Meditation: Increase the Flow of Earth Within You

Sit in easy pose.

1.  Thumbs touch Mercury (pinky) fingers, hands on knees.  Tongue is out as far as it will go.  Pant like a dog through the mouth. Use the diaphragm.

2.  Same mudra, hands facing forwards in front, elbows down at sides. Pant as before with the tongue out.

3.   Alternately touch the ground at your sides with the Jupiter (index) fingers and then touch them together at at the chin in rhythm  with the following mantra:

    Sat Nam Sat Nam, Waheguru Waheguru

This opens the flow of relationship with the earth.

4.  Alternately touch the ground with the Jupiter fingers, and then touch them together above the head over the crown chakra in rhythm with the mantra..