Meditation: NM327-990930 Know Your Heart

nm327-990930knowyourheartSit straight in a cross-legged position. Place your right hand on your heart and extend the left arm forward at a 60 degree angle, palm facing forward, as if you are blessing the universe. Inhale through the “o” of the mouth and exhale through the nose. Eyes are 1/10 open and focused at the tip of the nose. Continue for 11 minutes.

You have to keep up, breathe and use your stamina, and in spite of all that you are going through, you have to feel comfortable. As your body issues endo-morphine to give you relief, you will feel absolutely numb to the pain. Why is that essential to have? When you are ready to go home you have three seconds to see all of your life. If this practice is perfect you can numb yourself and calmly pass on to the other side, from Maya to God.

  1. 2. Quickly change hands and do Breath of Fire through the mouth. Move the navel as powerfully as you can. Continue

for 3 minute.

  1. 3. Place both hands on the heart and chant “Har, Har, Har, Har, Gobinday” (by Nirinjan Kaur). Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, and squeeze your entire body to equalize the energy. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. On the last inhale, hold, squeeze and pressurize your rib cage with both hands, using whatever force you have. Relax.

You may start doing this meditation for 11 minutes, then extend the time. Once you can do it for 2 1/2 hours, you will not have to do anything else! Practicing this meditation, you will reach an understanding with yourself.

Love me so you can learn the teachings. Love me so you can practice the teachings. Love me so that you can become the teachings. That is all love can give you. Understand deeply, there is one value you have—you can smile, sing and be human, and being human shall be your way of life.

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Meditation: NM371 – Enjoy the Creativity of God

MEDITATION – Enjoy the Creativity of God

  1. Sit straight in a cross-legged nm371position. Raise the hands in front of the heart with the fingers spread open. Keep the palms facing inward and interlock the fingers so that the thumbs are pointing up at 90 degrees and the fingers are straight, at an upwards angle. Elbows are relaxed down. Eyes are closed. Chant from the navel the Mool Mantra. Continue for 11 minutes.
  2. Chant rhythmically and powerfully from the navel Har-Har, Har-Har… . Continue for 3 minutes.
  3. Chant powerfully from the navel Har Har Har Har Gobinday by Nirinjan Kaur. Continue for 3 minutes.
  4. Chant loudly from the navel the Bolay So Nihal…Sat Siri Akal.
    Continue for 3 minutes. Relax.The Guru has prepared us with the song of victory, elevating us to face this day. Those who speak the words of Guru Nanak for 45 minutes to one hour every day cannot go wrong. Make your pronunciation so accurate that learned people cannot match it. That is the way we should qualify ourselves. We must give ourselves that strength which is within us. We should not allow this strength to be taken away by our outside thoughts. Remember, thoughts come and go, and we remain—Humee Hum Brahm Hum—for we and God are One


Medical science has no answer for Cold Depression, the biggest disease of humanity. When you have Cold Depression, not even your spirit can help you, for it occurs when you fight against your own consciousness. The majority of people are accustomed to Cold Depression from the age of 36 onwards, but it may start at the age of 27, or occasionally as early as the age of 11. Normally people don’t want to resolve it, but the solution is simple—find out what you are fighting for. The most difficult thing in life is to serve a living Master. You may read millions of books and have all knowledge, but without a guru there is darkness—you cannot have the kick in the butt which he can give you. I once told my teacher I was going shopping. He took away all of my money—50 rupees—and gave me a list of supplies to get for him. I went to the shop and at the moment of paying I told the shopkeeper to put the bill on the account of Santji. The shopkeeper said, “Take everything. Money is not an issue!” I returned to Santji with all the supplies. To my surprise, I found a friend of mine whom Santji had sent shopping with my 50 rupees. The test was not about money and how to buy things. The test was about how I could save embarrassment and come out smiling. When the subconscious mind is in a depression, this subconscious gets into the consciousness, and the consciousness gets to you. Duality and non-reality are your own subconscious. The consciousness is now. The subconscious is what was happening yesterday—thoughts which you did not control. Learn to control your thoughts through meditation and invoke your own virtue! You express yourself in communication with others. Why not express yourself to yourself? Talk to the Guru within you, in a prayerful way. Go within yourself for one hour, chant and meditate, and be cured. Your depression will go away. The sensory system in the subconscious is so clogged up that it is not with you. “Would you like to eat now?”“No, I’m not hungry… ask me in an hour.” “Let’s go for a walk.” “No… tomorrow.” “Sit down and talk to me.”“Why should I talk to you?”You have to take time to answer because there is no coordination and rhythm in your feelings, emotions, and aggressiveness. If you are exalted, everything is fine. Enjoy the creativity of God! Creativity is of God. You only have to watch, you only have to see, you have to feel— it is a divine relationship. When the Creator creates and the creature relates to His Creation, divinity is established. Let us see how we deal with it.


Meditation: The Neutral Mind

from The Mind

It is easy to hear a truth and difficult to live it, to embed it deeply into your heart and mind. The Neutral Mind opens the gate to that deep remembrance of the self and soul. Jappa done with the refined Neutral Mind leads to Naam chitaveh. The Neutral Mind lives for the touch of vastness. It lets all other thoughts be without disturbance to your constant inner light.

neutralmindSit in easy pose with the spine straight. Put both hands in the lap with the palms facing up. Rest the right hand into the left. The thumb tips may touch or not.

Remove all tension from every part of the body. Sit straight by achieving a balance. lose the eyes. Imagine seeing your self sitting peacefully and full of radiance. Then gradually let your energy collect like a flow at the brow point. Let the breath regulate itself into a meditative slow, almost suspended, manner. Concentrate without effort at that point and mentally vibrate in a simple monotone, as if chopping the sound, projecting each syllable distinctly:

Wha-hay gu-roo

Infinity identity from darkness to light.

Call on the higher self and keep going steadily through all barriers. Let go and let God.

Practice this meditation for 11 to 31 minutes at a session.

Meditation: The Positive Mind

from The Mind

This practice opens the heart center and the feelings of the positive self. It is a gesture of happiness. It has a great history and is said to have been practiced by many great and wise spiritual leaders including Buddha and Christ. The hand mudra became a symbol for blessing and prosperity.

positivemindSit with an erect spine. Curl the ring finger and little finger into each palm. Bend the thumbs over top of them to lock them into place. Keep the first two fingers straight. Bring the arms so the elbows are by the sides, and the hands are by the shoulders with the two fin¬ gers of each hand pointing straight up. Bring the forearms and hands forward to an angle of30 degreesfrom the vertical. Press the shoulders and elbows back firmly but com¬ fortably. The palms face forward. Close the eyelids. Roll the eyes up gently and concen¬ trate at the brow point—the Third Eye area—at the top of the nose where the eye brows would meet. Create a steady, slow, deep, and complete breath. Mentally pulse rhythmically from the brow point out to Infinity the sounds:

Saa taa naa maa

Saa is Infinity. Taa is Life. Naa is Death. Maa is Rebirth/Transformation.

This describes the cycle of life. This kriya brings a total mental balance to the psyche. The entire mantra means, “I meditate on Truth, Truth that I am.”

Try it for 40 days. During that time eat lightly and speak only truth directly from your heart. Practice for II to 62 minutes.

To end the meditation, inhale deeply and exhale three times. Then open and

close the fists several times. Relax.

Meditation: The Negative Mind

from The Mind

When you need to balance the flashing negativity and protective fervor of the Negative Mind, use this meditation. It clears the subconscious of unwanted negative or fearful thoughts. Then the Negative Mind can give you clear signals to protect and to promote you. The posture is one of calmness and humility that lets the Creator, the Unknown, cover and shield you.

negativemindThis used to be called Beggar’s Posture.Sit straight in an easy cross-legged pose. Make a cup of the two hands with both palms facing up, and the right hand resting on top of the left hand. The fingers will cross over each other. Put this open cup at the level of the heart center. Elbows rare elaxed at the sides. Your eyes are slightly open and look down toward the hands.

Inhale deeply in a long steady stroke through the nose. Exhale in afocused stream through rounded lips. You will feel the breath go over the hands. Let any thought or desire that is negative, or persistently distracting come into your mind as you breathe. Breathe the thought and feeling in, and exhale it out with the breath.

After 11 to 31 minutes, exhale completely and suspend the breath out as you lock in the navel point. Concentrate on each vertebra of the spine until you can feel it all the way to the base, as stiff as a rod. Then inhale powerfully, exhale completely, and repeat the concentration. Repeat this final breath 3-5 times.

Then relax completely.

The length of time is 11 to 31 minutes.

Meditation: Magic Mantra




Sit  in  a  comfortable  meditation  posture.  Lift  hands to the level of the  heart, palms up, elbows  relaxed at the sides.  Form a shallow cup with  the hands, sides of the palms and mercury fingers comfortably together.  Thumbs are out and away from the  hands.  The edges of the “cup” are  about 30 deg up from parallel.

The important thing is to keep the line of Mercury connected at the edges  of the palms and little fingers.  Ideally there will be no opening whatsoever.  Keep any gaps to a minimum.

Look into the hands with closed eves and chant

Ek   Ong   Kaar   Sat   Gur   Prasad
Sat   Gur   Prasad   Ek   Ong   Kaar

Chant in a monotone.  Let the breath naturally stabilize itself.  One cycle  takes about 4-5 seconds.

Continue for 11, 22 or 31 minutes.


31 minutes can get you very high.  A couple of days practice can give you a  certain stimulation which is beyond explanation.  Its important that the Mercury fingers are joined in this way.

This is one of the most powerful mantras.  There is nothing equal to it.  The entire Siri Guru Granth Sahib is nothing but an explanation of this  mantra.  It is so strong that it elevates the self beyond duality and establishes the flow of spirit.  It will make the mind so powerful that it  will remove  all obstacles.  We can  call it the magic mantra because its  positive effect happens quickly and lasts a long time.

This mantra must be chanted with reverence,  in a place of reverence.  When you meditate on this mantra, be sure that your surroundings are  serene and that you chant with reverence.  You can mock any mantra but  this one because it is known to have a backlash effect.  This mantra is not  secret, but it is very sacred.  So chant it with reverence, write it with  reverence and use it in reverence.

It is best to chant to God before practicing this mantra.  Either chant the  Mulmantra or the “Mangala Charan Mantra”  before to prepare yourself.


The story goes that a saint came to Guru Amar Das.  He was disturbed  because he did not know how to read. Guru Amar Das arranged for him to  take reading lessons.  The saint was very pleased and showed up  enthusiastic for his first lesson.  However, he never returned to subsequent lessons.  Guru Amar Das summoned him to his court and  asked him what was the problem.  The saint replied that he had learned  to read.

Ek  Ong  Kaar  Sat  Gur  Prasad

Which  means:  The Creator of all is One.  This is realized by the True  Guru’s Grace.

After reading the words he fell into a state of ecstasy and realized that all  he needed to read were these two lines of wisdom.

Ek  Ong  Kaar  Sat  Gur  Prasad  Sat  Gur  Prasad  Ek  Ong  Kaar

It is called the magic mantra because all we really need to experience is  the reality that it expresses.  The  Creator  of  all  is  One.

This is realized by the True Guru’s Grace.

magic mantra PDF

Meditation: Spinal Serum

LA114  790613  This  is  a  posture  where  the  serum  in  the  spinal  column  is  made  to  rush  up.la114-790613

Sit  in  easy  pose  with  a  straight  spine.

Relax  the  arms  down  with  the  elbows  bent.  Raise  the  forearms  up  and in  toward  each  other  until  both  are  in  front  of  the  body  at  the level  of  the  heart.  Face  the  right  palm  down  and  the  left palm  up  so  that  the  palms  are  facing  each  other  and  the  fingers point  toward  opposite  sides.

Move  the  hands  to  the  sides  slightly  so  that  the  right  fingertips are  about  three  inches  above  where  the  left  fingers  join  the  hand.

Keeping  the  index  and  middle  fingers  straight  and  joined,  bend  the last  two  fingers  into  the  palm  and  lock  the  thumb  over  them.                  This is  called  “Wood  Lock.  Lock  the  elbows  and  hold  them  steady.

Sit  with  the  legs  crossed  or  in  any  meditative  pose.

Inhale  deeply  and  exhale  completely  as  the  mantra  is chanted.

Close  the  eyes.

Keep  the  extended  fingers  perfectly  straight  and  parallel,  no  bends,  no  angles.  Keep  the  chin  in,  the  chest  out  and  the  spine  straight.

Chant  the  following  mantra  using  a  complete  breath  and  a  monotone  voice:






Keep  the  rhythm  steady  and  the  sounds  distinct.  Do  it  fast,  but  right.

This  meditation  is  not  to  be  practiced  in  direct  sunlight.  It  can  be done  at  night  or  in  the  shade.

Start  with  whatever  time  period  is  comfortable  and  gradually  work  up  to  62  minutes.

This  is  a  posture  where  the  serum  in  the  spinal  column  is  made  to  rush  up.  You’ll  go  into  the  31st  level  of  your  vibratory  self.                If  you  can  go  through the  beauty  of  62  minutes  of  continuous  practice,  the  bells  will  ring.