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Mung Beans and Rice – DASK Version

This version of Mung Beans and Rice, the well known staple, was developed by Dev Atma Suroop Kaur .  The recipe originally came from the Golden Temple of Conscious Cookery collection.  It was included in From Vegetables with Love, a cookbook by Siri Ved Kaur, which inspired this version.

This version evolved over many years from our repeated use of the BananaFast a mono diet designed by Yogi Bhajan.  It contains an abundance of green vegetables with other inclusions designed to make the experience very attractive as a mono diet (the banana fast specifies the consumption of mung beans and rice for one complete lunar cycle, full moon to full moon) and very satisfying.  We have not recently employed the banana fast, though we currently use this recipe for mono diets lasting three days, two to three times per month.  Each batch provides food for three meals daily for three days for two people.


Banana Fast

This diet removes drug deposits from the medulla. It must be started on the day of the New Moon and continued for 14 days until the Full Moon. It is intended to build up worn tissues and adjust the iron, sodium,and potassium factors in the body. This diet takes away the sodium and replaces calcium.

Breakfast: 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice with the pulp left in, and sweetened with honey. After 1 hour, eat 3 (yes, three bananas). Chew thoroughly, this is very important, and be sure to eat the strings of white which cling to the banana. Immediately after the bananas eat the contents of one whole cardamom pod. The cardamom turns the bananas into liquid and changes the effect of the bananas on the digestive system.

Lunch: 3 bananas followed by one whole cardamom pod.

Dinner: 3 bananas followed by one whole cardamom pod. This diet has its side effects, so be prepared: Yon may feel weak from the lack of customary nervous stimulus. In that case take more orange juice and honey during the day. If constipation is the problem, increase the cardamom pods to a maximum of 3 at a time. Also drink large amounts of hot water periodically. Yogi Tea may be taken along with mis diet You may find yourself feeling excessively emotional and short tempered. If you have a severe reaction to the diet, then discontinue (break the fast according to the following instructions, however, and try it again when your system has undergone more preliminary purification.)  The Banana Fast is not recommended for people who have had no previous cleansing purification diets.

After the 14 days of bananas, on the 15th day of the moon, you should take lemon juice in warm water with honey. Then for the next 28 days, you should go on Mung Beans and Rice Diet.  This diet is for the kidneys and higher meditation.

The proportions of mung beans to rice is slightly different when you are taking it as part of the Banana Fast, and therefore you should follow the recipe as given here:

  • Cook 1 part mung beans to 2 parts rice and about 10 parts of water (it is essential to use adequate amounts of water so that the final product is “soupy” and not solid.)
  • Green vegetables should be cooked right in with the mung beans, and rice (green pepper, broccoli, string beans, zucchii \ etc.)
  • Turmeric and fresh mint leaves must be cooked in the mug beans and rice (dried: ant may be used if necessary.)
  • Any fresh fruit may be taken to supplement the diet, and of course Yogi Tea.
  • No dairy products for these 28 days.
  • (Note for Women: with this fast the menstrual period may come 2 weeks early, but with minimum food intake the discomfort should be slight)

Meditation to Melt Negativity – From the Master’s Touch 1997

MeltNegativity-MastersTouchMudraMudra: Sit in Easy Pose, with a straight spine. Bend the ring and pinkie fingers into the palm, and hold them down with the thumb. Extend the index and middle fingers straight up, and bold them straight, side by side.

Place this mudra about 2 feet to either side of the face, palms facing forward, fingers pointing up. The forearms and fingers will not be straight up towards the ceiling, but tilted out to, the sides, at about a 30- degree angle. Keep the hands up at the level of the face. The elbows are bent, but not pressed into the sides of the body. They should be stretched out about 12 inches, away from the sides. The weight of the hands will be on the armpits. This allows the armpits to be open so they can breathe and be stimulated.

Mantra: Aap Sahaa-ee Hoaa, Sachay Daa. Sachaa Dhoaa. Har, Har, Har. Tape by Singh Kaur is played. Chant along with the tape, from the navel.

Conditions: To get the proper effect, as you chant the words Har, Har, Har, strike the tongue against the upper palate, and firmly pull in on the navel point on each repe¬ tition. This will pressurize the Kundalini, and shake it from the base.

Eyes: Either focus at the tip of your nose, or close the eyes—either way will work. However, if you look at the tip of the nose, then the Third Eye point will become heavy like lead, and if you can stand the pain, the Third Eye will open.

Time: Done in class for 27 minutes.

End: Inhale deep. Hold 23 seconds, and concentrate on the area from your navel to the crown chakra at the top of the head, or shashaaraa. This distance is only 27 inches. Exhale forcefully, like cannon fire. Repeat two more times, holding the breath only 5 seconds. Relax.

Comments/Effects: This meditation melts negativity, enemies, and negative vibrations. It is such a powerful meditation that you can even go after a demon and make him a student.

The armpits are the exhaust pipe of the brain. That’s why the sweat in the armpits is very different than the sweat of the rest of the body. If the armpits do not sweat, you will have headaches. If you don’t like the smell, put some sandalwood oil in your armpits. You will smell good, and in turn it will keep your brain fresh If you become physically impotent you can get an injection to correct it, but when you get mentally impotent, you are useless. Then you can’t take care of yourself, your future, your environments, and your sensitivity.

This mantra takes your energy to the shashaaraa. the thousand-petalled lotus, the crown chakra. It means, “The True God has come down as the True Helper, to uplift your Truth.” The 3-strokes of Har represent the “Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost” or the three aspects of God, “Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.” This mantra opens you up so the universe will open to you. It’s a simple bargain.

When you will become my students, then my radiant body shall flow through your lifeline, and you wilt become immortal. The time shall be known by your work and by your deeds. If you will serve the humanity, you shall be exalted. If you’ll be kind, compassionate and caring, God shall honor you with His own hands, if He has many many hands. This is an expression. Life is waiting for you, and giving you a chance to elevate it. Don’t fail.

Heal the world. Go. That’s why we started Sat Nam Rasayan. Just touch not, and heal. You can feel, get it all in you, throw it away, person is healed. The most powerful language of the world is silence. And that is a healer’s language.

Remember that.