Today: Everywhere people are oppressed… – from the I Ching

Everywhere people are oppressed and held in restraint by those who serve the narrow interests of their own egos.  When a strong person meets with adversity, he remains cheerful despite all danger, and this cheerfulness is the source of later … Read the rest

Today: Follow your nature and stay out of trouble – from the I Ching

Rhythms in nature produce forces that move our consciousness like the tides that follow the phases of the moon. Water does not resist the moon’s gravity, nor should we struggle futilely against the cyclical forces of natural attraction.  Following what … Read the rest

Today: If what is going on with people worries you… – from the I Ching

If what is going on with people worries you,  if it seems like everyone is stampeding towards a cliff, don’t panic.  With gentle words that are firm, calm and confident, and by your example you can help effect change.  All … Read the rest

Today: Curb your anger, shed your desires… – from the I Ching

Curb your anger, excessive ambition and desires.  To be frugal and content is to possess immeasurable wealth within.  Downsize. Shed a dependency.


I Ching: Today

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Today: We are waiting… – from the I Ching

We are waiting. Dangling in apprehension and anticipation. Purgatory.   We are under siege by powers beyond our control.

As we endure the taunts and contempt of and towards our brothers and sisters today, know that the Cosmos is moving toward Read the rest

Today: We are blessed with an opportunity… – from the I Ching

We are blessed with an opportunity to resuscitate that which others have abandoned as beyond repair. This ruin wasn’t caused by evil intention, but by indifference to decay. Just by addressing the problem, we gain a new awareness, a fresh … Read the rest

Today: Build your temple upon Truth… – from the I Ching

Build your temple upon Truth. It is a Center of Gravity. Like waters running to the sea, like an astronomical convergence of planets revolving around the sun, you should let the gravity of this Center draw you near. Others are
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Today: Be aware of how your words and deeds influence… from the I Ching

Be aware of how how your words and deeds influence your brothers and sisters. You can shape their world through temperance and consideration for all. Let the abuse of power by others become apparent and oppressive to those around you. … Read the rest

Today: True resilience requires a flexibility… from the I Ching

True resilience requires a flexibility that allows adaptation to any adverse condition, while still remaining true to the core. You can maintain your integrity and influence any situation without giving opposing forces anything to resist. Remain constant. Releasing your expectations … Read the rest

Today: Be modest… from the I Ching

Be modest, even when correcting the errors of your fellow travelers. Temper extremes, shift excess to empty. Shed personal ambition, shake off the desires and fears of the conscious, visible world around you. Quiet the ego, dwell in the moment.… Read the rest