as a political reality for those who have forgotten history.

It isn’t about truth or lies.  That is just the tactic.  The strategy is all about chaos.
If you find the means to produce pure and ultimate chaos, then you can easily find the means to seize the power necessary to bring back “order”.
If you can blow up the world economy (e.g., toxic tax bill) then you find the means to put it back together in your own image.  There will always be somebody else you can blame for the catastrophe (2008).
If you can wage catastrophic war producing total devastation (e.g., nuclear war), then you can rebuild on your own terms.  There will always be somebody else you can blame for the cataclysm.
If you can privatize a nation’s secret security and spying infrastructure (cia) then they will work for you secretly (gestapo) and can target and prosecute fellow citizens with extrajudicial impunity.
If you can completely dismantle democratic institutions then you can define your own.
If you can get enough people (e.g., religious zealots) to believe that blowing up the world is a good thing, then there is nothing that you can’t accomplish with their help.
If you can appear to be insane to enough people (e.g., everybody) then they will underestimate you (as always) so you can fly under the radar and fully implement your chaos strategy.


Meditation: Subagh Kriya – Summer Solstice 1996

1. Palms facing you and flat, as if you are reading a book, bump alternately the heels of the palms together and then the Jupiter (index) fingers. The Jupiter fingers completely touch, but the palms only touch, and not the Mercury (pinkie) fingers.  Chant “Har” from the navel each time they bump.  Do this 11-min., then inhale, placing your hands flat against each other in front of your heart and pressing as hard as you can.  Squeeze your whole body. Exhale.  3 X.

This is for prosperity.


  1. Arms up at a 60-degree angle, elbows straight, palms facing outward and flat, cross the hands in front of you until just the wrists cross, then open your arms up again. Keep your elbows straight.  Alternate the left and right hand in front of the other.  Chant “Har” each criss-cross and uncross.  Do this 11-min.  Inhale, stretching as high as your hands will go, squeezing your whole body, hold, then exhale.  3 X.This turns misfortune into good fortune.

3. Place both thumbs on the Mound of Mercury for each hand, then close the

hand into a kind of fist, enveloping the thumb. Arms are up at 60-deg.  With a sudden motion, make a small circle with each fist, and stop.  Then do it again.  Your navel should move as you do this.  Chant “God” from your navel each time you make the circle.  Eyes are at the tip of your nose.  Do this 11-min.  Inhale, make tiger claws, stretch left as far as you can, hold, face front and exhale.  Then do this same on the right side.  3 X.

Stimulates the central nerve and opens the solar plexus.  It is good for when everything is falling apart, and there seems to be no hope.

4. Hold your hands in front of your navel, right hand in front of

the left, palms flat and facing inward. Alternately move them up and down somewhat rapidly,about 3 X per second.  Chant “Har Haray Haree, Wha-he-guru” as you do this.  After 3 1/2 minutes, start to whisper the chant.  After another 3 1/2 minutes, chant it silently to yourself for another 3 1/2 minutes.  Inhale, pressing elbows tightly against your ribs, squeezing your whole body, hold, and exhale.  3 X.
This one conquers fear.


5. Hold your elbows out in front of you, each hand on the opposite elbow, like Genie, in “I Dream of Genie”. Breathe one breathe per minute.  Inhale to a slow count of 20, hold for a count of 20, and exhale for a count of 20.  Eyes are at the tip of the nose.  At first it may help to visualize a thin thread that you inhale through the nose and through the back of the head, then down to your lungs and to your navel, then back out again.  This takes some practice, but it can be done.  It is very relaxing.  Do this 11-min, and that’s it.

This one conquers death.

These were given to us by the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan at Summer Solstice in 1996.  He said, “This is my gift to you”.

Taken as a whole, the Subak Kriya is one of the most powerful and complete kriyas you can do.  If you do it every day for 40 days, you will transform yourself into a glowing, balanced, fearless, prosperous, and glorious being.  You will become powerful beyond your imagination.