HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-08-15 – Compulsion

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Liars desperately want to be liked. They have an empty void of intimacy with the world. Lying comes from compulsions that lead to many consequences. We can fix some aspect of the compulsion. We can adjust how they relate with the world. Don’t just fix compulsions as people could wake up not knowing who they are.

It’s not useful to ask, “How could she lie like that?” It’s not useful to hold the opinion that someone would not go beyond an outrageous boundary. People believe that they won’t be lied to by certain people, such as people who say that they are Christians against abortion.

Say, “You liar!” Call them on their lying. The lying is a fact.

In Sat Nam Rasayan®, we work with tendencies that come from our consciousness. Consciousness produces the tendencies that make us how we are. The tendencies are held in consciousness.

We relate as closely as we can with the consciousness that holds the tendencies, which extend to illness, people’s getting sick, and people’s becoming mass murderers. What they do is produced by patterns that they repeat.

Liars tend to hold everybody in utter contempt. They’re actually sociopaths. The way that they relate is broken. They can’t relate. They’re relating only with a mental, learned process. What comes from inside them is only compulsions. There’s big damage in the way that they relate with everything.

We can go to a root of some behavior, which can lead us to some compulsion, which is a rote behavior, something that can’t be stopped. We can separate and cut off the compulsion from how the person relates. This method is useful for someone who compulsively eats too much food all the time.

People see themselves through the filter of the compulsions. The inner projection gets lost.

We look to our own perception. We know through our own perception. Our Perceptive Field contains the inputs of our sensory being. We can’t feel anything outside of ourselves. We are the source of all our perceptions. We can know how we’re affected by something.

You’ll experience a strong feeling of the consciousness if you walk into a meeting of white supremacists. You could feel that. Everything is producing in you some sensations. You could react and run outside, or sit there and start to argue with them.

We have to give up the hope of changing anything. We allow the experience of relating, not reacting. We go to Silence. In Shuniya, there are no echoes inside of us. In the absence of echoes, you experience the events in your awareness. Nothing more has to be made of that.

We choose how we relate as healers. We allow our consciousness to merge. What we feel has everything to do with the healing relation. When we allow the relationship to exist in an absolute way, echoless and reactionless, the Silence will have an Impact. When we allow the relation, sit in Stillness, and don’t react, the Silence will have an Impact.

When you just walk into a place, you will have an Impact.

There’s no boundary, end, or limit to what you can experience. When you are healing with an open space, it’s easy to fall into the clutches of the assumption that what you’re experiencing is yourself. There is a tendency to identify with the experience, and to think that you’re producing the experience: “I feel bad; so it must be me.” You’re having an experience of being affected. You are not your experience. You can have the experience; and in the experience, there can be an Impact.

Student: I was just recently diagnosed as being bipolar.

It’s good to recognize certain things at the outset. When we want to heal ourselves, we practice Kundalini Yoga. You’ll come out on the other end pretty darn good.

We’re using the Technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in Sat Nam Rasayan®. We don’t need to differentiate ourselves from everybody else. You are affected by what’s happening.

You may think when you’re in the presence of skinheads that you’re hateful. You’re experiencing the sensation of hatred as that’s what they promote. You just need to contain the experience without reacting. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the experience is coming from you.

When you read something hateful on the internet and experience the sensation of hatred, that intention was in that composition. The hatred is not you.

Ganesha Meditation:
Bring all of your tendencies to move into the sensation of Stillness. Find the place where it’s Still in your experience of doing this. Watch the flow of your consciousness.
Time: 3 minutes.

Things look different now. You moved out of one place, and now you’re in another place.

Healing Exercises
Round One: Open the space. Take your partner. Allow the flow of your experience. Don’t judge your experience. Become aware of the major tendency in your space. Follow the path of resistance, looking for and finding the points of irritation and stimulation that lead to the next major resistance. Continue to follow the path of resistance, looking for and finding the points of irritation and stimulation that lead to the next major resistance. Now you have come to a different place in your perception. Now set the intention to separate and put distance between this place and the original tendency you were in relation with at the beginning of this session. Allow the resistances to resolve into the Silence. Come to conclusion.

With whatever we’re in relation, we can look to find more points of irritation that are stimulating more resistances. Then you end up coming to a different place in your perception, which is related to the original tendency you were in relation with first. Then we separate those two, and put distance between them. With this method you can erase certain tendencies of habitual patterns of consciousness. We find where the tendency that we’re addressing takes us in our experience. Then we separate that place where we end up from the original compulsion we were in relation with at the beginning of the session.

Round Two: Open the space. Take your partner. Become aware of all of your perceptions and sensations in your Perceptive Field. Now become aware of the Silence that exists between and within all the perceptions in your Perceptive Field. Expand the sensation of the Silence into your whole space. Allow all the resistances to resolve into the Silence. Come to conclusion.

Round Three: Repeat of Round Two….

In a healing session, even if a lot of our perception of the experience remains the same and unchanged, there’s always some part of our perception that’s a little bit modified.

A common tendency of smart people is to follow a thought and analyze it. That tendency can be stimulated by the relation with your partner.

We need only to have the experience. Your partner will feel better. The healing process stimulates so much, and that is good. The healer’s intention is to heal. The worst that can happen is nothing. Everybody has some experience of what’s happening. Just enjoy the ride.

We’ll finish now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-08-05 – Preconceptions

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Meditation To Promote Within Us The State Of Shuniya: (8-step breath in and out; hands moving alternately up and down….)
Time: 11 minutes

Our minds settled to where our conditions and our tendencies are diminished. Everything that was causing an interruption of the flow of our experience was diminished.

When we practice Sat Nam Rasayan®, we remain in our experience, which includes our perceptions. We relate from a state of Emptiness, without propositions, interpretations, or explanations. We allow our mind to empty so that our awareness becomes stable in Shuniya, where we’re free to relate with the experience as it is, rather than being driven to relate by the way our forms in our mind dictate. We can choose to relate in the deepest way, which is a healing experience. We all have consciousness. We can be aware of the consciousness through the experience of our perception. We perceive or feel only ourself. Our entire being of our individuality contributes to our experience. We can know something about the other, and begin to heal the other. We are affected by everything in some way. When we choose to relate in a healing way, the consciousness of the healer and the Tiny Pet merges. The differentiation between the two starts to disappear. We just let our experience flow and happen, and then we’ll know how to heal.

When we Meditate, there is more space between all the events of our perception. We can expand that experience of the space between the events of our perception. We put our attention to the Empty space between everything.

We practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to be aware of the position of our awareness, and to be aware of how everything affects us. When we stabilize that aspect of our awareness that is known as the Projective Meditative Mind, our intention to heal something becomes very powerful. We allow healing to happen by holding an intention. When we renounce all our preconceptions, healing will happen.

I’m giving you some kind of a direction away from your preconceptions. Let everything happen, and do not react.

Now we’ll do exercises with a partner.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Open the space. Become aware of the sensations in your face. Allow your Perceptive Field to affect the sensations in your face. Come into relation with your partner. Become aware of your Visual Field. Allow the perceptions in your Visual Field to affect the sensations in your face. Now set the intention for emotional equanimity in your partner. Allow the resistances to resolve into the Silence. Come to conclusion.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

We don’t have to question the experience. We take the experience as it is.

Round Three: Repeat of Rounds One and Two….

Does anybody have any questions?

Then let’s close class now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

The idea here was to have the experience. It doesn’t matter what you think about the experience.

HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-07-25 – Distractions and Resistance

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

So when we practice Sat Nam Rasayan® healing, we place our awareness in a position wherein we can interact with our intention to heal and have an Impact. We need to be stable in the Projective Meditative Mind. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are the tools that we use to modify and to stabilize our awareness. Meditation helps us to become stable and to calm the mind, and allows the mind to open to new possibilities.

Innocent Thumbs Meditation:
Just be aware of what’s happening in your experience. Be very still, and do not reject any part of your experience. This opens up the awareness.
Time — 11 minutes

That Meditation shows us the busy-ness of our mind and the subconscious chatter. We can be amidst that and not react.

As we choose to relate with something in a healing way, we can feel only ourself. We can feel how we’re affected by some other in a healing relation.

Everybody exists in the glory of his or her own being. We have to look to our own Field of Perception to know something. When we allow that perception to change, something will change in the relation. That is how healing happens.

Not reacting allows for the possibility of something new to happen.

Our consciousness merges with the consciousness of the other when we allow ourselves to be affected by the relation, and then we lose our location that we like to hold as distinct from something else.

Just have the experience of doing this. We allow ourselves to have an experience. As a group we’re able to interlock our psyches so that everyone in the group will have the experience. The experience is inside you.

We need to reduce the distractions of Maya that make us feel the need to measure, delineate, describe, interpret, compare to a reference or a standard, separate, and judge.

Our experience is our reality. We can trust our perception, which includes all the thoughts and all our internal processes. Our Perceptive Field makes up the whole of our reality. We allow the entire experience to tell us something. Then our Intuitive Intellect starts to come ahead of our subconscious suggestions.

Reactions happen in the same way over and over again in the cycle that feeds itself and produces illnesses and neuroses.

Today we’ll allow something new to happen so that something is allowed to heal. We’re here to reduce the distractions to our experience, and just to allow our experience.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Open the space. Take your partner. Become aware of all the perceptions in your Perceptive Field. Become aware of the distinct thoughts in the flow of your consciousness. Become aware of the discontinuity between each thought. Become aware of the space in the discontinuity between each thought. Become aware of the overall tendency of the space. Set the intention to expand that tendency into the whole space. Continue to allow the flow of your consciousness. Come to conclusion.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

Round Three: Repeat of Rounds One and Two….

Round Four: Repeat of Rounds One, Two, and Three….

We’ll leave it at that. If any of this is mystifying, that’s perfect. Your perception is a little bit altered now.

We’ll conclude now. We’ll do 3 Long Sat Nam’s.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

Meditation: See Without the Eyes

The vision of maya says we can only see certain things.  It has to fit some
preconceived forms.  Chant “Maha akal sat
Hari Gobinde Nanak”.  Tongue hits center of upper palate with “Hari”,
front upper palate with “Gobinde”.  Eyes are closed.
Up to 62 min. every day until you can see through a wall.

Maha Akal Sat Hari Gobinde Nanak