I’ll only say this once

I’ll only say this once.
Berine&HillaryI see a lot of anger being expressed over Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary. I feel the Bern. I am very grateful for his coming out to change the trajectory of the conversation: about justice and injustice, about the takeover of government (here and globally) by the one percent, about the planet’s reaction to humanity’s ignorant indifference to energy and chemical pollution, about the expression of hatred toward the mental projection of others who appear different or practice living in diverse ways, about the oppression of regular people by depriving them of education, a living wage, and the right to vote, about the mistaken assignment of the term populist to an unapologetic hater and plutocrat, and about the way forward toward reversing some of these atrocities. That is truly the Guru’s work.
To say that Bernie has sold out, has failed, or has made the wrong choice with Hillary is to disrespect him in the worst way. He has always, and continues, to know what he is doing. He continued his campaign until he extracted every ounce of support for his values, principles, and vision for the future that he could from those who will carry on the campaign for justice and against evil.
Bernie’s emergence as a national candidate has produced a seismic shift in awareness: what’s right, what’s wrong, who’s doing it and what we can do about it. It is a revolution of the mind that rejects and will ultimately triumph over the status quo. It is not over, because it is being passed on to his chosen torchbearers.
The myopic view that Bernie is wrong in his endorsement of Hillary is merely a descent into another form of tribalism that he has so diligently sought to discredit with his campaign. Actually, Hillary is one of us. She has all the same flaws, to a greater or lesser degree: dishonesty, hypocrisy, selfishness.
These have been amplified and exaggerated to the power of ten for 24 years by the hate machine that was invented just for the Clintons in 1992 with the sole intention of unelecting Bill from the presidency.  The proof of that was in his impeachment in 1998.
That machine was never turned off. It has been used against Obama for exactly eight years, with little success, and has been redirected at Hillary. Unfortunately, the sentiment that the hate machine has inspired has crept into our culture to the degree that everyone knows Hillary as the target of all the conspiracy theories offered in support of that ongoing campaign. Her real history has been obscured in many minds, and obliterated from the minds of the haters and other apologists of the machine.
Hillary is not a hater. Those who oppose her in the political arena her mostly are. Regardless of what they are saying, looking at how they say it, you can easily see that.
Bernie does not wish to see his legacy tarnished by tribalism. Nor does he want his revolution to devolve into resentment that will allow the haters to triumph in this year’s elections.
Understand that you have choices. If you trust and stay with Bernie, you will see a good outcome. Remember what happened in 2000 when just enough people chose Ralph Nader as their champion? On principle? That brought us W.  I think it is now possible to bring on even worse consequences.
See Albert Einstein’s essay on relating with tradition that has become corrupted.

Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Workshop at Mystic Journey Bookstore – 10/11/2014

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MysticJourney20141011-2.psfHealing in its highest practice encompasses body mind and spirit. How we are able to merge them into an effective healing event follows from an awareness of the interdependency of all things. Whether we are healing the self or others such awareness comes from consciousness that reduces any separation in our perception to zero. In that state of awareness the interdependencies themselves collapse into a unitary non-dualistic experience where our intention to heal meets no resistance. We call that state of awareness Shuniya.We could talk about this forever and not experience Shuniya, let alone have a healing experience. Shuniya appears as an aspect of our awareness through yogic or other meditative practices. It is not likely that one will stumble into it by cognitive or analytic means. If we wish to heal the self, we use the self stimulative practice of yoga that will move our awareness beyond unhealthful tendencies that we hold. If we wish to heal others, we engage the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan® to develop the projective meditative mind with which are able to heal through our intention. Both develop and cultivate Shuniya.In this workshop we will engage meditative practices that have been passed on through the lineage of Kundalini Yoga. These practices are ancient. They are the real deal. Teachers in this tradition do not make anything up. The teachings come directly through the lineage.In this workshop we will perform healing exercises that engage the meditative mind in the tradition of Sat Nam Rasayan®. Participants will learn to use intention as the vehicle for healing. They will recognize themselves a healers.harinam

Hari Nam Singh lives in Los Angeles and heals and teaches Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan® at home and and abroad. He has been a student of Yogi Bhajan for over 20 years. He developed his healing skills under the direct tutelage of Guru Dev Singh. He holds a Level 3 Certification from the Center for Contemplative Awareness for healing and teaching in this tradition. Hari Nam also holds a Level 1 Certification from The Kundalini Research Institute for teaching Kundalini Yoga. To learn more, please visit http://www.harinam.com/.

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