Today: Let Your Inner Power Bring Peace – from the I Ching


Having held firmly to and storing up great creative powers based in Truth, it is time to unleash them in a strong clearheaded way.  Great and difficult undertakings will succeed through light and clarity and the daily renewal of character.… Read the rest

Today: Creative Power, Risks and All – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperIt is a good time to be in touch with your creative powers and use them to their fullest extent. You can do anything.  Build during the day, never stop, even at night, while others rest.  Your sphere of influence … Read the rest

Today: Lie Low with Perseverance – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperYour course is set. Go about making small advances toward your goals. Avoid big moves.  Remain humble and sincere with no pretense or posturing.  You have nothing to prove to yourself or others.  Do not not strive after lofty things … Read the rest

Today: Reemergent Deception – from the I Ching


Just as in yesterday’s report of increased clarity, the same forces of late are at work trying to undermine that, again through deception.  This is especially insidious, as the deceived does not recognize the deception nor suspect the deceiver and … Read the rest

Today: Chaos and confusion have yielded to order and clarity


A time of chaos has passed.  There is new order and clarity from an awakening to the glimmer of reality.  This awareness is new and fragile.  It is held in a delicate equilibrium that will take vigilance and discipline to … Read the rest

Today: Encourage others and come together


Encourage others on their journey.  Draw them close with your welcoming nature and genuine interest rather than greed or jealousy.  When the quiet power of your own character is at work, the effects produced are right.

Today: More Deliverance


The cloudburst continues.  Tensions and complications are still being eased. Liberation is happening.  Keep on your course.  There is little need to push further except to finish what you have started. Give and forgive.

Today: Deliverance and Enthusiasm


A thunderous cloudburst relieves the oppressive tension.  Liberation comes from releasing all expectations and resentment of others.  Free yourself of the endless vigil of policing the behavior of others.  See them for who they are, not what they can or … Read the rest

Today: Expansion

yinyang02paperYou will progress in every endeavor.  A joyful awareness of the best within you, along with your shortcomings, provides a depth and clarity that will compel you to expand your horizons.  Your benevolence, sacrifice and kindness born of necessity will … Read the rest

Today: Lying low attracts success

yinyang02glowSmall things may be done, big things should not be done.  Lying low with modesty will bring surprisingly good fortune.  If you seek help from competent sources with proven records rather than high profile personalities then you will succeed.

Today: Attraction, influence and contagious enthusiasm

Listen to the primal rhythm of the tides deep in the unconscious.  Recognizing the attraction between affinities is a general law of nature. Heaven and earth attract each other and thus all creatures come into being.  From the attractions they … Read the rest

Today: Peace and blessings

Heaven and Earth embrace, giving birth to Peace. Peace brings the promise of prosperity, although it is very fragile.  When things turn, do not chase the balance that once was. Just bless, bless, bless.  When you bless, you are blessed.… Read the rest