LA031 19780423 – Ad Nad Kriya – Gupt Gian Shakti the Secret Power of the Knowledge

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine.

Hands: Interlock the fingers with the right index finger on top of the left index finger and the thumbs joined and stretched back so that they point straight up. Hold the hand position in front of the chest between the solar plexus and the heart. The heels of the hands are joined.

Arms: Relax the arms down with the elbows bent and the forearms pulled up and in toward the chest until the hands have met between the levels of the solar plexus and the heart.


Legs: Sit with the legs crossed or in a chair with the weight of both feet equally distributed.

Breath:  Deeply inhale . Completely exhale as the mantra is chanted. Chant the entire mantra as only one breath is completely exhaled.

Eyes: The eyes will close.

Mantra: Chant the following mantra as the breath is completely exhaled:



Be sure to chant the entire mantra as only one breath is inhaled.

Locks or other conditions: Interlock the fingers of the hands with the right index finger on top. Keep the thumbs stretched back.

Mental Focus: Focus on the breath and on the chanted mantra.

Length of time: No time restriction.

Comments: This Nad, this secret language or technique existed with a very powerful sect of yogis, called Ai Panthis. . Now very few of them exist.

It will clear your language. Even if you mumble words, if you practice this for a long time, you will be clearly heard by another person. It is called Gupt Gian Shakti, secret power of the knowledge. If you perfect this, you need not speak. You can just send a mental thought, and the other person will totally know about it.

NM0365-20001024-On Communication II

On Communication II – Effective Communication October 24th, 2000 – Espanola, NM, USA #NM0365

NM0365When you speak to someone, you project where you are coming from—to project from the soul, your thoughts need to be universal. When you speak to someone, determine whether you are talking to the head, the heart or the soul of the person—to speak to the heart you must speak internal truths.

In communication we express individual thoughts, feelings, commotions and emotions. Pain and hurt are pocketed in our individual commotion, holding us back so much that we cannot communicate. We listen and talk only when our emotions are satisfied. We develop prejudices, and do not see the soul and heart of another person. That is why it takes time to find an angle that another person can understand.

For communication to work, your spirit must be behind it. Normally, in our communication we judge. There is no consideration of other people’s mental development and experience, or of their bright and shining souls.  Normally, in our communication we express need, “What will this do for me?”We forget that we have a soul, a mind and a body. Our normal communication is to yell and scream, to need, want or seduce. We act this way to get something, without knowing that things will come to us when we are in communication with our soul.  I have to keep my spirit with me. I need to be in communication with my fluctuating mind and my decaying body.

This is essential. This is why we do sadhana—to feed our souls. Only the soul can control the fluctuating mind, when it comes forward and says, “I don’t deserve this.”The spirit says, “No! I don’t have to put myself through this mud.”Your human touch, your power, is exactly what you communicate with your spirit. Life’s enjoyment is to be mutual—simple, straight and straightforward. Many people waste their life in arguing. When you are not satisfied with what you have, you blame others for your problems. If you accept your state of being, there is no problem. Life has an essential reach for itself. We have to reach out.

Meditation – Eliminate Inner Conflict

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Interlock the fingers in Venus Lock (with the thumbs interlocked and the hands forming a cupped position) in front of the solar plexus. Eyes are closed. Chant, listen and understand the mantra Humee Hum Brahm Hum by Nirinjan Kaur. Continue for 22 minutes. To end, inhale deeply and hold. Did you hear what you were saying? Raise yourself to that consciousness, to understand what you were saying deep in your heart! Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax.

You must hear and understand what you speak. If you do not develop this ability, you will not have knowledge of the universe. Your inner conflict will take away all your energy and sense of reality. Once you speak, hear and understand “Humee Hum Brahm Hum,” “We are we, we are God,” all conflict in your personality will disappear.

Non-verbal communication is the essence of our inflow. When you are self-rejective, when you are scared and have a non-communicative nature, you cannot say to someone, “I love you.” Non-verbal communication can be a release of commotions, or, when active, it can become flirtation. Sometimes people are obnoxious, and even though you are conscious of it, even if you talk reasonably, and you are innocent and sincere, you are hurt by them. When innocence does not work, you pocket your grief in a non-communicative hell. When your intuition is developed to know where things are leading, but you cannot say it, that pain and pleasure together is nonverbal communication.

There is a lot of non-verbal communication instead of communication. You all do it, and deny it. You speak in a way to slip by and are non-communicative about it. When you like somebody passionately and cannot say a word, your non-communication sinks the ship. Non-verbal communication can also save you from expressions which your body undertakes instead of verbalizing. Sometimes, instead of ending up with what you have to have, you end up with garbage. When you stink, you try to cover yourself in a very non-communicative way.

For effective communication, poke and provoke—involve the other person. Confront—confrontation is the only reality we have. Then elevate, enemies and friends—to reality.

    Humee Hum Brum Hum

Meditation 760422 – Balancing Projection with Intention

Sit Straight. Spread the fingers of both hands wide with the palms facing up. Touch the sides of the tips of the sun (ring) fingers together. The hands will slightly overlap with the right little finger lower than the left. No fingers other than the sun fingers should be touching.

Place the mudra at the level of the heart center. Eyes look down toward fingers.
Chant Sa Ta Na Ma while subtly stimulating the thumb with each finger tip in sequence. Breathe slow and deep, four times a minute or less.


31 min.

LA831-950320 – Be Intuitive

So tonight, we’ll speak to our internal self. That’s the first time you are going to do it. Please do it right. So, stage by stage we can experience. All right?

LA831-950320-Be Intuitive

So, you see, these fingers, their nails there touch like this in the center of the heart center, right here. It’s a very proper place and you don’t have to make a hole there, don’t press it. Just simple, straight. No, no the posture itself will give you a very good posture, very good feeling if you do it right. Just put the nails together and just put those fingers together, right at the point where the chest line is, where the rib line meets and put these two ids, thumbs up, straight and put your eyes at the tip of your nose.

And we are going to play the tape of “Har,” the tantric tape and you have to feel the sound in the tip of these fingers. When you say, “Har, Har, Har.” You have to feel them here at the rib cage, “Har, Har, Har.” That’s all you have to do. All right put the tape on. With the tongue you will say, “Har” the chest line will move with each word “Har.”  Chest line must move……. Feel the sound in the chest, rib cage…. Catch up, catch up…… strike it……

If you can resound this mantra sound “Har” in the heart center, in the rib cage, you can control the universe. That power comes to every ordinary person and now you are set. You are now in that twilight zone. You are entering now beyond that. Just remember, when you are doing it, that this sound “Har” is not you are listening in the ears or you are speaking in the tongue. You are having it here. That is intuitive meditation. Understand? And you can feel it in the tip of your all fingers. Jupiter, saturn, sun and mercury. Only your ego, id is out. That’s the combination of the lock.

Now whisper.   Whisper, whisper…. Powerfully whisper….. Now go silent.

Concentrate the mind in the rib cage and be in the rib cage….. The movement of the rib cage you must feel here . Take care of all your disease today…. Use the pranic force, …. Now put your hands straight up and widen your fingers keep on chanting. Widen them openly…. Now you are equalizing the energy, there’s nothing more to it. Hands up, straight…. Fingers are open like , antennas, don’t.. Stretch it out, stretch the spine…..

Inhale deep. Inhale deep. Make fist, press it at your chest and press it hard, so that you distribute what you got all over. Press, press, press, press, press. Breathe out. Breathe in again. Deep, and make the fist at your navel point and press hard, as hard as you can. Go, go, go, go. Breathe out, inhale deep. Put your fist on the sides and put your elbows by your rib cage and please put a impact, synchronize your whole body. That will kill the unwanted self of yours and breathe out.

11 Min total.

And now you can relax and there was good eleven minutes, you have spent nicely. It doesn’t take too much centuries to do things. There are six sounds: Har, Harey, Hari, Wa Hey Guru. That’s all. There are six sounds. And if once who can control the six sound in the rib cage, rib cage represents actually the universe. And if you can hear these sound ultimately our idea, then there’s nothing you cannot hear. And once you started intuitively knowing, hearing the nature as Mother Nature speaks, then you know where you stand. You have not yet found yourself, where you come from. My dear folks, emotional living is feeling, living emotional living is existence is not living. Ultimately we need to live within ourselves. So the most important thing is that our pranic energy must come through our health when we need it. And every word spoken of ours should be effective, creative and well understood. And every work which we do or don’t want to do, that has nothing to do with it’s effect, but whatever you say that must create a creative work. It’s called “Applied consciousness”, if you do not know the definition of that word applied consciousness, speak consciously and apply to the creativeness. That is very human. And if you apply the creative consciousness to loftiness or towards the infinity, that’s God, there’s no big deal. And don’t be misled that God is somewhere there or there or there. It is you and your words.

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LA741 – 921125 – Dance of Shiva



Sit with a straight spine in a cross legged meditation position. Put your hands in front of your shoulders. Your palms are flat and horizontal the fingers spread and bent as if holding a flat and wide champagne glass on a stem. The mantra is Har Har Gur Gur. When you say Har the tip of your tongue touches the upper palate, when you say Gur you do not touch the upper palate and keep the tongue down. You pull the navel in powerfully each time you say Har or Gur. With each part of the mantra you rotate your hands. They start with the fingers backwards and the thumbs closest to the body, when finishing the rotation your fingers are in front and the thumbs furthest from the body. Eyes are almost closed and are looking at the tip of the nose and at the finger tips when you can see them from the corners of your eyes. Continue for 11 minutes. While you are meditating be aware of how you are feeling and what is happening in your body and psyche. Then inhale deeply, hold the breath and tighten your whole body, exhale. Repeat this sequence 2 more times.

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The Dance of Shiva – Translated from the Italian Version.  LA 741

This meditation will take you after 40 days into a state of consciousness without return.

11 minutes with the eyes at the tip of the nose, to the movement of the elbows and pump the navel.

Chant HAR wheel hands inward and pump, HAR hands outward and pump GUR hands inward and pump, GUR hands outward and pump.

Put your hands in champagne glasses alongside the shoulders, look at the tip of the nose and move hands

This is called the meditation dance of Shiva that balances the glandular system and stimulates the gray matter of the brain

Becoming master of this meditation becomes master of your own death.

You don’t have to do this kriya more than 11 minutes, only after 40 days you can stretch it 3 minutes a day until it is 31 minutes.

After 3 days that you do this, all the angels and demons come out of the subconscious

The sound HAR is male and the language is shaped when touching the palate.  The sound GUR is feminine and tongue touches the bottom of the mouth, not the upper palate.  With every sound pump the navel.

That’s why Shiva 4 fingers are the 4 aspects of God – the index is Jupiter the guru of the angels, Saturn the guru of demons (which are 108 blocks of the universe), Ring finger/Venus is the energy of the sun, Little finger is Mercury for communication and information. The thumb identifies the ego.


NM190-19951031-Connect Yourself to the Reality



NM190-951031-Connect Yourself To The Reality

Wahe Guru Wahe Jio – Sangeet Kaur

Left elbow down, forearm forward at heart, palm up.
Right elbow a little forward front, at shoulder level.  Forearm forward, palm down, inside the line of the shoulder.
Eyes closed.

1. Sing softly with the music                18 min
2. Whisper with the music                       1 min
3. Sing with music and pump navel     2 min
4. Hold position, sit in silence                 2 min

End   Inhale, shake arms and body, exhale 3X

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