Recap: Healing Intensive at Park Slope Brooklyn March 3-4, 2017

We held a meditation and healing intensive at Kundalini Yoga Park Slope, Brooklyn on March 3-4, 2017.  Here is a recap of the meditations and healing exercises we performed.


From the third chakra we healed the soul body.

From the heart chakra we used prana to heal the soul body.


From the root chakra we healed the physical body.
We increased the flow of prana from the earth through the hara.
We increased the flow of prana from the hara to the top rear of the skull.
From the heart chakra we healed the pranic body.
From the heart chakra we healed the soma chakra.




Meditations for Healing Workshop at Park Slope Brooklyn October 29-30, 2016

Meditations included:

LA827-950307-Third Eye

Contemplate Shuniya from the Spine


Know the Structure of the mind

M043-19890623-See your soul from your third eye

Shuniya Meditation from 951031

Increase the Flow of Earth Within You

LA847-19950816-Unity-Your Magnetic Field of theTotal Self

Listening to Angelic Whispers

Meditation & Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Workshop – Shunnya Centre 2016-05-29 – Healing with Elements Fire & Air

On May 29 we held a Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Workshop at Shunnya Centre. We practiced “Healing with the Elements: Fire and Air”.  Our goal was to include and merge elements with the healing space in order to allow them to affect the healing in ways that are specific to the elements.

To balance elements in an important way and to prepare for the healing exercises we performed some mediations.
Increase the Flow of Earth Within You
LA093-Meditation on the pranic Energy-The Earth Element Balanced by Ether

LA051-Tune the Vagus Nerve to Cosmic Consciousness

In the healing exercises, first we included the fire element to stimulate a motivation for change.  Fire can transmute consciousness into a completely different form. We practiced recognizing the sensation of including fire in the healing space.

We followed that by including the air element. Air has an effect of promoting a path for expansion.  What the fire produced as changed consciousness, the air gave it a tangible form for development and expansion.

Using elements is one means of modifying tendencies in a rather general way.  We can combine them and give balance to the elements that are present in a system.  As with all healing, the use of elements can alter one’s path and destiny.

Another means of producing a roughly similar effect can be found in a meditation that we performed afterwards
NM0413 – Intuition and the Strength of Excellence.
This meditation uses components of mudra in an intimate configuration to produce change (Saturn) and expansion (Jupiter) in a similar way.

Later in the evening we followed up with these meditations:

LA741-Dance of Shiva
LA051-Tune the Vagus Nerve to Cosmic Consciousness
LA831-Be Intuitive
Another meditation that we did not have time for, but I recommended:
KYB117-Achieve an Experience of God

Here are some links to audio recordings of other workshops that we held in Ottawa:
Hari Nam Singh Ottawa Workshops

Here are some links to archives of workshops on healing with the elements

Meditation & Healing Workshops at Park Slope Brooklyn May 15-16, 2015

Two workshops were conducted on May 15 and 16 at Kundalini Yoga Park Slope.

Friday, Healing and the Subtle Body explored the 9th body.

The ninth body, the Subtle Body, is the fundamental component of our forming a healing relation with our event.  Transcending space and time, it can give us a direct experience of something that is not ourself.

The subtle body transcends our physical existence and survives our incarnation. Through our subtle body we can know the unknown. In relation with another person’s subtle body, we can know something of that person’s existence.  The subtle body is integral to healing in our tradition.

Meditations included:
M0512-890312-For Mastery of Time and Space
NM0190-19951031-Connect Yourself to the Reality
LA097-790327-YONI KRIYA

Saturday, Healing and the Radiant Body explored the tenth body.

The tenth body – Radiant Body
Through the radiant body we choose how we relate with ourselves and others. The radiant body projects our presence externally to others and internally to ourselves. In this tradition, we practice developing a healing presence.  With a strong radiant body, our very presence has a profound healing impact on our environment.


NM0163-20010618-Polish the Radiant Body


Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Workshop with Hari Nam Singh 10/04/2014 – “Shuniya” – (Review)

We held a Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Workshop with Hari Nam Singh at the RAMA Yoga Institute in Venice, CA. The topic of the workshop was “Shuniya”.  It was a basic course in Sat Nam Rasayan®.   We practiced opening the space, finding silence in the space, and relating with the event.

The meditations we practiced were:
NM415-20010910-See Everything from God
We look inside ourselves for our perception and to know.

LA501-780907-Tune the Vagus Nerve to Cosmic Consciousness
We extend our perception beyond our simple sensations, including mind, body, spirit.

Workshop Audio:    

Meditation & Healing Workshops at Healing Heart Center Taught by Hari Nam Singh – Audio

2014-12-28 “Outer Projection”

Meditations:    LA827-19950307 – Third Eye
LA544 – 870610 – Know and Experience the Unknown
LA041 & LA042 – 780524 – Control the Mind

2014-09-27 “Healing with Elements: Water, Fire & Air”

Meditations:  NM0415-20100910-Karma & Dharma – See everything from God
LA112 790528 For Support From the Elements

2014-07-19 Heaven and Earth-Healing with Elements: Earth and Ether
Meditations: Increase the Flow of Earth Within You
LA093-790319 – Meditation on the pranic energy – the earth element balanced by ether
Tune the vagus nerve to cosmic consciousness

2014-06-14 Healing with the Second Sight
Meditations: Dhrib Dristi Lochina Karma
See Without the Eyes

2014-05-03 Resonance

2014-03-29  Healing the Perception

2014-02-01 The Art of Knowing

2013-12-28 Beyond Form

2013-11-16 Non-Duality

2013-09-28 Healing with the Ten Bodies

2013-03-16 Healing in the Absolute Field

2013-02-04 Healing with the Visual Field Part 2

2013-01-07 Healing with the Visual Field Part 1

2013-01-26 Extending Perception

2012-11-17 Reducing Resistance to Reality

2012-04-21 Healing with Sound

2011-11-19 Healing for the Times

Healing Classes at Golden Bridge Taught by Hari Nam Singh – Audio

2014-08-14 Water Element, Beginning SNR, Shuniya
Meditation: Initiate an Intuitive Existence 

2014-07-24 Circle, Dot, Transmuting Anxiety to Creativity
Meditations: LA004-780119-Innocent Thumbs  930421-Meditate on Nothing to Find Prosperity 

2014-07-17 Letting Go of Limitations, healing perception
Meditation: LA571 89-02-14 Letting Go of Limitations

2014-07-10 Beginning SNR, Shuniya, Ether, Full Moon, Trusting, Letting Go
Meditation: LA093-790319 Earth Balanced by Ether

2014-07-03 Introduction to the Earth

2014-06-05 Healing the Soul Body from the third Eye

2014-05-15 Seeing and Healing with Intuition

2014-05-08 Beginning SNR and Prana

2014-03-13 Healing the Vital Point from the Earth

2014-03-06 Healing the Liver of Discontent

2014-02-27 Knowing and Remote Healing

2014-01-30 Knowing 2

2014-01-23 Prana and Healing with Prana

2014-01-09 Knowing 1

2013-11-20 SNR 1.1 Physical Body Vagus Nerve

2013-11-14 SNR 1.0

2013-10-16 Healing as a non-dualistic experience using the  Aspect of Enlightenment.
The Shobogenzo Genjo Koan by Dogen Zenji

2013-09-25 Healing and Transition

2013-09-18 Healing with the Visual Field

2013-09-12 Beginning Sat Nam Rasayan®

2013-09-04 Beginning SNR and the Electromagnetic Field