Today: I Ching – Previous Readings

20180218 Keeping up you will be successful

20180217 The time is now to actualize all your potentiality

20180216 Do not be distracted. Keep your eye on your goal

20180215 align yourself and your actions with universal laws

20180214 Share your inner power through leadership

20180213 With enthusiasm, work in harmony with your peers

20180212 If you are guided by your inner truth, you will be steady and stable

20180211 Keep a clarity of mind and vision; balance strength and gentleness

20180210 Your self awareness and gentle persuasion will carry far to support the right people

20180209 Experience true joy by being who you are

20180208 Move forward guided by intuition

20180207 seek proper nourishment and offer care and nourishment to others

20180206 Hold fast to your principles without public display

20180205 Only look at the consequences of your actions

20180204 Do not accept bad faith gestures

20180203 Practice deep contemplation

20180202 Be mindful of your position in all relationships

20180201 Be mindful of your position in all relationships

20180131 Be modest and enjoy success

20180130 Agents of evil must be exposed and discredited

20180129 Help people by engaging them from a place common to your humanity

20180128 Allow inner clarity and external strength to unite

20180127 Live according to your internal rhythms

20180126 The important thing is to bond with others in fellowship for mutual benefit

20180125 It is time to eradicate the influence of the bad actors

20180124 New leaders will champion the common interest

20180123 Act in the common interest

20180122 Act from non-duality

20180121  It is time to hold to the principles you have espoused

20180119 Now is the time to bond and connect with others in common purpose

20180118 Give attention to the proper nourishment of yourself and others

20180118 Stay grounded in the cosmic rhythm

20180117 Be still and steady as a mountain

20180116 Make your individual contribution to the righteous cause

20180115  It is time to unite together in just cause

20180114  Make the nature of your conflict known

20180113 It is time to come together in union

20180112 Liberation has mostly to do with one’s release of expectations

20180111 Nourish yourself and others in the proper way

20180110 Your intentions will manifest. Proceed with joy

20180109 Waiting for deliverance, remain strong (again)

20180108 Waiting for deliverance, remain strong

20180107 Fix the corruption

20180106 Shock and upheaval should be met with reverence

20180105 You and your allies are securing a decisive victory

20180104 Allow what has come before be a guide to your future

20180103 Move and act in harmony with your nature

20180102 Move and act only when you have complete understanding

20180101 New Years Day – Breakthrough

20171231 Sharing your good fortune will bring profound success

20171230 Hold together in fellowship

20171229 Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures

20171228 Keep your innocence while others do their mischief

20171227 It is a time of peace and prosperity

20171226 Deliverance

20171225 It is in the interest of everyone that we should move and act as a unit

20171224 Receive the grace of God and share your blessings with everyone

20171223 Retain your innocence, acting from your true nature

20171222 Use your creative powers to ignite the fire that will spread throughout the world

20171221 Winter Solstice 2017: Lie low and be still

20171220 It is a difficult time though forward progress has not been stopped

20171219 We have full on social and moral stagnation

20171218 Be modest

20171217 Extend the joy that comes from within

20171216 Take charge

20171215 Find your niche in fellowship

20171214 With commitment and devotion, a strong leader will emerge

20171213 Keep your awareness of your environment

20171212 Join good people of like mind to achieve great things

20171211 What is true, right and just will resonate within you

20171210 Decrease; be simple, elegant, frugal

20171209 Choose the path of gentle persuasion rather than radical upheaval

20171208 It is a momentous time with the potential for really great things to happen

20171207 Join the gathering for justice and peace

20171206 Enthusiasm; engage with kindred souls

20171205 It’s a time to gather together for your common good

20171203 It’s time for justice

20171202 Be modest and conscientious in relating

20171201 What has been taken too lightly is now wreaking havoc

20171130 Let go of all limitations; You will be liberated

20171129 Be effective without drawing too much attention

20171128 Expand your awareness and wisdom

20171127 When besieged by danger, do not react and struggle

20171126 Remain in your own grace

20171125 Hold to your inner truth. Do not be too concerned with what other people are doing

20171124 Wait for a better time to act

20171123 Evil is replaced by good

20171122 Do not sell yourself short for a temporary solution

20171121 Cultivate inner awareness; no distractions

20171120 Give your attention to here and now

20171119 Take clear and energetic action

20171118 Don’t doubt the progress you are making with your efforts

20171117 Wake up and know the truth

20171116  Compromise but don’t be compromised

20171115 Do not give in to tribalism

20171114 Perseverance and steadfastness have prevailed

20171113 Seek strength within, clarity without

20171112 What is conceived in heaven must be manifest from the earth

20171110 Practice daily renewal

20171109 Engage in the proper way

20171108 Be vigilant

20171107 Simple offerings of beauty and grace

20171106 Rely on your discipline and devotion

20171105 Choose your associations wisely

20171104 Repair the damage

20171103 Flexibility, adaptability, uprightness, grace

20171102 Change starts from within

20171101 A time of radical change

20171030 Kindness will overcome fear

20171029 It is time to come together

20171028 If God has blessed you with a spiritual path, then take it

20171027 It is time to become and be real

20171026 Rely on what you know to be true and right

20171025 Use the flow of power that is assisting you

20171024 Today: Beware of opposition that comes from inner oppression

20171023 Gracefully nourish yourself and others

20171022 Seize the moment to turn things around

20171021 Command yourself to remember the ways in which you are strong

20171020 Be simple and unassuming

20171019 Be strong within, peaceful without

20171018 Your actions should include everyone

20171017 Dispense blessings to the world

20171016 Use your intuition in choosing the way forward

20171015 Be in tune with the tendencies of the the time

20171014 Shuniya. Silence. Stillness.

20171013 Use friendly persuasion to exert influence

20171012 Hold your inner truth in all relationships

20171011  It is important to hold together in union with kindred souls

20171010 Go to the wellspring of divine experience within you

20171009 You have power and momentum to accomplish great things

20171008 You have momentum on your side

20171007 Every very last perpetrator of evil must be discredited

20171006 A very auspicious time

20171005 When you recognize inner peace

20171004 Do not be distracted by the many opinions

20171003 find a way through

20171002 keep your manners

20171001 Be modest

20170930 Be willing to accept advice and guidance

20170929 Keep purifying yourself with devoted effort

20170928 Be graceful and modest

20170927 Endure (some more)

20170926 Be consistent in doing right (again)

20170925 Be consistent in doing right

20170924 Allow the good ideas to form and manifest

20170923 Do not engage in idle talk that has no effect

20170922 What is not known must be discovered and known

20170921 Be in sync with the season

20170920 Express the beauty that you see and share it as love

20170919 Allow new solutions to form from novel ideas

20170918 Retreat

20170917 Possession in great measure

20170916 Be flexible and don’t panic

20170915 In conflict remain flexible

20170914 Share your blessings

20170913 Be as the wanderer who begins at zero

20170912 Know your impact, relate with all as family

20170911 The message carried on the wind is clear

20170910 wait for the time when you will have a real influence

20170909 Align with the cosmic movement and wait

20170908 repair the structures that have been in decay

20170907 Appreciate the place you have come to

20170906 Be like the midday sun and shine

20170905 Purify yourself so that you can move on

20170904 Be frugal and store your energy

20170903 we must beware of falling back into complacency

20170902 It’s time for a revolution

20170901 Deliverance 

20170831 It is potentially a time for great abundance

20170828 Right the wrongs of prior transgressions

20170827 Hold to your convictions to bring justice & peace

20170826 Recognize all who are family

20170825  find the discipline to rely on intuition

20170824 a mutual attraction and understanding of who you are

20170823 Do not support the dark forces

20170822 Proceed unyielding with your allies

20170821 unmitigated success

20170820 On the new moon and solar eclipse – a return 

20170820 Your very being will influence

20170818 Completion

20170817 Resolve your inner sources of conflict

20170816 A new order

20170815 Your grace transcends your personal existence

20170814 Just watch what happens

20170813 Recognize your abundance and be grateful

20170812 Hold together in devotion

20170811 Stay cool, engage your intuition

20170810 In a time of great opposition, someone will come through

20170809 Give attention to with whom you associate

20170808 Be aware of proper conduct in relation with the social structure

20170807 – Full moon – On the full moon and lunar eclipse

20170807 Rely on your inner nature to produce great external changes

20170806 live up to the honors and position entrusted to you

20170805 Look to greatness and forsake all distraction

20170804 contemplate the universe; remain free

20170803 Collectively overcome our limitations

20170802 Do not settle

20170801 Share your good fortune

20170731 Contemplate what is needed

20170730 Be vigilant with recent successes

20170729 Where there is an opening, be prepared to engage

20170728 contemplate the most subtle aspects of the divine

20170727 In a time of increase everyone benefits

20170726 Recognize and fully appreciate your wealth

20170725 keep your grace and manners

20170724 The currents of this time are flowing in your favor

20170723 Keep up what you are doing with yourself to improve

20170722 Contemplate and find peace

20170721 Proceed cautiously with grace

20170720  Adopt a measured approach to hindrances

20170719 Endure, do not give up

20170718 Choose carefully with whom you commingle and lend your support

20170717 Drink from the well

20170716 Completion

20170715 Proceed with consistency, perseverance and devotion

20170714 Adopt an attitude of simplicity

20170713 Look to the wisdom of the ages

20170712 A time of blessing and enrichment

20170711  Move toward balance and equilibrium

20170710 Another turning point

20170709 strong leadership and the gathering of helpers

20170708 Do not fight evil on its own terms

20170707 The urgency of the situation has reached a breaking point

20170706 An auspicious day

20170705 Still waiting; stay calm

20170704 Don’t make a big deal of being right

20170703 Contemplate & be aware how others look to you for guidance

20170702 It is time to recognize the causes for corruption

20170701 You have awesome power at your disposal

20170630 A significant week(end) for America

20170630 Keep your options real

20170629 Be frugal and measured in your dealings

20170628 Be a champion against evil

20170627 Wait, hold your inner strength, and peace is assured

20170626 Use your creativity as you gather support

20170625 Invite people to participate in your vision

20170624 Right now there is an opportunity to initiate profound change

20170623 The Seeds of Revolt

20170622 Keep you inner light

20170621 Don’t let inferior elements of your personality gain a foothold

20170620 Remain innocent

20170619 Contemplate

20170618 Great power comes from your inner worth

20170617 Be flexible

20170616 Hold your course

20170615 Embrace simplicity

20170614 Look for success in small things

20170613 True fellowship must be based on concerns that are universal

20170612 A fellowship requires a spiritual basis and a strong leader

20170611 The creative powers rising will ignite a wildfire of accomplishment

20170610 Be steady in your progress toward your goals

20170609 Get used to being the wanderer

20170601 Keep your fire bright

20170530 In danger, be like water (again)

20170529 In danger, be like water

20170524 In conflict, just be yourself

20170523 Abundance

20170522 Retreat when aggression serves no purpose

20170521 Great power

20170520 As danger passes, reality

20170519 Freeing ourselves of ego is the way to liberation

20170518 True fellowship is what’s needed

20170517 Do not struggle with evil on its terms

20170516 Adaptability

20170515 In danger, wait, and use your intuition

20170514 Support others and yourself

20170513 Cultivate your internal effectiveness

20170512 Move cautiously forward

20170511 Don’t engage obstacles coming from darkness

20170510 Keep your dignity

20170509 Communicate to the leadership what they need to know about the needs of their constituents

20170508 Strive to eradicate all evil

20170507 Recognize the source of opposition

20170506 Contemplate within yourself; repair the damage

20170505 Develop your character so that joy comes from within

20170504 Develop your character and lead

20170503 Remain modest, and everything will come to you

20170502 Remain focused on your goal

20170501 Enjoy your abundance and use it for good

20170430 Go to the well

20170429 Don’t eat the apple

20170428 Do not advance, rather resist in numbers

20170427 Use your attractive qualities

20170426 Great treasures

20170425 Learn to be like water

20170424 Be cheerful as you await ultimate success

20170423 Make no advances until the time is right to proceed

20170422 Be patient with the decadent and inexperienced

20170421 It is important that you understand the world and your place in it

20170420 Patience

20170419 Joy will carry your inner strength

20170418 Seek helpers

20170417 Put yourself out there

20170416 Joy comes from merging with the infinite

20170415 Abundance

20170414 Fellowship

20170413 Offer yourself to the divine in prayer and service

20170412 Almost there

20170411 Await the time for creativity

20170410 Resist and don’t react

20170409 Stay the course and your goals will eventually be met

20170408 Do not be swept away by the chaos

20170407 A time of increase

20170406 Accept adversity cheerfully

20170405 accomplish great things together

20170404 Persevere and set things right

20170403 Retreat and wait for a more favorable time to advance

20170402 Strong leadership and competence

20170401 Be creative in all of your endeavors

20170331 A change of direction

20170330 Release others from your expectations

20170329 Be positive in your relations with people

20170328 Drop old hopes and fears for inner clarity

20170327 Endure

20170326 Work with your colleagues as an important and pivotal part of a coalition

20170325 Read the signs of new currents in consciousness

20170324 Give up what you don’t need

20170323 Small gains lead to great accomplishments

20170322 Choose only what supports and promotes your own excellence

20170321 Apply your creative powers efficiently

20170320 Contemplate your divine nature

20170319 Be all that you have become

20170318 Grace

20170317 Endurance

20170316 Coming out of stagnation and decay

20170315 Make things better

20170314 Breakthrough

20170313 Be you, be independent

20170312 Clarity brings deliverance (Liberation)

20170311 House of cards again

20170310 House of cards

20170309 Waiting

30170308 Free yourself

20170307 The antidote to your inexperience

20170302 Peace

20170301 Do not fear moving forward

20170228 Be like water

20170227 Do not make things worse; fix it

20170226 Wait for the right time to exert your power

20170225 It is time to be and not do

20170224 When limitations meet you at every turn, be still

20170223 Improve yourself and reach out in compassion

20170222 Live richly within and simply without

20170221 Do not dally with the dark elements among the light

20170220 Bring unity to the community

20170219 Bring people together and lead them

20170218 Cast off relationships that do not serve

20170217 Your inner worth mounts with great force

20170216 Drop unsupportive relations

20170215 Examine relations that are not serving you

20170214 Patiently hold to your path

20170213 Your own enthusiasm is shared by many

20170212 Hold your inner truth and it will expand

20170211 Stay your course

20170210 Do not limit yourself too much

20170209 Do not be hasty, recognize your potential

20170208 Words alone will not awaken faith in others

20170207 You are the harbinger

20170206 Today is a good day

20170205 Sit still with your inner truth

20170204 Retreat

20170203 Be a conduit for expanded awareness

2017202 Proceed with an eye to the long term

20170201 Look forward to a better time

20170130 Shock and awe and mindful purpose

20170129 Ally yourself with kindred spirits

20170128 Self awareness through discipline

20170126 Work on repairing the corruption caused by apathy and neglect

20170125 Align yourself with the natural attraction of the tides of our time

20170124 Nourish your aspirations

20170123 Be humble and discrete; use your discipline and kindness to be a strong leader

20170122 Look to history and tradition

20170121 Prioritize and focus on what is important

20170120 Commit yourself to eradicating evil

20170119 Strive for great fortune and success

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Today: I Ching

Today: I Ching is a series of messages based on readings from the ancient Chinese text, the I Ching.  The messages in the series are narratives that I compose that are based on my readings and intuitive interpretations of the I Ching.  My source is the book: The I Ching or The Book of Changestranslated by Richard Wilhelm, 1950.

Richard Wilhelm

The readings contained in Today: I Ching are intended to reflect the tendencies described by the I Ching in answer to the question: “What is going on today?”  The results may reflect one’s personal situation or it may be more reflective of the prevailing consciousness of the day.  How these messages are used is up to the reader.

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