Meditation: LA635-900323 – Dukanasanee Kriya – for the Adrenal Glands

LA635 890323 Dukanasanee kriya. Work to Adrenal Gland for extra energy in your life.

Put your tongue under your upper lip and press it hard upward. It is a physical penetration and if your uterus, females or breast will start giving you trouble and men you have some sensitivity somewhere it is expected. Normally it will not happen but if you have been horny for last two weeks, I can’t help. On your upper lip there is a little meat which connects you upper lip with your teeth, gums. You are right, thank you for correcting me. That is very nice of her and also very suring that somebody is right there to correct me. There was no way otherwise I would have said somewhere meat which is not right, gums. So the tongue must press at that meridian point and you try to pull the upper lip downwards and tongue pulls upward and it has to be a battle between two oxens. And standardize please and your eyes must look at the tip of the nose and your sun finger. Now we are getting right to the heart. Right to it. This sun (ring) finger and this sun (ring) finger and these three fingers steady and put it right there and elbow shall have no bend. Look this is how I look if I do it. It is so painful. I am not kidding with you. It will take away entire possibility of a pain out of your life. Mental, spiritual and physical, all three. … am not joking but you have got to do it. I do it every day. Put the tongue in that point and put the upper lip in your total control self. Connect it so hard. It shall hurt. I am not saying it doesn’t. If it doesn’t hurt you are cheating and put your Ravi Mudra. Sun finger and thumb, fingers straight, elbows should have no bend. Eyes totally jammed once and for all at the tip of the nose. This is called “Dukanasanee kriya.” One who takes away the disease, destroys the disease, discomfort. The kriya, action complete action which ruins the uncomfortable possibilities in your being. Your eyes at the tip of the nose. Your tongue right into the upper lip, pulling it upwards and you pulling it downwards and yor hand very standardized, no bend in elbow. I think that was underlined even in the older scripture. No bend in elbow. They must be afraid it can happen. It is painful. I did this morning myself. But couple of minutes conquering the pain through it to make the body painless is not a rough idea. Some of you really look pretty in this posture. We will give you one and one and a half, double beat sound of the gong which will give you spirit enough to standardize your focal point if you want. It won’t push you beyond. But if you put your hypnotic self little above you like up to the ceiling of the room, it does ten times more healing than otherwise. (SSS plays the gong.) Inhale deep, hold it tight and press the tongue and jam and make a steel of your posture. Turn the whole body into a living steel. Let it go. Inhale again deep with the same posture. Contract every tissue, every muscle, every fiber, use your motor perfect. Synchronize. Whatever you will synchronize will live young. Let it go. Inhale again, deep. Hold on. Synchronize. Every molecule. I am not talking of the muscles or tissues, every molecule. Let it go. (SSS plays the gong again.) Now, 11 minutes: in the same posture lock your hands up and watch this. There is a certain strength in it, all your fingers must go on the back of your hand, dig in. A posture like this. Do you know what I mean and from the strength of

this posture move your being, down, don’t move the down, if it doesn’t move, let it not. Move with this strength. Don’t stretch up or stretch down. Move with that strength, you will exhaust out of your body all the toxins. If you move from the lower strength you will do harm. Move from the top strength of the antenna alone and move the lower being move it. It is moveable. It is easy. Once you get on that rhythm you can go on. Move with the top strength. Your lower part should follow it. Move the pranas around. (Tape of pavan, pavan by Gurushabd Singh is played.) Your tongue must be in the stick like in upper lip. Your eyes must

focus at the tip of the nos and from the top of the combined strength of five tattwas the entire body must create a pulse. With that impulse you will become young. The lock of the upper hand is the strength. Body moves flow. And you move it. And in this pulsation you create an expeller of all the disease and toxins out of your body. Expel it. Come on my love, let’s do it. We don’t have much time. We can’t do it even more than eleven minutes. Get tight. Move on. You are wasting a most precious opportunity in discussion with your mind and self. Why should I do it? Go through it. See what it does for you. Experience health, create a sweat. Aim at putting one drop out of your forehead of sweat. You made it. Synchronize and move. Expel every disease. What happened when fever breaks. You sweat then calm. It applies to everything which is uncomforting and diseasing us. Hospital are for those who do not sweat. Come on, we are running out of time. Sorry. You will be missing me, I will be missing you. Get tough. Create a swell. Sweat it out. We have two minutes. I can’t extend it. Whether you are done or not it is up to you. At the moment exactly to be frank it is two minutes and ten seconds. That is it. If you can’t sweat in these two minutes and five seconds, two minutes from now you are at your own risk. I did my best folks. Don’t blame me. One minute and forty five seconds. Within these forty five seconds you must sweat. That is the rule of the thumb. Inhale deep and synchronize and stretch and pull yourself upward as much you can do. Every vertebra and the disc must come to balance. Do your best. Exhale. Inhale deep again. Deep, deep, fill it up the ribcage and stretch upwards, upwards, upwards, upwards. Exhale. Inhale deep again. Little more, little more, little more. Hold it tight and stretch upwards. At the count of sixteen let it go.

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