Lecture: The meaning of love

Lecture: The meaning of love

There is a very popular saying. If you make all good things you will go to heaven, if not you will go to hell but anyway you will go somewhere. So don’t be very serious about life. Because you have not understood one concept. Life is not what you think it is. Life is seventy percent free of you. That is one thing you cannot adjust. I am not against ego, it is a good thing to keep you identified. I have my identity. This is my car. This is my home. This is my wife. And this is my baby, this is my child and this is my uncle and this is my niece. All that stuff is fine. I am not upset with it. But that is it. Everybody doesn’t become your uncle. Every baby is not your baby. Every wife is not your wife. We are very limited by our concept. So we think wife is that which is this, this, this. We precisely put a duty on it and we precisely put a duty on a relationship. Relationship has a duty, duty has a relationship and I love you, you hate me, I hate you, you love me. This is not a concept. Concept is very simple.

How many of you know the meaning of love tonight. Do you have any idea what love means? Yeah. Say it. come on what is love? Sacrifice. Sacrifice and love, forget it. I won’t sacrifice a penny for love, are you kidding? Feelings, feelings and emotions and commotions and desire is an automatic body system on which you have no control. If you become a yogi or a saint or a godly person still they are there and you have no control. Simply you are on a boat you can go over the waves. That doesn’t mean there are no waves and if anybody is selling you the bill of goods once you do this you will become this. It is a bunch of lies. No truth in it, absolutely no truth in it. You are going to tell me Jesus Christ never went to urinate and Guru Nanak never went to bathroom. Are you kidding? It is there, it is there. Biological and mental equilibrium always creates itself and it is there. It has nothing to do with it. What is love? Come on quick. Grace, infinity, love you pick up from a lecture doesn’t sound right. It is too much it is totally sexual. I understand. You might be horny, I do understand, that is okay. Sometimes everybody gets horny. You have the privilege that is okay. I think we should start finding husband for you. That is okay.

Love is a trust? Trust is a fiber of love. It is not love itself. Without trust there is no love. Love is blind, you know. Trust makes you blind, simple thing. They call it blind trust even.
Absolutely I am a Catholic so we can understand. It is a Catholic version of love. I agree with you. I have been to Sacred Heart you know. It is ok, anyway, it is forever. Good, but good commercial, putting another person before you and then doing what? Putting before you and then what. This is Los Angeles honey, be careful what you say. It is a very serious community.

State of being? That sounds metaphysically correct. Now look, twenty years I have taught you love, I have spoken about it. I have said it many, many times and here I am sitting tonight and asking you to define one thing which I believe in.
When you touch your soul? You can touch it with a fork too.

Love is love. That is the best way to say it, I agree but we need to define it.
Love is an experience of selflessness within oneself. But you never understood it so why should I believe it. It is true. Love is an experience of self within oneself, but what it is. What love is as a physical identity. What love is. Do you have ever understood?
(acceptance?) No, no, no, you accept without love also. If there is a buck we accept quicker.
(compassion?) Compassion is a human angelic nature. Compassion and kindness are not human. That is the angelic part of you. To serve and save a person is a human part. To exploit and play is the animalistic part.You have three parts in you. And they cannot be separate. They play their role. Love. Am I in love tonight. Anybody can tell me what love is. You know there was a, first let us hear her.
(trusting and believing?) Trusting and believing. That is a good religious idea. But that is not love. When I came in United States and I went to Tucson and there was a huge gathering. We used to have a free kitchen feeding all the people and we were very well known in the community and I went there and there was my first meeting, open meeting with people and there was a one young man, he said, “Are you a yogi?” I said, “Internationally recognized, personally experienced and for you to just acknowledge.” He said, “Okay have you found God?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Where?” I said, “In English dictionary.” And I still make joke about it and it is true. That is the only one place you have to find word God. Nowhere else. Everywhere else God won’t exist alone. God is this and God is that. It is all a faculty.


Okay what is love? No anger and no fear. No, no, that is one part. Okay love is a force. Love is a creative force within a human which makes the impossible possible. Infinite as finite. That is what I wanted to tell you. Which nobody will tell you. It is only the focus, magnitude of the magnetic force of the love of a little human being that God appears. The unknown is experienced, the infinity is acknowledged.

Do you understand what I am saying? Now this cannot be accepted religiously. If this is accepted religiously then the commercial part of the religion is over. Bucket won’t have the money, priest won’t have the pay, church won’t have the huge building. Therefore religiously it is not acceptable or tolerable to say love is a magnetic force to create the experience of infinity into finite. It means it brings God to earth. It is not acceptable. So much is the gimmick of the religion and so much is the power of the religion that it won’t let you think that way. Because the whole thing is at stake then every Tom, Dick and Harry will say, “Well I am in love therefore God is with me, why to go to church. Why to pray? Why to do this? Why to do that? So basically because it can be used by the lunatics, the religion stood very strongly against defined love. So when things are defined in a human concept they are not organic. Branded cow is not a free cow. Branded stock belongs to the ranch. Do you understand what I am saying? If human does not understand the beauty of the freedom and expansion and totality how can human grasp infinity and what is the idea to be human then. The idea to be human is to grasp infinity in finite. And there is only one force which can do it and that is love. Love is not how you made sex. That is a sex. How you slept well, that is not. How many nights you, how many times a night you did love. That you ‘make’ love. That is your problem. That is your juice. It has nothing to do with the love we talk about. Love is a creative force in every living human being. Which can manifest, manifest the experience of infinity in the finite five senses. You understand or it is all alien to you?

“Sach kahoo”, this is Guru Gobind Singh in his own words. “Sach kahoo sun laoo sabhe jaan jin prem keo tin he prabh paoo.” He describes all faculties of all worships from top to bottom and this is his last line. “Sach kaoo sun laoo sabhe jaan.” Truth I am speaking that every human being hear it, “sach kahoo sun laoo sabhe jaan.” Hear you all people. If we talk on the sermon language it will be, hear you all people behold and hear me my people. Those who have loved have found God. “Jin prem keo tin hee prabh paoo.” Those who have love they are the only ones who have found God. Others can’t. There is no other way.

Because when you are in love you will have no question. When you are in love you will have no question, you don’t need an answer. When you have no answer, you have no question. One thing will happen, the mother nature will start serving you. That is the law. That is how the prosperity, richness, gifts and “tel mehl tan ko meleh, jeh peh sant ….” Services and palaces are the disposal of those where saints have given their blessing. What is a blessing? Blessing is nothing but a state of bliss in which pain is there but it becomes pleasure. You know? You go and the doctor puts that thing on your nose and after that he opens his eyes he says, “Well he is in bliss, he is gone. He is not here.” And you cut the arm, you cut the leg you stitch it up, you do the whole thing and few hours later when this guys gets up, he says, “Ah, ah, what happened?” You know, same guy who didn’t even move. You understand? Bliss and no bliss is like that. When you are in bliss no temptation can get you. When you are in bliss no temptation gets you. When you are in bliss no temptation will get you. Nothing can hit you hard enough that you have to cow down or bow down. Nothing can break it. Nothing, I mean nothing. You know what I mean when I say nothing? It means God itself can’t do it.

That is why they say “Ram kee bandhee bagat chudaee,…….” A knot given by God can be unknotted by a man of God, but knot given by a man of God cannot be unknotted by God because the authority must…

Let us put it in a simple political science. D gero must exist to cover defecto, defecto must cover degero to exist. It is a law. If you ever read political economy or political science as a subject. Legal identity must cover the force behind it, force must cover legal identity. That is why when you feel when there is a revolt, if people revolt if the military doesn’t revolt, revolt is not there. But if the military revolts, people may never revolt, things get toppled up.

What is the happiness? Do you know what is the happiness? That is a long order. Don’t work on this it will take you lifetimes to reach. I want you to go straight to it. Absolutely not. What is the question? Your answer has made me forget even the question. Do you remember what was the question? What is happiness? Today I am teaching things which I normally do not teach. That’s why you will forgive me. You are little bit graded up without being notice. What is happiness? Every stone is contented, never changes. Service. Gives you a side of happiness, for the exchange of service, true. That is not total happiness. Then you cannot have happiness. You become God. And God doesn’t know happiness and unhappiness at all. I talked to him, all the time. One thing God doesn’t know, God doesn’t know two sides of the polarity. So if you are looking for one side it has another side, then love doesn’t come in that. Yeah. Happiness runs in a circular motion, life is like a little boat upon the sea. We have forgotten everything, I mean we have started with this. I did not like America I would not have stayed here. No way Jose. Forget it. I mean to say I saw here. It is true, we are very rich and extremely empty. We have everything and we are starving. We have walk-in

closet and we are freezing. Kind of people we can’t believe. You said something. What was it you? Sat Bachan come on. Say it. Inside outside problem is there. That is the problem. That is what I said, we are talking now proportionate happiness. Everything is ratio proportionate. Relevant to a situation. Relevant to action. And you said it. “Chakar chain har baran jaat har paat nahen jeh.” What are you talking. She has been reading that shabd for what? Twenty years and you said you don’t know the meaning of happiness? And you are my granthi. And you are my minister. Granthi is the only one which is my minister is only my minister. Everybody else is your congregation. Stand up. Wait, wait, wait, let us nail her down. That is what they did to Jesus. Why not she is no above that. Come on, read that shabd loud and clear. Not that, no music here and no tabla business. Read it loud.

(Student reads first pauri of Jaap Sahib in Gurmukhi and in English:„Chakra Chihan ar barat jat ar bat nahin je…“)

They want to hear it. They don’t understand this language at all, I know. What is the English translation of it. Anybody has a peace lagoon. You are from where. Columbus Ohio, you will have a Peace Lagoon. That is the difference, people in the court of the kings, they always come without underwears. You will have it. None of you have. Do you see this. You must be outside Los Angeles. Am I guessing it right? See. Outposts are faithful. You know distance. I am coming to Los Angeles. I will keep my Peace Lagoon. Siri Singh Sahib asked for it. Here it is. Sorry. It normally happens. That is how religion deteriorate. Because practices become weak. Faith becomes shallow and in shallow port no ship lands. No commerce akes place. Just remember. The strength of man is in depth. Stand up. (Sat Kirn Kaur stands up) So what is happiness. When life is experienced beyond ratio and proportion. Uncomparative, uncomparative is happiness. It has to be. “Atta, aga, asa, aseh, seh, seh, sa, na, seh seh sa na seh seh heh.” Learn language. God you people are just limited like little frogs living a little life and you can’t even see. Just get to imagination. It is not reality. Everything is proportionately in ratio and ratio in proportion. What they call those two words. We compute and comparative and everything is subject to what my values are, what my gains are, what my loss is, what my emotions are, what my feelings are and there is a combination in ratio and proportion. This means this to us, that means that to us. That is the way we learn. A is apple, B is book, C is cat, D is dog. Not A is apple neither you find apple but you learn A. And when you see apple you think of A. That is how you learn. This is a mother, this is a father. All emotions, feelings are defined, proportionate to need and supply and demand. The world is based on supply and demand. Los Angeles cannot go to ocean, cannot go over mountains, the price of the land jump up. Woman is in a teen age, nobody will like to marry. Oh she is not experienced. Woman is in a forty, oh she is too experienced for the job. Nobody wants to marry her either. When she should get married? Nobody knows. Because everything is relevant. I asked somebody, I said, “You are marrying this woman, she is ten years older than you?” He said, “Yeah, I am in love with her.” I said, “Just you are missing one point you should have married your mother not her, but it’s ok. I will give you approval, I don’t mind.” We are nothing but a bunch of psychosomatics.

Religious people are more crazy than others. Because religious people are crazy because they know what is crazy and they still do it so they are a little more crazy. If you don’t know anything you are innocent but if you know something and you do the same you are a little advanced. I was a religious person getting angry, but the one point you should get angry. Religious person has a right to get angry, if it saves life. Mother has the right to yell at child when he is going to take a burning wood and he says, “Ah! John, don’t do it.” I understand that. But everyday she starts yelling, “Ah! John drink milk. Ah! John do this.” John will go crazy. John cannot go even to John.

Today is a very good day. I am going to teach a good class. I am very. I did not move from bed today, morning till now. Couldn’t sleep last night, worked whole night and worked whole day. Did it right on the bed. I thought I will go in the evening to teach a class. It’s a cause “mining the mind and the gold grain”. That is what it is all about. It is a very mysterious class. On this class is based Kabbalah. On this class is based the knowledge of the Vedas, on this class is based the entire spirituality. You understand? Why we love gold? Because it is yellow in color? No. Because it has a gravity, it is heavy and it doesn’t rust. It has that, among the metals it has the infinity. Why it has a yellow color? That orange color of the gold represents the sun power. That’s why. And the difference is that if you take a gold in your hand you will feel it, though the platinum is heavier. If you take two ounces of platinum and two ounces of gold and feel it, you will like gold, not platinum, though platinum is costlier. Because platinum reach the point of all what gold gives but total subtlety. Gold represents reality. Silver represents the beginning. Because silver tarnishes. Just bad wind, silver goes black. Silver is a living sensitivity. That is why we had a fun in class yesterday. I mean you went through pain I understand. Today you will go to hell of it, it is not big deal. You don’t come here to say (kiss, kiss, kiss) I know what kind of enlightenment you need. You need enlightenment, you should invite it to a lunch and you should serve spaghetti and you should roll it so your kundalini should rise when you roll spaghetti and when you put it in the mouth then you should be enlightened. More than that you can’t work, so I know you.

But tonight is mining the gold grain. Where? In your mind. So we have got to work hard and we have got to reach, because mining the gold is very difficult, you know that? Homeopathic has a very simple solution. Aromat X _ pure

gold right into the body. Takes care of it. It was developed by homeopathic people when they found out “there is nothing they can do” so they said, “We have got to do something.” So they turned gold into a total potency of a subtle energy and you understand what aromat 6x can do and what aromat 1M can do? I won’t even discuss it. That is medical opinion but I am just explaining to you man has converted everything into energy and everything in energy into matter. Two things can happen. Matter can be into energy, energy can be into matter. It does not mean anything. My gain is your loss, you lost ten dollars when you entered here, that was mine. Correct? And after I finish my teaching it is my loss it is gone. It is no more mine. You are not willing to accept in principle or the reality that somebody’s gain is somebody’s loss, but in the end neither there is gain nor there is loss. Are you willing to accept that? No. With all your PhD’s with all your spirituality, with all your love and affection, everything, you cannot as a human accept one thing, that there is no loss and no gain. Why? I mean there is no wise man and no idiot. Can you accept it? No. Fact is it is true. This is the only truth. It takes five hundred idiots to prove there is one wise man. That is why there are more idiots than wise man. But actually there is no wise man. It is the five hundred idiots which makes it. Hey wait a minute, did I say something wrong? You don’t believe that. You don’t. Yeah, there is no wise man. Wise man is wise man because there are five hundred idiot men. And wise man cannot be a wise man if there are not five hundred idiot men. It is the five hundred idiot men which have put the whole thing together to make that man wise man. And what is the wisdom? What is the quality of a wise man? Anybody? One who goes to UCLA or USC? Wise man is that who does not speak personal truth. Who does not speak geographical truth. He speaks infinite truth and speaks it again and again and again. A lunatic, a philosopher and a wise man belong to the same category because they have the power of repeat. It is called japa. “Jap, taap, sanjam, taran ni kamaia, seva…..

A truth, if you are hesitant to repeat it, you are no wise. While speaking truth if you are influenced by the other person or by yourself then it is a polluted truth, it is a shaded truth. It is not the truth. There are three truths. One which you know, I don’t know. One which you know, I know. We can’t do anything about it. One which is there, you may not know it, I may not know it, I may know it, you may know it. It is not going to change. Mount Everest is Mount Everest it is a geographical truth. You like it, you hate it, you love it, you don’t love it, Mount Everest remains Mount Everest. But if you know some other mountain which is beautiful, better than your truth it is not mine. I don’t know. But infinite truth is if you ever go on the top of the mountain, Mount Everest you will freeze to death. Doesn’t make any sense. But still people go, spend thousands of dollars, die, do the whole thing, bring avalanche but they just pursue that height. To pursue the height is to pursue the beauty. To pursue the beauty is to pursue it is a love. There are two things. Infinite addiction is love and addiction is habit. But your life runs by addiction. You are all addicted to one thing or another. That is why you repeat the mistakes sometimes. Because it is addiction. Anything in which your senses do not make sense and you do it, is the outcome of addiction. And everyone is addicted. Politician is addicted to politics. A holy man is addicted to religion. A man of God is addicted with God. And a thief is addicted to thievery.

I was seeing a show today that brought professional prostitutes on the scene. This guy whose nose got broken, how the call him? Today his show was on “anonymous prostitutes”. And he asked very insulting question to this lady who was a madame prostitute and she has run the whole thing and she said, “Is it some specable ..” some word he used and the pimp who was there he said, “I have seen you somewhere when I was active.” He got him. And she came to save him and she said, “Well you know. We have also a way to express our self-respect when attacked.” And he said, “Why you ladies do it?” And she said, “When you go about three thousand men a month you don’t even know why you are doing it. It is an addiction. As you drink coffee, as you drink alcohol so you are prostitute. Big deal.” And he was trying to feel terrible about it and I was watching that show and I said, “Hey mister, had they not been prostitute you would not have a show today. It took these three, four, courageous people and that hundred, two hundred people who came to the show to make up the show.” Nobody is good, nobody is bad, thinking makes it so.

And I tell you about spirituality. If a Muslim eats pork, pig, he goes to hell. If a Hindu eats cow or beef he goes to hell. Christian eats both and he thinks he is going to heaven. So I don’t know. Do you understand what is heaven and hell? It is decided who eats who. It is a very funny world. Actually to be very honest with you people have no experience of knowledge, they can only talk about it. Therefore they cannot repeat the truth. Once you have experience, then you are with it, then there is nothing anybody can change you. Then they can shred you. But you will still say the same thing. When Monsieur was put on a cross, his only crime was he said, “I am God, I am the God.” And they said, “You can’t be God.” He said, “I am the God.” They said, “Kill him.” Till his last breath all he said, “I am the God.” Nobody believed then, nobody believes now, but he did believe because all the torture and the pain in the world could not make him say, “I am not God.” And that torture and pain what he went through, only God can stand. Man can’t.


Meditation: Golden Grain

Master your soul, conquer disease, balance the chakras, kidneys, adrenals, pituitary, golden meridian (sugar point).LA589-01

1.  Sit with the back straight and arms up in front at 60°.  Stretch shoulders up, pulling up from ribs.  Thumbs touch sun fingers at the tips.  Close eyes and concentrate at the third eye point.   Look at the screen of the third eye.   Listen and sing Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful.
13 min.

Inhale, stretch up, stretch shoulders, spine,  angle forward from lower spine, squeeze body, hold, exhale 3x.

    Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful

I am bountiful, blissful and beautiful
Bountiful, blissful and beautiful I am
Ek Ong Kar
Sat Gur Prasaad
anand bhaiaa mayree maa-ay
Satigur may paia
Satigur ta paia sahayjay seti
Man vajia vadhaia
Rag rataan parvaar paria
Shabad gaavan aia
Shabado ta gavoh Hari kera
Man jini vasai
Kahai Nanak anand hoa
Satigur mai paia

Rest 2 min., moving shoulders and arms in all directions.




Repeat 1, above, 6 min.




2.  Put the hands in front of the face, vertically.  look at the hands, and begin moving the hands facing forward and backward, rapidly, from

the elbow.  Watch the hands as they move.  2 1/2 min.
Inhale, hold, stretch, exhale, relax.



3.  Repeat 1. above, 3 min., then again 4 min.



Inhale deeply, lock the back molars, stretch like steel.  Exhale.  Inhale, hold it tight, pull out, stretch, exhale.  Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale deep, hold out.  Pull the navel in and push yourself up.  Stretch (10 sec).  Let go.

LA589-890412-GoldenGrain  (See the complete class transcript, courtesy of Sandro)

Kriya: Awakening Yourself to Your Ten Bodies


The Ten Bodies are: Soul Body Negative Mind Positive Mind Neutral Mind Physical Body Arc Line Auric Body Pranic Body Subtle Body Radiant Body

  1. Stretch Pose – Lie on your back with your arms at your sides.
    Raise the head and the legs six inches, and the hands six inches
    with the palms facing each other slightly over the hips to build
    energy across the navel point. Point the toes, keep your eyes
    focused on the tips of the toes and do Breath of Fire. 1-3 minutes.
  1. Bring the knees to the chest, with the arms wrapped around the
    Tuck the nose between the knees, and begin Breath of Fire.
    1-3 minutes.
  2. Sit in Celibate Pose or Easy Pose. Raise the arms to a 60 degree
    angle, with the fingers tucked into the mounds of the hands.
    Keep the thumbs pointing up. Eyes closed, concentrate at the
    third eye point and do Breath of Fire. 1-3 minutes.
  1. Sit with the legs stretched wide apart. Arms overhead, inhale,
    then exhale, stretch down and grab the toes of the left foot. Inhale
    and come up, and then exhale and stretch down over the right
    leg and grab the toes. Continue 1—3 minutes.
  2. Continue to sit with the legs stretched wide apart. Hold onto the
    toes, inhale and stretch down bringing the forehead to the floor,
    then exhale and come sitting up. 1-3 minutes.
  3. Camel Ride – Sit in Easy Pose. Grab the shins in front with both
    Inhale. Flex the spine forward and rock forward on but­
    tocks. Then exhale, flex the spine backwards and roll back on but­
    tocks. Keep the head level and arms fairly straight and relaxed.
    1-3 minutes.
  4. Sit on the heels. Place the hands flat on the thighs. Flex the spine
    forward on the inhale, backward on the exhale. Focus at the third
    eye point. 1-3 minutes.


  1. Still on the heels, grasp the shoulders with the fingers in front, thumbs in back. Inhale and twist to the left, exhale and twist to the right. Keep the arms parallel to the floor. 1-3 minutes.
  2. Grasp the shoulders as in the previous exercise. Inhale and raise the elbows up so that the backs of the wrists touch behind the neck.Exhale and lower the elbows to the original position. 1-3 minutes.Interlace the fingers in Venus lock. Inhale and stretch the arms up over the head, then exhale and bring the hands back to the lap.  1-3 minutes.
  1. Sit in Easy Pose with the hands resting on the knees. Inhale and shrug the left shoulder up, then exhale and raise the right shoulder up as you lower the left shoulder. Continue for 1 minute. Then, reverse the breath so that you inhale as you shrug the right shoulder up, exhale as you shrug the left shoulder and lower the right shoulder. Continue for 1 minute.  Inhale and shrug both shoulders up, exhale down. 1 minute
  1. Remain sitting in Easy Pose hands on the knees. Inhale, and twist your head to the left, and exhale and twist it to the right, like shaking your head “no”. Continue for 1 minute. Then reverse your breath, so that you inhale and twist to the right, and exhale and twist to the left. Continue for 1 minute. Inhale deeply, concentrate at the third eye, and slowly exhale.
  1. Frog Pose – Squat down so the buttocks are on the heels. The heels are off the ground and touching each other. Put the finger tips on the ground between the knees. Keep the head up. Inhale, straighten legs up, keeping the fingers on the ground. Exhale and come down. The inhale and exhale should be strong. Continue this cycle 54 times.
  2. Deeply relax on the back.

Laya Yoga Meditation

Sit in Easy Pose with the hands on the knees in gyan mudra (thumb and index finger together.) Chant “Ek Ong Kar-a, Sat(a) Nam-a, Siri Wha-a Hay Guru.” For each underlined word in the mantra, pull up on mul bhand (simultaneously pull up on the rectum and sex organs and pull in on the navel.) This is a 3-1/2 cycle meditation. With the breath, visualize the sound going from the base of the spine to the top of the head in 3 1/2 circles. 11-31 minute

— from Owner’s Manual for the Body compiled by Harijot Kaur Khalsa



The Ten Light Bodies



“You have soul mates: your intellect, consciousness, subconscious, unconscious, you have your ten bodies.” – Yogi Bhajan

1. The soul body
The soul body is the primary identification of the self. It is recognized as the spirit within the life that we experience in this incarnation. The soul body transcends and survives our incarnation. Relating with the soul body is relating with the self at the most fundamental existential level. Knowing the soul is knowing that you are you.  The tendencies in one’s relation with the soul will determine how comfortable and at ease one is in “one’s own skin”.
If one has a separation or gap in awareness of the soul body it can cause insecurity or existential anxiety.  Someone who relates intimately with the soul can experience deep security.

2. The negative mind
The negative mind is one of the three mind bodies of our existence. It is the mind that gives attention to and keeps track of details through concepts and the accounting of their component details.  It is an instrument of survival and helps us to plan a course of action.  A main tendency of the negative mind is that its processes are linear and operate only on what is instinctual or has been predefined.
An overactive negative mind can produce a controlling and dominating tendency in behavior towards others. It can stifle creativity and create confusion and fear. A weak relationship with the negative mind can produce a “space case” with absentmindedness and an aversion to responsibility and accountability.

3. The positive mind
The positive mind is the mind that expands our vision to recognize what may be possible.  It helps us to overcomes obstacles in the face of adversity.  It tells us “we can do this”. The positive mind is not dissuaded by details that are operating contrary to our intentions.
A strong positive mind allows our creativity to know no bounds. With it we can expand our ideas beyond constraints that would thwart the negative mind.
A strong positive mind without a complimentary negative mind would allow us to run amok in our dreaming.  We can become a space case, as with a weak negative mind, and become divorced from reality.  We can lose our way in the face of adversity and become confused.  Our resolve can easily crumble.  Our projects may tend never to be finished.

4. The neutral mind.
The neutral mind gives us balance.  It is the arbitrator of the positive and negative.  It gives us the capacity to see beyond opposing tendencies and provides clarity to complex situations.  It is the source of creative solutions. It helps us not to identify with polarity and prejudice our perception.
As healers we look to the neutral mind not to take a position in the healing relation.

5. The physical body
The physical body is the body that we know in the material world.  When sufficient prana is present then the five elements are held together and give life to the physical body.  When prana wanes beyond a certain point, the elements cannot be held together and the physical body expires.  Healing in the physical body is facilitated by including and balancing elements.

6. The arc line

The arc line is the body that  protects the physical.  A strong arc line rejects all negative projections toward the physical. It rejects all mental projections from the point of origin. It rejects attacks by bacteria, viruses etc. The arc line has a connection also with the pranic body.
In its projective aspect the arc line projects one’s intentions. A strong arc line will give one the power of prayer.  In conjunction with the radiant body, the arc line strengthens the healer’s ability to heal.

When the arc line collapses, it gives a person a feeling of vulnerability,  helplessness and inadequacy.  When it is strong, one feels as if (s)he can do and accomplish anything.

7. The aura

The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds a person making one invulnerable to attacks from the outside.  It protects from negative projections, as the arc line, but also keeps one safe from all danger.  When a person’s awareness grows beyond the physical body, and (s)he can “feel the room”, and everything in it then the aura is expanded and strong. Martial arts practice gives a person awareness of the surroundings and expands the aura.

8. The pranic body

The pranic body is the process of a person’s “life energy”. A strong pranic body brings health and inner strength to the physical body.  The pranic body supports the arc line and the aura. A strong pranic body aids the healer with healing others. A weak pranic body diminishes vitality and makes one prone to illness.

Most martial arts train the practitioner to draw prana from the earth and maximize the flow in the pranic body.  This assists with directing and manifesting one’s intentions in relation with interactions with others and the environment.

9. The subtle body

The subtle body is the part of a person’s being that transcends space and time. Through the subtle body one can be aware of and know things not immediately  present in the physical and in time. The subtle body survives the incarnation and is present in the “ethers” as a “record” of ones existence. One can have awareness of another person by relating with and through the subtle body.

10. The radiant body

The radiant body is the quality of the electromagnetic field of a person that makes an impact externally and internally.  One’s intentions interact with the radiant body in a more subtle way than with the arc line. The radiance of the radiant body relates with more than a single intention as it permeates one’s entire presence and produces an impact. That impact is felt externally by others and internally with the self.

A strong radiant body has the power to heal others through one’s presence. A strong radiant body gives one confidence and a strong feeling of self and being whole. A weak radiant body makes one unsure and unconfident. In an extreme case, it can produce self destructive behaviors, such as unhealthy addictions and allow compulsions to rule the self.


Lecture and Meditation: Patience Pays – LA-19831020

Do you know actually it’s Guru Ram Das’ birthday today and do you know on Ram Das Guru’s birthday anybody who wishes anything, doesn’t matter how neurotic and insane and sinful he is, is granted, are you aware of this tradition? I just want to let you know. Patience pays. When we use the word patience, to us patience is to tolerate, suffer the pain, those kind of things, is that true? That’s what you normally feel, patience pays, but that’s not what patience is. Patience is a projected mythology of advancement. If you are not in patience, you do not practice patience, you cannot methodically advance in life.

    Patience Pays

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Meditation: LA721-920325: for the Intuitive Intellect

  • –  Sit in easy pose, elbows down, forearms up at angle to front.
  • –  Palms a little toward face, fingers spread.
  • –  Look at the tip of your nose.
  • –  Sing with CD and touch thumbs tofingertips in rhythm with words –
    On Humee touch Mercury/little finger.
    On Hum touch Saturn/middle finger.
    On Brahm touch Jupiter/index finger.
    On Hum touch Mercury/little finger again.
  • –  Gently bounce knees up and down with each word.

End Inhale, hold, and exhale. (You can shake hands after.)

    Humee Hum Brum Hum

See lecture in the Library of Teachings

Meditation: KWTC-870710-No One Complains About the Lord

“AB JAN UPAR KO NA PUKAARE Now, no one complains about the Lord’s servant. Whoever tries to complain is destroyed by the Guru, the Transcendent Lord God. Whoever is hateful against the One who has no hate, shall lose in the Court of the Lord. From the very beginning of time, and throughout the ages, it is the Glorious Greatness of God, that He preserves the honor of His humble servants. One becomes fearless, and all fears are taken away, leaning on the Support of the Lord’s Lotus Feel. Chanting the Name, through the Guru’s Word, Nanak has become famous all over the world. ” 


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Meditation: KWTC-930407 Childhood Patterns – Aura

“Kundalini Yoga is… a practice of experience of a person s own excellence which is dormant and which is awakened.”‘-Yogi Bhajan 7/26/96

1. Sit in Easy Pose. Place left hand in front of you at chest level. Keep the fingers straight with the palm facing right. Press the fingertips of the right hand into the mounds at the base of the fingers of the left hand. Palms face each other. Right fingers are bent. Thumbs rest alongside each other. Eyes are closed. Begin to breathe long and deeply through the mouth with a ‘throaty breath.’ Hear the sound of it. Regulate it from the throat. Feel the breath and the energy it creates. Continue for 3-5 minutes. Then inhale deeply and suspend the breath for up to a minute. As you hold it, go through your psyche deeply. Gather all thoughts, feelings, memories you want to release. Exhale through the mouth like a cannon. Expel the impressions. Release the feelings.

To End: Inhale and exhale a few times then suspend the breath again. Repeat this two more times.

2. Still in Easy Pose, bring the hands in front of the shoulders with the palms facing forward. With the left hand, connect the little finger to the tip of the thumb. With the right hand connect the ring finger to the tip of the thumb. Close the eyes and begin Breath of Fire through your mouth. Steady breath. 3 minutes.

To End: Inhale deeply and concentrate through the top of the head for up to 30 seconds. Repeat three times.

3. Cross your hands on the Heart Center, right over left. Eyes: Focused at the tip of the nose through closed eyes. Breathe normally in your own rhythm. 7-11 minutes. Meditate on a feeling and quality in your heart. Feel your innocence. Connect to your sense of totality and vastness. Extend your sense of peace. Any thought or people that come to your mind, grant your blessing. Bless your self, any thought in awareness. Enter a state of gratitude, light and blessing. Survey each year from birth to 11 years old. Bring in the sense of light, kindness and blessing to each memory. See what happens as this entire period is cleared and released by touching it with your light and openness.

Yogi Bhajan • April 7, 1993

See lecture at Library of Teachings


America has lost her marbles and she needs them back



If thirty percent of the mind is experiencing the chaos of insanity, then is the person crazy?  Maybe, but also maybe some therapy could salvage the whole.  That is a rationale for adopting and embracing Humanology, which is not really a thing, but is rather the body of teachings that can be absorbed through the experience of a technology that we can embrace in order to begin to know, and ultimately, reclaim the self.  Experience comes from the commitment to a personal daily routine, sadhana, or therapy.  We do the meditation, and we get better.  The technology was referred to us by my teacher, Yogi Bhajan.  It is not a thing!  Do not believe it, do it!
A teacher leaves the teachings, then leaves.  No Cult.  No personality.  “If you see the Buddha, kill hm” (Lingi).
About thirty percent of the people are currently ascribing to the reality gap, created by those who are compelled to seek power over others by any means.  This has led to self destructive tendencies for the Republic.  Lady Liberty is losing her identity.  Thirty percent insanity.
A democratic republic is a family with an identity.  Ours is still strong, but it is also the weakest it has ever been in our lifetimes.  There have always been threats from the outside to the stability of the Republic.  However, not since the Civil War have they also come from the inside.  In the midst of an identity crisis, external pressures cannot reliably be repelled.  We need to get better.  That is up to all of us.

Yesterday, my wife and I witnessed a profound event as we were driving north on Hyperion Ave in Silverlake.  We were coming over the crest of a hill where we were able to see dozens of police cars and fire trucks converged at an intersection in front of us.  Crowds of people were in the street.  It was about 4pm, shortly after the police had followed a fugitive shooter to the Trader Joe store about 1 1/2 blocks away from us.  Three helicopters were hovering above the scene.
What was striking was the urgency of more and more police and fire units hurrying to the scene with sirens blazing.  Even after we turned around and retreated, we saw more on the way for a couple of miles.
That is the kind of response we have come to expect from a threat to our safety and the stability of the community. It is like an organic immune response to the threat.
We are also now witnessing a lack of response at the highest levels of our community to similar but larger threats.  The national leadership has bought into and joined the thirty percent insanity.
That dire situation is something that should be at the forefront of our collective attention.
What do we do?  It starts with the self.  We command the self to become aware and come together in the larger identity.  Then we engage the self.




Lecture: NM0399-20010512 – The Power of Shushmana

The Power of Shushmana

Yogi  Bhajan,  Ph.D.    May  12th,  2001    Espanola,  NM,  USA

The  ida,  pingala  and  shushmana  are  our  essence.  3000  years  ago  the  energy  channels  of the  ida,  pingala  and shushmana were  known  as  the  human body’s  support  system.  We  understand  the  ida and  pingala through  their relationship with  the  left  and  right  nostrils,  but the  shushmana is  not understood.  The  shushmana  is  considered to  be  the  central  nerve  inside  and  outside  the  spine.

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Meditation: Stimulate The Third Eye

Meditation To Stimulate The Third Eye:
Close the eyes.
The elbows are bent. The forearms are parallel with the floor. Both palms face down to the ground.
The hands are out in front of the chest. The right palm sits on top of the left hand.
Recite out loud, 3 times per breath (then inhale, recite 3 times per breath, continue):
“Aad Sach Jugaad Sach Haibhee Sach Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach”
Time: 11 minutes
To conclude: Inhale deeply, hold the breath, squeeze the spine, squeeze every muscle, exhale — 3x

Meditation: LA635-900323 – Dukanasanee Kriya – for the Adrenal Glands

LA635 890323 Dukanasanee kriya. Work to Adrenal Gland for extra energy in your life.
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Meditation: NM249 971230 theorem of the Kundalini Yoga; control your micro & macro consciousness

What is Sat Nam Rasayan? It is the meditative personality which affects thirty trillion cells in the body and still a person lives, because he controls the tattvas, anyone who learns that meditation and becomes, becomes great automatically and what a fun is that? You just feel and heal.






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Healing the perception



We find reality through our perception.  When every component of our perceptive field is integrated into a whole we see that as reality.  If we do not add any bias to any component of perception, then we can trust that it is real.

Prejudices and other biases alter perception, forming a point of view.  An integrated point of view may appear real, though it skews reality toward that viewpoint. Then, we have a window, but not the whole picture.

As healers, when we relate with the patient and merge with in an integrated perceptive field  two things happen:
1.  We know the reality of the patient as we know our own
2.  We can manifest our intention in the relation.

That is the realm of the projective meditative mind.  If we can completely lose all points of view, then anything and everything can be healed.

A similar principle can be applied simply to healing others.  Every viewpoint that the patient holds results in some condition or position in the patient.  Not all points of view are equal.  Some result in positive relations, others, negative;  some loving, others adversarial.

If we agree that physical, emotional and spiritual conditions are held in consciousness, then we can say that these conditions can change or be released with a shift in the consciousness.  Simply, a change in a person’s  perception or viewpoint can precipitate healing in that person.  There can be a very strong resonance between the perception and a condition.

Sometimes it is simpler to address the perception than the condition.  A perception can flip in a moment.