Today: Conflict and Change – from the I Ching


It is a time of conflict. Paths are converging that are unable to occupy the same space.  If one or the other is unable to change, there can be no resolution.  You can force an outcome with some measure of … Read the rest

Today: Let go of your limitations – from the I Ching


Use your discipline to overcome your limitations, but not too much.  Too much discipline is too constrictive and cannot be endured.  It becomes self destructive.  Allow what you have been waiting for to come in its own time and through … Read the rest

“Golden rays of the setting sun…” Yogi Bhajan


“Golden rays of the setting sun
Mingling with the moon at the far away horizon,
And the waves reflecting light towards home.

Somewhere under the canopy, a meditating yogi, a smiling sage
Watching the charisma of the divine heaven.”
Yogi … Read the rest

Today: Follow your inner truth – from the I Ching


Follow your inner truth. Do not look at what others are doing for guidance. Only look within.  Others may fall away from your common path but you may remain on course with your steadfastness.

Today: Taking on power – from the I Ching


Taking on power with extreme caution and a healthy respect for the danger involved, and with full commitment, can produce results. Be aware that there will inevitably be opposition.  

“If you positively move the vibration…” Yogi Bhajan

SSSYWa“If you positively move the vibration the world is yours. There is nothing standing between you and you.” Yogi Bhajan

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Today: Maintain innocence – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperMaintain innocence. It is a time of being, not doing.  Don’t try to control anything lest it interrupt the natural flow of events.  Meet what is at hand with perfection and without an eye to the end result.  This will … Read the rest

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” Yogi Bhajan

SSSYWa“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” Yogi Bhajan

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Today: Embody past wisdom and your grace – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperHold firmly to the truth and great creative powers within you and store them up, bringing them forward with light and clarity.  Do not push for an outcome.  Allow your grace to infuse every circumstance with light to bring it … Read the rest

“The mind is part of nature…” Yogi Bhajan

SSSYWa“The mind is part of nature, Prakirti. Prakirti, which includes both material and mind, is composed of and governed by the three primary qualities called the gunas. The three gunas are sattva, rajas, and tamasSattva is … Read the rest

Meditation: Listening to Angelic Whispers – from the Mind

This meditation will refine the sattvic guna of your mind. Sit down very calmly and quietly. Make your spine straight Put your hands on opposite shoulders. Your arms must cross, Hold your shoulders well, the arms relaxed on the chest.  … Read the rest

Today: Appreciate joy – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperAppreciate joy. Do not indulge overzealous joyous behaviors.  This is a pitfall of the young and inexperienced.  Nurture the inner source of that joy and turn it into blessings rather than simple mirth.

“We need to be able to affect the mind without getting caught …” Yogi Bhajan

SSSYWa“We need to be able to affect the mind without getting caught in an infinite self-reference. To do that, we need to understand the structure of the mind, recognize the origin of thought, and consciously determine which thoughts are consistent … Read the rest

Meditation: M061b-19901124 – Know the structure of the mind

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Place both hands in front of the face, with the wrists crossed and the hands facing your face. The right hand is on the outside and the left hand on the inside. The thumbs … Read the rest

Today: Express your creative powers – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperExpress your creative powers.  Put into action the unbounded potential of your creative mind to do great things.  Communicate from your soul and the wind will carry your influence far and wide with a persistent penetration of the collective psyche.… Read the rest