The Story of Mushkil Gusha

ONCE upon a time, not a thousand miles from here, there lived a poor old wood-cutter, who was a widower, and his little daughter. He used to go every day into the mountains to cut firewood which he brought home and tied into bundles. Then he used to have breakfast and walk into the nearest town, where he would sell his wood and rest for a time before returning home.

One day, when he got home very late, the girl said to him: ‘Father, I sometimes wish that we would have some nicer food, and more and different kinds of things to eat.’

‘Very well, my child,’ said the old man, ‘tomorrow I shall get up much earlier than I usually do. I shall go further into the mountains where there is more wood, and I shall bring back a much larger quantity than usual. I will get home earlier and I will be able to bundle the wood sooner, and I will go into town and sell it so that we can have more money and I shall bring you back all kinds of nice things to eat.’

The next morning the wood-cutter rose before dawn and went into the mountains. He worked very hard cutting wood and trimming it and made it into a huge bundle which he carried on his back to his little house.

When he got home, it was still very early. He put his load of wood down, and knocked on the door, saying, ‘Daughter, Daughter, open the door, for I am hungry and thirsty and I need a meal before I go to market.’

But the door was locked. The wood-cutter was so tired that he lay down and was soon fast asleep beside his bundle. The little girl, having forgotten all about their conversation the night before, was fast asleep in bed. When he woke up a few hours later, the sun was high. The wood-cutter knocked at the door again and again and said, ‘Daughter, Daughter, come quickly; I must have a little food and go to market to sell the wood; for it is already much later than my usual time of starting.’

But, having forgotten all about the conversation the night before, the little girl had meanwhile got up, tidied the house, and gone out for a walk. She had locked the door assuming in her forgetfulness that her father was still in the town.

So the wood-cutter thought to himself, ‘It is now rather late to go into the town. I will therefore return to the mountains and cut another bundle of wood, which I will bring home, and tomorrow I will take a double load to market.’

All that day the old man toiled in the mountains cutting wood and shaping the branches. When he got home with the wood on his shoulders, it was evening.

He put down his burden behind the house, knocked on the door and said, ‘Daughter, Daughter, open the door for I am tired and I have eaten nothing all the day. I have a double bundle of wood which I hope to take to market tomorrow. Tonight I must sleep well so that I will be strong.’

But there was no answer, for the little girl when she came home had felt very sleepy, and had made a meal for herself, and gone to bed. She had been rather worried at first that her father was not at home, but she decided that he must have arranged to stay in the town overnight.

Once again the wood-cutter, finding that he could not get into the house, tired, hungry and thirsty, lay down by his bundles of wood and fell fast asleep. He could not keep awake, although he was fearful for what might have happened to the little girl.

Now the wood-cutter, because he was so cold and hungry and tired, woke up very, very early the next morning: before it was even light.

He sat up, and looked around, but he could not see anything. And then a strange thing  happened. The wood-cutter thought he heard a voice saying: ‘Hurry, hurry! Leave your wood and come this way. If you need enough, and you want little enough, you shall have delicious food.’

The wood-cutter stood up and walked in the direction of the voice. And he walked and he walked; but he found nothing.

By now he was colder and hungrier and more tired than ever, and he was lost. He had been full of hope, but that did not seem to have helped him. Now he felt sad, and he wanted to cry. But he realized that crying would not help him either, so he lay down and fell asleep.

Quite soon he woke up again. It was too cold, and he was too hungry, to sleep. So he decided to tell himself, as if in a story, everything that had happened to him since his little daughter had first said that she wanted a different kind of food.

As soon as he had finished his story, he thought he heard another voice, saying, somewhere above him, out of the dawn, ‘Old man, what are you doing sitting there?’

‘I am telling myself my own story,’ said the wood-cutter.

‘And what is that?’ said the voice.

The old man repeated his tale. ‘Very well,’ said the voice. And then the voice told the old wood-cutter to close his eyes and to mount as it were, a step. ‘But I do not see any step,’ said the old man. ‘Never mind, but do as I say,’ said the voice.

The old man did as he was told. As soon as he had closed his eyes he found that he was standing up and as he raised his right foot he felt that there was something like a step under it. He started to ascend what seemed to be a staircase. Suddenly the whole flight of steps started to move, very fast, and the voice said, ‘Do not open your eyes until I tell you to do so.’

In a very short time, the voice told the old man to open his eyes. When he did he found that he was in a place which looked rather like a desert, with the sun beating down on him. He was surrounded by masses and masses of pebbles; pebbles of all colours: red, green, blue and white. But he seemed to be alone. He looked all around him, and could not see anyone, but the voice started to speak again.

‘Take up as many of these stones as you can,’ said the voice, ‘Then close your eyes, and walk down the steps once more.’

The wood-cutter did as he was told, and he found himself, when he opened his eyes again at the voice’s bidding, standing before the door of his own house.

He knocked at the door and his little daughter answered it. She asked him where he had been, and he told her, although she could hardly understand what he was saying, it all sounded so confusing.

They went into the house, and the little girl and her father shared the last food which they had, which was a handful of dried dates. When they had finished, the old man thought that he heard the voice speaking to him again, a voice just like the other one which had told him to climb the stairs.

The voice said, ‘Although you may not know it yet, you have been saved by Mushkil Gusha. Remember that Mushkil Gusha is always here. Make sure that every Thursday night you eat some dates and give some to any needy person, and tell the story of Mushkil Gusha. Or give a gift in the name of Mushkil Gusha to someone who will help the needy. Make sure that the story of Mushkil Gusha is never, never forgotten. If you do this, and if this is done by those to whom you tell the story, the people who are in real need will always find their way.’

The wood-cutter put all the stones which he had brought back from the desert in a corner of his little house. They looked very much like ordinary stones, and he did not know what to do with them.

The next day he took his two enormous bundles of wood to the market, and sold them easily for a high price. When he got home he took his daughter all sort of delicious kinds of food, which she had never tasted before. And when they had eaten it, the old wood-cutter said, ‘Now I am going to tell you the whole story of Mushkil Gusha. Mushkil Gusha is the remover of all difficulties. Our difficulties have been removed through Mushkil Gusha and we must always remember it.’

For nearly a week after that the old man carried on as usual. He went into the mountains, brought back wood, had a meal, took the wood to market and sold it. He always found a buyer without difficulty.

Now the next Thursday came, and, as it is the way of men, the wood-cutter forgot to repeat the tale of Mushkil Gusha.

Late that evening, in the house of the wood-cutter’s neighbours, the fire had gone out. The neighbourshad nothing with which to re-light the fire, and they went to the house of the wood-cutter. They said, ‘Neighbour, neighbour, please give us a light from those wonderful lamps of yours which we see shining through the window.’

‘What lamps?’ said the wood-cutter.

‘Come outside,’ said the neighbours, ‘and see what we mean.’

So the wood-cutter went outside and then he saw, sure enough, all kinds of brilliant lights shining through the window from the inside.

He went back to the house, and saw that the light was streaming from the pile of pebbles which he had put in the corner. But the rays of light were cold, and it was not possible to use them to light a fire. So he went out to the neighbours and said, ‘Neighbours, I am sorry, but I have no fire.’ And he banged the door in their faces. They were annoyed and confused, and went back to their house, muttering. They leave our story here.

The wood-cutter and his daughter quickly covered up the brilliant lights with every piece of cloth they could find, for fear that anyone would see what a treasure they had. The next morning, when they uncovered the stones, they discovered that they were precious, luminous gems.

They took the jewels, one by one, to neighbouring towns, where they sold them for a huge price. Now the wood-cutter decided to build for himself and for his daughter a wonderful palace. They chose a site just opposite the castle of the king of their country. In a very short time a marvellous building had come into being.

Now that particular king had a beautiful daughter, and one day when she got up in the morning, she saw a sort of fairy-tale castle just opposite her father’s and she was amazed. She asked her servants, ‘Who has built this castle? What right have these people to do such a thing so near to our home?’

The servants went away and made enquiries and they came back and told the story, as far as they could collect it, to the princess.

The princess called for the little daughter of the wood-cutter, for she was angry with her, but when the two girls met and talked they soon became fast friends. They started to meet every day and went to swim and play in the stream which had been made for the princess by her father. A few days after they first met, the princess took off a beautiful and valuable necklace and hung it up on a tree just beside the stream. She forgot to take it down when she came out of the water, and when she got home she thought it must have been lost.

The princess thought a little and then decided that the daughter of the wood-cutter had stolen her necklace. So she told her father, and he had the wood-cutter arrested; he confiscated the castle and declared forfeit everything that the wood-cutter had. The old man was thrown into prison, and the daughter was put into an orphanage.

As it was the custom in that country, after a period of time the wood-cutter was taken from the dungeon and put in the public square, chained to a post, with a sign around his neck. On the sign was written ‘This is what happens to those who steal from Kings.’

At first people gathered around him, and jeered and threw things at him. He was most unhappy.

But quite soon, as is the way of men, everyone became used to the sight of the old man sitting there by his post, and took very little notice of him. Sometimes people threw him scraps of food, sometimes they did not.

One day he overheard somebody saying that it was Thursday afternoon. Suddenly, the thought came into his mind that it would soon be the evening of Mushkil Gusha, the remover of all difficulties, and that he had forgotten to commemorate him for so many days. No sooner had this thought come into his head, than a charitable man, passing by, threw him a tiny coin. The wood-cutter called out: ‘Generous friend, you have given me money, which is of no use to me. If, however, your kindness could extend to buying one or two dates and coming and sitting and eating them with me, I would be eternally grateful to you.’

The other man went and bought a few dates. And they sat and ate them together. When they had finished, the wood-cutter told the other man the story of Mushkil Gusha. ‘I think you must be mad,’ said the generous man. But he was a kindly person who himself had many difficulties. When he arrived home after this incident, he found that all his problems had disappeared. And that made him start to think a great deal about Mushkil Gusha. But he leaves our story here.

The very next morning the princess went back to her bathing-place. As she was about to go into the water, she saw what looked like her necklace down at the bottom of the stream. As she was going to dive in to try to get it back, she happened to sneeze. Her head went up, and she saw that what she had thought was the necklace was only its reflection in the water. It was hanging on the bough of the tree where she had left it such a long time before. Taking the necklace down, the princess ran excitedly to her father and told him what had happened. The King gave orders for the wood-cutter to be released and given a public apology. The little girl was brought back from the orphanage, and everyone lived happily ever after.

These are some of the incidents in the story of Mushkil Gusha. It is a very long tale and it is never ended. It has many forms. Some of them are even not called the story of Mushkil Gusha at all, so people do not recognise it. But it is because of Mushkil Gusha that his story, in whatever form, is remembered by somebody, somewhere in the world, day and night, wherever there are people. As his story had always been recited, so it will always continue to be told.

Will you repeat the story of Mushkil Gusha on Thursday nights, and help the work of Mushkil Gusha?

*                *                *

A hand and a foot do not clap together.


Idries Shah: CARAVAN OF DREAMS, The Octagon Press, London 1968

The Four Magic Treasures

Four holy dervishes of the second rank met together and determined that they would search the face of the whole earth for objects which would enable them to help mankind. They had studied everything they could, and had realized that by this kind of operation they could serve best.

They arranged among themselves to meet after thirty years.

On that appointed day they came together again. The first brought with him from the farthest North a magical staff. Whoever rode upon it could reach his destination instantly. The second, from the farthest West, had brought a magical hood. Whoever put it over his head could immediately change his appearance to resemble anyone in existence. The third, from his travels and searches in the farthest East, brought a magic mirror. In this any part of the world could be seen at will. The fourth dervish, working in the farthest South, had brought back with him a magical cup, with which any disease could be healed.

Thus equipped, the dervishes looked into the Mirror, to find the source of the Water of Life, which would enable them to live long enough to put these articles to effective use. They found the Fountain of Life, flew to it on the magic staff, and drank of the Water.

Then they performed an invocation, to who was most in need of their services.Into the mirror swam the face of a man who was almost on the point of death. He was many days’ journey away. The dervishes at once mounted their magic staff and flew, in the twinkling of an eye, into the house of the sick man.

‘We are famous healers’, they said to the man at the gate, ‘who understand that your master is ill. Admit us and we will help him.’ When the sick man heard this he ordered the dervishes to be brought to his bedside. As soon as he saw them, however, he became worse, almost as if seized by a fit. They were ejected from his presence, while one of the attendants explained that the patient was an enemy of dervishes and hated them.

Putting their heads one by one into the magical hood, they changed their appearance so that they were agreeable to the sick man,and presented themselves again, this time as four different healers.

As soon as the man had drunk some medicine from the Magic Cup he was better than he had ever been in his life. He was delighted — and being rich, rewarded the dervishes with a house of his own into which they settled.

They continued to live in this house, and every day they went their separate ways, using the magical apparatus which they had brought together, for the good of mankind.

One day, however, when the other dervishes were out on their rounds, soldiers arrived and arrested the dervish with the healing cup. The king of the country had heard about this great doctor, and had sent for him to cure his daughter,who was suffering from a strange illness.

The dervish was taken to the princess’s bedside, and he offered her some medicine of her own,but in the special cup. But, because he had been unable to consult the magic Mirror for the cure, it did not work.

The princess was no better, and the king ordered the dervish to be nailed up on a wall. He begged for some time to consult with his friends, but the king was impatient and believed that this was just a stratagem, and that the dervish might escape.

As soon as the other dervishes go home, they looked int the magic Mirror to find where their companion had gone. Seeing him on the pint of death, they sped on the magic Staffto his aid. They saved him in the nick of time. But they were unable to save the king’s daughter, because the cup was nowhere to be found.

Looking in the  magic Mirror, the dervishes saw that it had been thrown, by the king’s order, into the depths of the deepest ocean in the world.

In spite of the miraculous apparatus at their disposal, it took them a thousand years to recover the cup. Ever after the experience with the princess, thes four dervishes mad it their practice to work in secret, making it appear, through skillful arrangement, that whatever they did for the good of mankind would appear to have been done in some easily explicable way.

in Tales of the Dervishes
by Idries Shah

Meditation: LA724-920328 Reorganize Your Head, Be Positive, Lose Your Inherited Anger

You can’t learn happiness, it comes. Happiness is your birthright I can’t give you happiness, you can’t get from me anything. I can teach you science and art how to be and it’s for you to let it be, there is no, no, place for a confused person. When you are confused, you will abuse the situation, that’s what a confused person does.

Today was a very confused statement, somebody asked me, when you give do you expect something? There should be fair justice judgment you know, I give you, you give me. Giving is absolutely not to expect. If you ever expect something never gives . Can you afford to do that? You can’t, you buy misery. Love has no return because it is infinity, love has no deal, love has no definition, love has no class, love has no jurisdiction. Infinity cannot be classified. I mean to say it’s a simple word. You give with a condition; that’s negotiation, that’s a business. In love you expect something, it’s a business. Anything which is a business in life has gain and loss, has a progress, has a destruction. Anything which has two polarities is unhappy, simple, may be happy, anxiety is there, you are worried, it is weird, it’s the, you know, it’s, it’s a, it’s a going on and you only live for pain.
First you live for pain, you cause pain, then you work on avoiding pain, then you cause pain, it’s such a catch twenty two, such a viscous circle in your life you do not, when you are going to learn to be human? When you are going to accept this is, this planet belongs to God, when you are going to learn it rotates on its axis without your touch, prayer, handle anything?
I talk very simple, I talk very straight. It’s not that I am in trouble; I am in more trouble than you are because I see you have no reason to be in trouble. I see no chance for anybody to be unhappy. What you do? You drag each other, you lay number on each other, you lie to each other, you pull, push. You want territory, three things you have very common I think in the Western world, you are judgmental, you are territorial, can you believe those two things? You are judgmental, you are a territorial and you are neurotic. If your judgment and your territory is not satisfied you flip. Why we flip? Tonight that’s what I am going to teach. Flip.  Now flip with me tonight.
You can call New York and you can speak to New York.  You cannot go into inner York, you can’t speak to your head, you can’t speak to your heart, you can’t speak to your nervous system, you can’t speak to your pain, you can’t speak to your happiness, you can’t communicate with anything which is yours. You want to communicate with the whole universe, you got to first learn to talk to you. 

View the entire lecture in the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

Please sit like this, these hands left under, right over, these are the basic exercise of communication. It’s just like a weight, so put your shoulder up, chest out, that’s how they do, this is for flexing, this is for being uptight.



Chant “Rati”, “Roti”. “Reti” in this position




Rati means Lord.
Roti means bread
Reti mean file (Like a file for trimming iron)

LA724-3As you chant, you visit the Ajna, Heart, and then pull moolbandh

Chant Rati, Roti, Reti for 3 minutes.

And everybody’s experience about a spoken word is personal, individual. So whatever you speak it’s not absolutely necessary other person understand in the same way, that’s why your language speaking way cannot create understanding, that’s the problem in your life. That’s why you fail in your love, you fail in business, fail everything because everybody has his own understanding the words. I love you, for me, it may be elevated, I love you, it may be I am very sexy and horny. I love you, I am just social call. Everybody uses ‘love you’ for different connotation. It cannot be the same.
That’s why when you talk to somebody, next day you get a telephone, “oh by the way we talked yesterday, some things are not clear to me. Oh my God! You promised, you said everything is fine, it’s going to…”
“Oh no, I have come, I have a second thought.”
So you have a second thought, you have a third thought, you have a tenth thought and you are thought, thought, thought. Unfortunately as a human you are not supposed to think. Thinking is by your intellect, that’s the only difference between you and animal, that you automatically, you keep on thinking. Thousand thought per wink of the eye you intellect releases to your mind. How much on the hell you want to think more? Thinking is not something you should be worried about but we normally say ‘let me think, let me understand, let me know, let me, please tell me,’ you are anxious to curious to know others. You should never be anxious and curious to know others if you do not know who you are. There is no need. Something like this I will tell you how the energy moves right?
You have to learn to make other people understand, not what you want to say, that doesn’t count in life. When you speak, you speak for others, you should never speak for yourself, it’s time wasting, it’s confusing, it create animosity, it create very big loss. Speak to make another person understand you, not that what you want to say.
You have to learn to make other people understand, not what you want to say, that doesn’t count in life. When you speak, you speak for others, you should never speak for yourself, it’s time wasting, it’s confusing, it create animosity, it create very big loss. Speak to make another person understand you, not that what you want to say.

Flip Flop

Okay keep your hand like this please, both left and right, open, flat upwards. Second motion is turn them down, third motion is turn them like this, fourth motion is meet them here, fifth motion is bring them here, sixth motion is do them like that, downwards like that, sixth motion is comeback, it’s a six note reflection. Please practice on your own without rhythm and creating a sound, so that you know what you have to do. Everybody understand six.
11 minutes


I am not asking you to bring planet earth to heavens and heaven to earth, it’s nothing, I am not asking you produce God, I am not, I am saying alphabetically there are six position of the hand and each position has a number and when I speak that number, that it should be, correct? Right? And you have to totally produce that, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, one, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, now please do like a algebra in a angle and a triangle all right? Just like this one, two, three, four, five, six, and then one, use this wrist as a tight control, all the meridians there will get the acupuncture and you will start feeling in the back of your head, can we do it right?



Now for our resurrection, you know? Now do one thing. See, it’s a simple exercise (open and close the fingers rapidly).

Faster. No, you don’t worry, look at the tip of your nose and move it fast, as fast as severely, honestly, truthfully you can do. If somebody says as many times you do, that many million dollars you will get.
So you can earn lot, you have to act fast, nothing, these are five Tattvas, just let them touch the palm and get out, get back and get in fast. They call it milking the cow.
Now when you do that moment you finish the time, then this is called stimulation, okay? Name of this exercise is Tattva’s stimulation, it’s not a small exercise, don’t misunderstand and you have to make your all four finger touch your this hand like this and fast, watch how I do it. It’s constant, it’s continuous, it is opens, it is no cheating because I want to be healthy, your brain will hurt, your head will hurt, your neck will hurt, your heart will stimulate, you end up sweating, just a simple exercise. Open the hand and close it open, close it, open, close it fast, that’s all it needed. Not slow; total should take three seconds and in three second if you must do it complete three times, slowest is one second a stroke. Move, move fast, see what it does to you…get rid of possibility of arthritis and all that depository situation but if by the way head starts hurting, stop it. There is a chance that your head will start hurting by doing this pure exercise. If there is a remote, remote chance.
5 minutes



Claw the air showing your clenched front teeth.

I am trying to help you tonight by something to make practically a change in your life so you may not just… All right now keep going, very good, here you go, inhale deep, now make your fingers like claws and do like this; now front teeth, front teeth, you know, you don’t have to get anger out, your anger will be start eliminating, keep doing, front teeth, teeth now don’t break the teeth, yeah and just get to, get to claws, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, fast, fast, really claw, claw the other person, claw the atmosphere, claw. Yeah get it, your inherited anger will go away. Come on, come on, come on, hey that anger, there is no other way to get it out, just teeth, teeth, teeth, teeth, front teeth.
You will never find if you can do it at home you will never fight with anybody, five minutes of this can take care of you for the whole day.

5 minutes


Inhale now please lock your back molar tight and make a fist and punch forward anLA724-7d go ahead fast, tight molar, back teeth molars. Molar over molar lock it and punch forward with full force, Mohammad Ali, just that kind of force, force, hit powerful, back molars locked. Good if you have automatic winding watch take it off because spring will go berserk.
Punch, punch, punch. Punch, punch, back molar locked totally, just watch what it does to you, don’t ask me. Stunt punch, tremendous pressure on elbow required, take care of the digestive system and your inner biles, you know liver creates a bile, your other stuff, there are lot of things which help the digestive system. Punch, punch, punch, punch hard, harder you punch better it is. Lock the molars though, harder, harder, harder, if you don’t do it harder you don’t enjoy the Jupiter Kriya which comes after this. Punch, punch, punch, punch, lock the back molars, that’s the only secret, harder, harder, elbow has to have pressure, there is a meridian two points there in elbow which are directly connected your pineal, hit hard with a sense of victory. Play knock out, back molar locked your power becomes hundred time. Don’t be delicate, get the greatest image. Really toughies, get now being toughies. Harder you hit, molar you lock, best result you will get.

8 minutes


Take this finger out, please lock your these three finger and put your hands like this and see the shoulders are out and fingers are just by the side of basic straight hands, look at the tip of your nose and breathe slowly. Four breath a minute, five second to breathe in, five second to hold, five second to breathe out, whatever you think second is. Straight fingers up, backward chest out, shoulder backward stretched.

Hey that song, healing song of the walk, Jehovah, Hallelujah that stuff.

Tantric Waheguru

Now this has to be steady. Form has to be perfect, finger has to be, index finger, Jupiter finger has to be straight, hands must not be forward, see my watch, open your eyes, watch my hands. Just watch, with the shoulders, they are not forward, if you do this, don’t do it, it’s useless. If you do too much back, that’s not good just right position, just like that as you know, this above here, just that position right there and just sit steady and breathe four breath a minute, five second in, five second hold, five second and don’t forget, hands will come forward automatically, don’t let them come forward, stick them in a posture, be there. It will create miracle now because the exercise you have done, you have stirred up the central nervous system, you have aroused Shushmana, now let the Kundalini travel, please help yourself, help me, help your own environments. I will be successful if you are successful.

24 minutes

Meditation: Perugia 2014 Meditations courtesy of Sandro

40 Day Sadhana  NM065-920709 Move Your Own Psyche Creating Your Inner Balance
NM184-951013  Jupiter Meditation  You have to become intuitive

Dec 3  2 750929 kriya for strong nerves.
Dec 3  3 M060 901121 AWAKEN KUNDALINI.
Dec 3  4 LA309 820615 The last resort meditation YOU WILL WIPE OUT A LOT OF NEGATIVITY.
Dec 3  5 NM065 920709 move our own psyche, creating your inner balance – Your discipline and your self-conduct can carry you to success.
Dec 3  6 NM184 951013 Jupiter meditation, you have to become intuitive.

Dec 4  1 NM128 940316 Tonight, we will pull the strength from the third chakra on to shashara -That’s the way of prosperity.
Dec 4  2 LA860 960131 Open diaphragm – healing kriya.
Dec 4  3 LA724 920328 RATI ROTI RETI reorganize your head – it will affect you positively, & go away your inherited anger
Dec 4  4 LA619 900110 Get out the Anger.
Dec 4  5 LA271 811202 I like you to understand and feel your soul and there is a little mantra about it.
Dec 4  6 LA049780901 HOMEH BANDANA KRIYA 

Dec 5  2 LA917 970502 tonight we are going inside the hypothalamus with the thalamus and we are going to deep mediate.
Dec 5  3 LA297 820426 From my consciousness you can learn how to keep the consciousness with you.
Dec 5  5 781023 Philadelphia Challenge yourself on the breathing, but don’t kill yourself on it.
Dec 5  6 LA309 820615 The last resort meditation YOU WILL WIPE OUT A LOT OF NEGATIVITY.
Dec 5  7 LA271 811202 I like you to understand and feel your soul and there is a little mantra about it.
Dec 5  8 771130 Lower Back Is Where The Breathing Control Is.
Dec 5  9 LA906 970310 human mind is asking for a relief today you are going tantric meditation individually and we are going to put you in that.

Dec 6  1 LA860 960131 Hust Kriya Open diaphragm.
Dec 6  2 LA297 820426 From my consciousness you can learn how to keep the consciousness with you.
Dec 6  3 NM125 940307 TRUE LOVE #3 we will work on the radiant body.
Dec 6  4 KWTC 930407 Balance Mind & Heart to Infinity.
Dec 6  5 M095 931221 EXPERIENCE AND ECSTASY DISCOVER YOU SOUL – Please change your trend of life.
Dec 6  6 KWTC 930407 Balance The Aura .

Dec 7  1 KIRTAN KRIYA With Breath 4-4-for balance the tatwas
Dec 7  2 770221 Pranayam Cleansing Meditation
Dec 7  4 (livestream)
Dec 7  5 T1272 960619 Relieve the Suffering Claused by Duality.
Dec 7  6 TH2403 970422 Blessing.
Dec 7  9 LA815 941105 SHUNNYA #6.

Dec 8  1 TH2401 970421 Meditation for Blessing.
Dec 8  2 LA918 970908 Tonight use your sensory system in the back To Internal effectiveness.
Dec 8  3 NM131 940502 True Love #9 Two psyches communicate without any sound.
Dec 8  4 NM132 940504 Projected magnetic field Self Illumination.

Dec 9  2 NM249 971230 theorem of the Kundalini Yoga; control your micro&macro consciousness
Dec 9  3 NM279 980610 to make people a little more light.

Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Workshop with Hari Nam Singh 12/28/2014 – “Outer Projection” – (Review)

We held a Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Workshop with Hari Nam Singh at the Healing Heart Center in Hollywood. The topic of the workshop was “Outer Projection”.

In our healing we use the meditative mind to project an intention to heal.  We constantly project our intentions in our relations with others and ourselves.  How we project and how effectively we project determines to a great degree how well our relationships with ourselves and others are working.


Workshop Audio:    

Meditations:    LA827-19950307 – Third Eye
LA544 – 870610 – Know and Experience the Unknown
LA041 & LA042 – 780524 – Control the Mind

A vegetarian lunch  followed, prepared by Dev Atma Suroop Kaur

Meditation: NM0410 – 20010615 – The Northern Lights – Ek Ong Kar

NM0410-The Northern Lights – EkOngKar
For the radiant and subtle bodies

So tonight, I like to share with you something, if you give me eleven minutes of your life, it will be nice, if you can give me thirty-one minutes, it will be better, if we can do it for two and half hours, it will be the best. Right? What is a mantra? Mantra is a sound current created by the mixing of the body and the prana...

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Ajai Alai – Guru Shabbad Singh

From Meditations for the New Millenium