Today: Under siege – from the I Ching


Current peaceful circumstances will give way to calamatous events against which there is no effective defense.  Walls built to protect will not hold.  Resorting to violent resistance will not work.

The only solution is to hold your own among your closest circles and wait it out.  Hold firm, hold together, hold back.  Hold firmly to great creative powers and store them up.  Hold firm in the truth.  Hold firm in devoted caring and nurturing.

Strengthen your character by learning the lessons of the past.  Apply your knowledge and experience to serve in whatever capacity  is useful.  Get out there and do something.


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Meditation: LA950 A00214 20000214 Develop Self-Reliance



Sit straight in a cross-legged pla950osition. Extend the arms forward at shoulder level parallel to the floor, with elbows slightly bent. Palms are face down, with fingers spread, tough and tight like nails—these are your five antennae. Eyes are closed. Move the arms rhythmically straight back and forward about 5 inches. Reach from the shoulders, affect your chest and spine. Chant the Prosperity Mantra Har Har Har Har Gobinday by Niranjan Kaur. Continue for 11 minutes.

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“Any move you make, you must pray…” Yogi Bhajan

SSSYWa“Any move you make, you must pray because that ignites the power. Ignite your power and then go. Then let God take care of it.” Yogi Bhajan


(via Ram Anand)

Today: Thunder, shock and transformation – from the I Ching


When calamity strikes, and it will, those around you will react and lose clarity of vision.  They will suffer for it.  If you do not react, you can escape serious consequences.  Keep still until composure and clarity are restored.  If you withdraw in time from the affair at hand you will remain free of mistakes and injury.  That will draw resentment and possible contempt from your neighbors, but pay no mind to that. Continue reading “Today: Thunder, shock and transformation – from the I Ching”