Recap: Healing Intensive at Park Slope Brooklyn June 2-3, 2017

“Healing and Prana”
Prana holds together the elements that allows our physical existence.  Prana is the flow that comes from the earth through the hara and is transmuted into life energy that can be projected back into the world from the higher chakras.

“Healing Perception”
Many conditions that interfere with the flow of existence and the healthy flow of prana are due to a bias associated with one’s perception.  If we can find the point of perception that holds a viewpoint, it can be “flipped” to allow for a new configuration that leads to self-healing.

We held a meditation and healing intensive at Kundalini Yoga Park Slope, Brooklyn on June 2-3, 2017.  Here is a recap of the meditations we performed.

Increase the Flow of Earth Within You

Pranic Energy – the Earth Element Balanced by Ether

NM0394 – Live Above Denial

The Alchemist

Meditation: LA741 – 921125 – Dance of Shiva

Shuniya Meditations as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, Yoga West, 1994

LA0967-Division and Oneness

LA004 780109 Innocent Thumbs

Milarepa’s Song to Lady Palderboom

Meditation & Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Workshop – Shunnya Centre 2017-05-28

On May 28 we held a Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Workshop at Shunnya Centre. The topic was “Holding Together”.
We can recognize through our subtle body the field that holds everything together.  Subtle perturbations that happen anywhere in the field have effects everywhere.  In our healing practice we navigate the field in a transverse rather than an orthogonal way, collapsing distance and position in time and space. We apply our consciousness directly as if there is no separation between the healer and the patient.  Indeed, when we  merge in that way, our healing intentions become effective and instantaneous.
We explored attention in our consciousness, practicing stabilizing our attention in shuniya and navigating the space of awareness that opens up in that state.
We exercised our intention in shuniya, witnessing the healing experience.

The important aspects of the workshops to be remembered lie in the meditations that we performed.  Practicing these meditations makes these experiences repeatable by giving us access to the shuniya state.

Kriya for non-reaction

Shuniya meditations from 1994

Live above denial

Develop the capacity for self engagement

Division and Oneness


Recap: Healing Intensive at Park Slope Brooklyn March 3-4, 2017

We held a meditation and healing intensive at Kundalini Yoga Park Slope, Brooklyn on March 3-4, 2017.  Here is a recap of the meditations and healing exercises we performed.


From the third chakra we healed the soul body.

From the heart chakra we used prana to heal the soul body.


From the root chakra we healed the physical body.
We increased the flow of prana from the earth through the hara.
We increased the flow of prana from the hara to the top rear of the skull.
From the heart chakra we healed the pranic body.
From the heart chakra we healed the soma chakra.




Meditations for Healing Workshop at Park Slope Brooklyn October 29-30, 2016

Meditations included:

LA827-950307-Third Eye

Contemplate Shuniya from the Spine


Know the Structure of the mind

M043-19890623-See your soul from your third eye

Shuniya Meditation from 951031

Increase the Flow of Earth Within You

LA847-19950816-Unity-Your Magnetic Field of theTotal Self

Listening to Angelic Whispers

Meditation & Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Workshop – Shunnya Centre 2016-05-29 – Healing with Elements Fire & Air

On May 29 we held a Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Workshop at Shunnya Centre. We practiced “Healing with the Elements: Fire and Air”.  Our goal was to include and merge elements with the healing space in order to allow them to affect the healing in ways that are specific to the elements.

To balance elements in an important way and to prepare for the healing exercises we performed some mediations.
Increase the Flow of Earth Within You
LA093-Meditation on the pranic Energy-The Earth Element Balanced by Ether

LA051-Tune the Vagus Nerve to Cosmic Consciousness

In the healing exercises, first we included the fire element to stimulate a motivation for change.  Fire can transmute consciousness into a completely different form. We practiced recognizing the sensation of including fire in the healing space.

We followed that by including the air element. Air has an effect of promoting a path for expansion.  What the fire produced as changed consciousness, the air gave it a tangible form for development and expansion.

Using elements is one means of modifying tendencies in a rather general way.  We can combine them and give balance to the elements that are present in a system.  As with all healing, the use of elements can alter one’s path and destiny.

Another means of producing a roughly similar effect can be found in a meditation that we performed afterwards
NM0413 – Intuition and the Strength of Excellence.
This meditation uses components of mudra in an intimate configuration to produce change (Saturn) and expansion (Jupiter) in a similar way.

Later in the evening we followed up with these meditations:

LA741-Dance of Shiva
LA051-Tune the Vagus Nerve to Cosmic Consciousness
LA831-Be Intuitive
Another meditation that we did not have time for, but I recommended:
KYB117-Achieve an Experience of God

Here are some links to audio recordings of other workshops that we held in Ottawa:
Hari Nam Singh Ottawa Workshops

Here are some links to archives of workshops on healing with the elements

Meditation & Healing Workshops at Park Slope Brooklyn May 15-16, 2015

Two workshops were conducted on May 15 and 16 at Kundalini Yoga Park Slope.

Friday, Healing and the Subtle Body explored the 9th body.

The ninth body, the Subtle Body, is the fundamental component of our forming a healing relation with our event.  Transcending space and time, it can give us a direct experience of something that is not ourself.

The subtle body transcends our physical existence and survives our incarnation. Through our subtle body we can know the unknown. In relation with another person’s subtle body, we can know something of that person’s existence.  The subtle body is integral to healing in our tradition.

Meditations included:
M0512-890312-For Mastery of Time and Space
NM0190-19951031-Connect Yourself to the Reality
LA097-790327-YONI KRIYA

Saturday, Healing and the Radiant Body explored the tenth body.

The tenth body – Radiant Body
Through the radiant body we choose how we relate with ourselves and others. The radiant body projects our presence externally to others and internally to ourselves. In this tradition, we practice developing a healing presence.  With a strong radiant body, our very presence has a profound healing impact on our environment.


NM0163-20010618-Polish the Radiant Body


Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Workshop with Hari Nam Singh 02/15/2015 – “Healing the Physical Body” – (Review)

HNSHHC20150215-02We held a Meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Workshop with Hari Nam Singh at the Healing Heart Center in Hollywood. The topic of the workshop was “Healing the Physical Body”.

We performed three meditations:

LA822-Healing the Physical

LA819-850109-Eliminate Brain Fatigue

LA112-790528-Meditation for Support from the Elements

In yogic tradition, we have ten bodies.  Through the practice of yoga and meditation we can know them as a part of our existence.   As healers, we can relate with any body of our and heal in that relation.  Which body we can best relate with for a given healing application can be found intuitively.

We summarized our common knowledge of the ten bodies:

1. The soul body
The soul body is the primary identification of the self. It is recognized as the spirit within the life that we experience in this incarnation. The soul body transcends and survives our incarnation. Relating with the soul body is relating with the self at the most fundamental existential level. Knowing the soul is knowing that you are you.  The tendencies in one’s relation with the soul will determine how comfortable and at ease one is in “one’s own skin”.
If one has a separation or gap in awareness of the soul body it can cause insecurity or existential anxiety.  Someone who relates intimately with the soul can experience deep security.

2. The negative mind
The negative mind is one of the three mind bodies of our existence. It is the mind that gives attention to and keeps track of details through concepts and the accounting of their component details.  It is an instrument of survival and helps us to plan a course of action.  A main tendency of the negative mind is that its processes are linear and operate only on what is instinctual or has been predefined.
An overactive negative mind can produce a controlling and dominating tendency in behavior towards others. It can stifle creativity and create confusion and fear. A weak relationship with the negative mind can produce a “space case” with absentmindedness and an aversion to responsibility and accountability.

3. The positive mind
The positive mind is the mind that expands our vision to recognize what may be possible.  It helps us to overcomes obstacles in the face of adversity.  It tells us “we can do this”. The positive mind is not dissuaded by details that are operating contrary to our intentions.
A strong positive mind allows our creativity to know no bounds. With it we can expand our ideas beyond constraints that would thwart the negative mind.
A strong positive mind without a complimentary negative mind would allow us to run amok in our dreaming.  We can become a space case, as with a weak negative mind, and become divorced from reality.  We can lose our way in the face of adversity and become confused.  Our resolve can easily crumble.  Our projects may tend never to be finished.

4. The neutral mind.
The neutral mind gives us balance.  It is the arbitrator of the positive and negative.  It gives us the capacity to see beyond opposing tendencies and provides clarity to complex situations.  It is the source of creative solutions. It helps us not to identify with polarity and prejudice our perception.
As healers we look to the neutral mind not to take a position in the healing relation.

5. The physical body
The physical body is the body that we know in the material world.  When sufficient prana is present then the five elements are held together and give life to the physical body.  When prana wanes beyond a certain point, the elements cannot be held together and the physical body expires.  Healing in the physical body is facilitated by including and balancing elements.

6. The arc line

The arc line is the body that  protects the physical.  A strong arc line rejects all negative projections toward the physical. It rejects all mental projections from the point of origin. It rejects attacks by bacteria, viruses etc. The arc line has a connection also with the pranic body.
In its projective aspect the arc line projects one’s intentions. A strong arc line will give one the power of prayer.  In conjunction with the radiant body, the arc line strengthens the healer’s ability to heal.

When the arc line collapses, it gives a person a feeling of vulnerability,  helplessness and inadequacy.  When it is strong, one feels as if (s)he can do and accomplish anything.

7. The aura

The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds a person making one invulnerable to attacks from the outside.  It protects from negative projections, as the arc line, but also keeps one safe from all danger.  When a person’s awareness grows beyond the physical body, and (s)he can “feel the room”, and everything in it then the aura is expanded and strong. Martial arts practice gives a person awareness of the surroundings and expands the aura.

8. The pranic body

The pranic body is the process of a person’s “life energy”. A strong pranic body brings health and inner strength to the physical body.  The pranic body supports the arc line and the aura. A strong pranic body aids the healer with healing others. A weak pranic body diminishes vitality and makes one prone to illness.

Most martial arts train the practitioner to draw prana from the earth and maximize the flow in the pranic body.  This assists with directing and manifesting one’s intentions in relation with interactions with others and the environment.

9. The subtle body

The subtle body is the part of a person’s being that transcends space and time. Through the subtle body one can be aware of and know things not immediately  present in the physical and in time. The subtle body survives the incarnation and is present in the “ethers” as a “record” of ones existence. One can have awareness of another person by relating with and through the subtle body.

10. The radiant body

The radiant body is the quality of the electromagnetic field of a person that makes an impact externally and internally.  One’s intentions interact with the radiant body in a more subtle way than with the arc line. The radiance of the radiant body relates with more than a single intention as it permeates one’s entire presence and produces an impact. That impact is felt externally by others and internally with the self.

A strong radiant body has the power to heal others through one’s presence. A strong radiant body gives one confidence and a strong feeling of self and being whole. A weak radiant body makes one unsure and unconfident. In an extreme case, it can produce self destructive behaviors, such as unhealthy addictions and allow compulsions to rule the self.

A vegetarian lunch  followed, prepared by Dev Atma Suroop Kaur