Meditation: Listening to Angelic Whispers – from the Mind

This melisteningtoangelicwhispers01ditation will refine the sattvic guna of your mind. Sit down very calmly and quietly. Make your spine straight Put your hands on opposite shoulders. Your arms must cross, Hold your shoulders well, the arms relaxed on the chest.  Close your eyes. Listen to the mantra.
Ardaas bhayee, amar daas guroo, Amar daas guroo, ardaas bhayee, Raam daas guroo, raam daas guroo, Raam daas guroo, sachee sahee.
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Meditation: Know the structure of the mind

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Place both hands in front of the face, with the wrists crossed and the hands facing your face. The right hand is on the outside and the left hand on the inside. The thumbs are separated from the hands, and parallel with each other, with the left thumb obscuring your vision of the right thumb. The thumbs do not touch. With the hands in this position, “read the lines of your hands”. 11 min.

Inhale, hold, squeeze, exhale 3 times

Meditation: Release obstacles in your path

Place elbows at your sides with your Jupiter and Saturn (index and middle) fingers stiffly pointing straight up and your thumbs covering the other fingers. With your eyes closed look at your chin from the inside. Whisper the mantra:

Aad such, jugaad such, haybay such, Nanak Hosee bay such.

With the syllable such place the tongue at the back of the upper palate and roll it forward, slightly pulling the navel in.

Up to 31 min.

Make “tiger” claws with hands in front of you. Inhale, twist left, squeeze the claws and the body, exhale center, inhale, twist right, squeeze, exhale center. Do this three times and then relax.

This meditation releases obstacles and provides a clear path for your intentions.

Meditation: NM327-990930 Know Your Heart

nm327-990930knowyourheartSit straight in a cross-legged position. Place your right hand on your heart and extend the left arm forward at a 60 degree angle, palm facing forward, as if you are blessing the universe. Inhale through the “o” of the mouth and exhale through the nose. Eyes are 1/10 open and focused at the tip of the nose. Continue for 11 minutes.
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Meditation: NM371 – Enjoy the Creativity of God

MEDITATION – Enjoy the Creativity of God

  1. Sit straight in a cross-legged nm371
    position. Raise the hands in front of the heart with the fingers spread open. Keep the palms facing inward and interlock the fingers so that the thumbs are pointing up at 90 degrees and the fingers are straight, at an upwards angle. Elbows are relaxed down. Eyes are closed.
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Meditation: The Neutral Mind

from The Mind
neutralmind2It is easy to hear a truth and difficult to live it, to embed it deeply into your heart and mind. The Neutral Mind opens the gate to that deep remembrance of the self and soul. Jappa done with the refined Neutral Mind leads to Naam chitaveh. The Neutral Mind lives for the touch of vastness. It lets all other thoughts be without disturbance to your constant inner light.
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Meditation: The Positive Mind

from positivemind2The MindThis practice opens the heart center and the feelings of the positive self. It is a gesture of happiness. It has a great history and is said to have been practiced by many great and wise spiritual leaders including Buddha and Christ. The hand mudra became a symbol for blessing and prosperity.
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