Today: Peace and Prayer – from the I Ching

Today, the small departs and the great approaches.  Expect good fortune and success.  For now, heaven and earth have united, so it is a good and powerful time for prayer and advancing peace.  It is a good time to elevate ourselves and those around us through our word. It is a good time to forget differences and divisions and release our expectations of others. The greatly blessed and less fortunate, powerful and humble can come together in unity with the greatness within us and project our divinity into the world.

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Today: Fear and trembling – from the I Ching

The thunder of the day is shocking.  Fear and trembling.  Forget the words. Forget the expressed opinions and preferences and the scenarios they offer.

Always be filled with reverence at the manifestation of God, setting your life in order and searching your heart, lest you harbor any secret opposition to the will of God. Thus reverence is the foundation of true culture.

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Meditation: Know the Psyche of the Other

Grasp the left thumb with the right hand, and place the  hands on your lap.  Close your eyes. After a few moments, feel the sensation of your nose becoming inverted, So that the tip of your nose is between the eyes, and the bridge of the nose is at the bottom.
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Today: The Matrix of Us – from the I Ching

What is always with us and within us is the collective psyche of whom we identify with.  That’s we, just as the soul is I.  In Western terms (Jung) it is the collective unconscious. In yogic tradition it is interconnectedness through our subtle bodies.  Enjoy the times that bring a strong perception of common awareness with our brothers and sisters.  That is now.

Meditation Merge with the consciousness of others.

I Ching: Today