Today: A deluge from heaven

The time is ripe for a major breakthrough with your endeavors. You have the capacity to rain fortune on those you seek to help.

You have a rival who is in stubborn opposition, so your iron will must come to the forefront now.  In particular, keep a tight lock on your mouth.   Continue reading “Today: A deluge from heaven”

Every normal person thinks, imagines and projects…

SSSYWa“Every normal person thinks, imagines, and projects through the mind. You ultimately identify with your mind and become dependent on the mind. The reality is that you should not depend on your mind. Instead, you should project from the point of view of your consciousness.” Yogi Bhajan

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Today: Contemplate, be the watchtower

The gentle Wind roams the Earth:  Expand your sphere of influence as you expand your awareness.  Direct your your devotion and intentions to the pursuit of clarity and wisdom.  Be aware of the inspiring, positive example you are setting for others to emulate.  Be the watchtower, the lighthouse for all to see. Continue reading “Today: Contemplate, be the watchtower”

You are nothing but a potential living consciousness…

SSSYWa“You are nothing but a potential living consciousness. Your basic necessity, the drive of your elemental self is to become practical, grassroots, living consciousness  – potential living consciousness to practical living consciousness.” Yogi Bhajan

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Today: Use your creative powers…beware of people who approach with self-serving agendas

You may engage anything that supports your aspirations and creativity.  You have many good choices.

Do not engage people who are selling false and self-serving promises. They remain harmless as long as you do not come to meet them and give them power. The danger is in their false appearances.  The inferior thing seems so harmless and inviting that there is a tendency to delight in it; it looks so small and weak that it is easy to imagine that you may dally with it and come to no harm.  Recognizing deceptive behavior at the outset is the key to not falling under its influence and to avoiding real danger.


I Ching: Today

Which brings us back to sadhana…

SSSYWa“Which brings us back to sadhana. That is where you sit, dwell in the thoughts and words of the soul, and peel away all your non-reality with the vastness of your spirit. If you train your mind this way, then you will discover something for your self. If you live in absolute fearlessness, God will live in you because fear and truth cannot go together.” Yogi Bhajan

(via Ram Anand)

Today: Rise above the chaos and insanity

When human folly has grown beyond all proportion, don’t jump in, don’t feed it, don’t ignore it, don’t react.  All we can do is breathe in, contain the experience of it, let it be dispersed in our silence, and breathe out, expanding the transmutation into and beyond our environment. Our endurance, resilience and flexibility will have a strong impact on our immediate relations who can then carry them forward.  The insanity will pass.

I Ching: Today