Today: On the new moon and solar eclipse – a return – from the I Ching

A turning point.  The time of decay yields to a new beginning.  Difficult at first, but unstoppable.  There is nothing to do to make it happen.  It will happen (see today’s reading).  This is an opportunity to lend a … Read the rest

Today: It is time to hold to the principles you have espoused – I Ching

After making your statement of common purpose, it is time to hold to the principles you have espoused.  Do not be shaken by unfavorable circumstances.  After making your statement, hold to your commitments internally.  The tide will turn.  Evil … Read the rest

When your flow of thoughts becomes complementary…

Reprinted from a communication by Hari Jiwan Singh “Life with Yogi Bhajan”

Sat Nam Dear Family,

“When your flowSSS20150115 of thoughts becomes complementary, not contradictory, life comes to a state of real relaxation,” the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, answered Read the rest