Meditation: LA653-900612 – Self Hypnotic Trance

Yogi Bhajan – LA653 – June 12, 1990

Please sit in any meditative easy pose or any hard pose you want to choose, enjoy yourself, but please do one thing, yesterday, you are some of you were leaving, moving like little leaves. Energy will be released which is not yours, we release it at certain frequencies, but we expect you to keep your spine very straight. When you bend the spine lower wise, you make it very difficult for yourself to enjoy, what you actually sitting for, if you can just sit in anyway, but make the spine stretched up, which is not your normal way of sitting, all right. Close your eyes and now breathe through the mouth like a pipe breath they call it, like drink full length.

(Yogi Ji whispers)
Drink full breath, one stroke, full breath and then exhale. You always breathe, you never drink air. Make the breath longer, deeper and fuller, try it, try it. If you , you have never enjoyed that way. Drink in a full breath, if you cannot take any air in then let it go, that’s all you have to do. If you do it right it works like a pendulum as they put before your eyes and they use their optical nerve, you are exactly you are using your own rhythm of diaphragm by conscious breathing. Drink fuller and deeper, sit straight and right, concentrate. Your arc line shows, majority of you are reaching that status, some of you are not interested, that’s fine with me, that’s your personal loss, I have nothing to worry about that, but please try. We are actually a group of achievers, if you are yawning you are lucky, openly yawn, it’s the part of the process.

Now make an effort to make the breath longer and deeper and effective. Try it, try it, try it, concentrate. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe deep. Breathe in one breath, full chest and deep. You are unable to break your own tension, what you can do for anybody else, come on let us get going.(14)
27 minutes: Now inhale deep, breathe normally, close your eyes, all is, meditate on zero, Shunya, zero, I am zero, all is zero, in the beginning was zero, now is zero, zero shall be, I am zero, all is zero, zero was, zero is and zero shall be. My thoughts are zero, my disease is zero, my problems are zero, multiply by zero, comes everything zero, zero was, zero is and zero shall be. I am zero, all is zero. Please do the self hypnosis, hypnotize yourself over zero. Now everything you think is wrong with you, multiply it with a zero and make it zero. Your fears, one by one, multiply them with zero and they will become zero, simple mathematics. What you like and want, please don’t multiply that. I am zero, my problems are zero, my fears are zero, my negativity are zero, threats are zero.

Now expand yourself in the all negativity, within and without surrounding and projection, all negativity, multiply it with zero. Your sorrows multiply them with zero. Control the physical, make all negative, unwanted things, thoughts and projection zero by multiplying it with zero. Now take your choicest thought, most sportive thing you need the most and lock on it. Repeat it with mental continuous thought, beam on it and lock on it, lock it, it has to be one word, you need wealth, you need health, you need anything, just one word, lock it and repeat it, repeat it, lock it, send the constant beam. Your one personal thought, lock on it, hold it, don’t let it slip by you, tell me what you want, lock it, it will be yours. Lock it. Don’t move the physical.(38,34)Inhale deep, hold the breath, move your neck round and round, holding the breath move your neck please, don’t get into trouble, move it, move it, move it round, exhale fast, inhale again, hold the breath and move the neck, move the shoulders, exhale, inhale again, deep, hold, keep on moving, move the entire physical spine and the body, hold the breath and relax. Okay, you are fine. Take your hands up please and stretch your spine to the maximum you can do, all fingers like steel hard, open, wide open, no touching. Breathe deep and stay there up. Stretch, stretch, stretch, become little taller.

This you have to do by time schedule, that I can’t help you, come on, come on. One more minute, you will be fine, up, up, up, up, keep the pressure upward. Thirty second more, keeps it the same level of pressure. Fifteen more seconds, you are doing wonderful, I really appreciate, come on, come on, inhale deep, and hold tight, inhale little more, hold tight, little more, hold tight, relax. Hoo, hoo, hooh. You are fine, play big music and have fun. Rejoice, “May the longtime Sunshine upon you…”

No chance, good luck. There is something which you as western can’t understand, but I’ll like to explain to you, the theory, how the things are, my God, the way you have, God bless the (?). This is the second Russian icon we got, very, very original, all right, God bless Mary and Jesus both. When I talk to you, out of the entire gist of the talk, you only have the capacity to receive six percent, do you know that.

(Students laugh)
It looks very funny. Do you know that normally when you two people talk, when two people talk, you get most of the essence of the talk through the (?), rather than the words, have ever practiced that. A ordinary human being with a normal life, only listens to six percent of the total conversation, isn’t funny. So you take the certain important (?), certain things which either concern you mentally,
“Oh I saw your girlfriend!”
You are not saying I saw the girlfriend, ‘I saw,’ ‘girlfriend,’ two words, immediately your reaction is ‘where,’ you are listening to the detail. Afterwards when they say, “Oh she met me at such and such place.”
Then your confirmation is on place, not I met so and so. Then you want to know. What you want to know and what the words are, that you connect. You are not worried about all the conversation. You get messages like frog jump, here, there, there, there, nowhere, everywhere and this is normal. Fifty percent you only pretend you are hearing or you are listening, fifty percent, are you aware of that, your expression, real expression, what you want to say is always ten percent of the total communication you have sorted out to project out. And this is not abnormal; this is a normal, common, well versed educated human being.
You use lot of words like a preface. ‘I want to talk to you.’ That’s not enough. There are common phrases which you listen, which you don’t care. If somebody wants to talk to you, you say, ‘I want to talk to you. It is about a very important matter. It concerns you very deeply.’ Anything which you put out in three fold, it hits the target. Where Guru Nanak said, repeat mean, go on repeating everything, there are some people I have met in my life, you have to tell the same thing ten times, and still they will do what they want to do. Listening is very weak in human. That’s why whatever little intuitive we are, we do not listen, because what our consciousness or our little soul tells us, that’s too little, very feeble, we don’t relate to it.
Sometime we do not understand, we want something, I want something, you want something, but we do not know what sequence we have to choose, we do not plan the sequence. We just want and project want and go for it. Sequence is not our way of life and that’s the biggest thing which causes lot of discomfort, pain and disease to the human. Sequence is very important. Because seas-quince will guarantee consequences, not the result. Our life is based on results, ‘I want to achieve this, I want to achieve it,’ that’s wrong. You may achieve it, but you may not have it, because the sequence may not certify the result, it will only certify the consequences. Like (?), started a divorce, a state is to be bifurcated, litigation is on its way, lot of people will not like to put in money as they kindly could have been, a sequence got started. Consequences are guaranteed. Result may not be, he may survive, may not survive.
Sequence and consequences are definite. Therefore make the life as resultant consequences than as a achieving end. How many of you have that tolerance? One percent. Tonight I will like to give you a simple situation, it is called self hypnosis. I wish I should stay here more and continue the class; I am not sure, every time I say I am going, I never end up going. So I have stopped saying that either. But I don’t like to be in LA, because moment I come in here I start coughing, I know, my body doesn’t like it, I like LA, I am not saying I am wrong. But however, first time we are trying to get into self hypnosis, you can learn it in six, seven years in a university and may not completely do it.
To put people under hypnotic trance is very essential, it is very curing, but not for anybody else, but for the person itself. Meditation does lead to that. A good meditator can totally switch his gears and put himself in a self hypnotic trance to act in a certain way to deliver the goods, it’s a requirement, it’s not a gimmick. That’s why you do not have strength, you do not have grit, you do not have projection to, it is not right for you, you will understand, it’s not right for you to move yourself, but also at the same time, you move the entire environment.
In older time people used to say, ‘yeah, he will be there.’  ‘How you know?’
‘Yeah he will be there.’ Because in their projection they already locked that person.  ‘I know he will be there.’ We have to understand life like that. I don’t know actually to be very honest, I am willing to admit, I don’t know how you live? I know as many things you miss and miss and Crisscross and all that, it’s unbelievable. Because we don’t develop our intuition to lock the totality and if we cannot lock the totality, next is the reality which is called God. While sometime while learning that there are ifs and buts and we get very upset with it, but real life is very funny, real life is no chance, it is, it is and it is, that’s the truth about it.

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