Today: Be strong in your stillness

Heaven’s motherlode waits within the Mountain:
Mine deep into history’s wealth of wisdom and deeds, charging your character with timeless strength.  Follow the teachings given you through the Guru. Be strong in your sadhana with constant discipline.

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The mind will serve you three ways…


“The mind will serve you three ways. When it is neutral it will recognize the truth. When it is positive it will tell you the right direction to go and what good can be done. When it is negative it

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Meditation: The Positive Mind

The Mind.

 This practice opens the heart center and the feelings of the positive self. It is a gesture of happiness. It has a great history and is said to have been practiced by … Read the rest

Meditation: The Negative Mind

from The Mindnegativemind2When you need to balance the flashing negativity and protective fervor of the Negative Mind, use this meditation. It clears the subconscious of unwanted negative or fearful thoughts. Then the Negative Mind … Read the rest

Today: Reform division into unity – From the I Ching

It is time to disperse and dissolve the divisive egotism that keeps us separate from each other. Much as water collects in individual lakes as a product of rain, we should recognize the individual blessings that have come to us … Read the rest

The story of the soul’s journey is recounted like this …


“The story of the soul’s journey is recounted like this. As the soul was told to go it hesitated. It asked God, “What if I need you immediately and there is no time at all? What can I do?” It

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Today: Transcend your limitations

Everyone has limitations in relating in the world.  Optimally, we grow out of them by applying the technologies given to us by our teachers through the Guru.  That is not the same as chasing prescriptions and formulas in the belief … Read the rest

Meditation: Magic Mantra-19760426

Sit  in  a  comfortable  meditation  posture.magicmantra3
Lift  hands to the level of the  heart, palms up,elbows  relaxed at the sides.  Form a shallow cupwith  the hands, sides of the palms and mercury fingers comfortably together.  Thumbs are out and away … Read the rest

When the soul leaves this fifth ether …


“When the soul leaves this fifth ether and travels into an incarnation, it comes to this planet not to seek anything. It comes to recognize God, recognize its consciousness, and experience the creation.

All the reactions and commotions and attempts

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Today: Be aware of your own nourishment

Nourish others with kind support.  Be aware of the impact of your words.  Only support others who offer support in a positive way.

As you nourish others, also nourish yourself.    Consume only that which sustains.  Renounce your compulsions.

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Meditation: LA114  790613 – Spinal Serum

This  is  a  posture  where  the  serum  in  the  spinal  column  is  made  to  rush  up.  Sit  in  easy  pose  la114-790613spinalserumwith  a  straight  spine.  Relax  the  arms  down  with  the  elbows  bent.  Raise  the  forearms  up  and in  toward  each  … Read the rest

The fourth layer of ether is the Light of God itself…


“The fourth layer of ether is the Light of God itself. The stretch of the atoms to existence. The fifth layer is nothing but God, Being itself.” Yogi Bhajan

(via Ram Anand)

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Today: Let your inner fire ignite…

Let your inner Fire ignite passion in every heart it touches.

A Promethean flame is delivering light and heat to the situation at hand.
This radiance will cause such an alchemical transformation of circumstances that the changes will seem magical, … Read the rest