Meditation: LA935-980608- Connect the subconscious and intuition

So tonight we are going to do a simple meditation to see if we can connect subconscious and intuition, okay?  Later on you like it, pay me some reward otherwise shout and leave, that’s my intention. I want to do the thing in two days that’s why I’ve stayed. LA is too wet for me.

All right, now please sit down and take this like this and put this, now chest line which is a arc line in ladies especially, men don’t have that so you have to just sit very straight and your fingers very straight and this touch very straight precisely. Now, suppose that hand, look at this that it should not go this way, no, just straight. Everything perpendicular, that’s the tragedy in Kundalini yoga, posture is a most important thing. They are easy posture, they are not difficult posture but simply it’s a simple thing to do.

Now you are set, now close your eyes nine parts and remain open
one part (focused on the tip of the nose). Now it’s a difficult exercise and don’t goof about it. You have to breathe like this. It’s called trinity breath, breathe in two stroke (through “o” of the mouth). Two stroke and third stroke through the nose (exhale).
Use your diaphragm and breathe with two stroke really good, open up the clogged center.
Help with the breath, if you can help your pituitary.
Don’t stop you have to work on yourself.
Come on, two-stroke breath in one stroke through the nose out. You will feel the changes, feel it.
I am learning to find the balance to distinguish between moods and passion, healthy and unhealthy, self-destructive situation, wow!
Some of you are cheating. Catch up.
Breathe, breathe, it’s a difficult time I understand, two-stroke breath in, one stroke out.
Pituitary, which is at the end of the nose has to adjust, give him a chance.
Come on, come on, do it.
Catch up your strength, regulate yourself please.
Don’t you want to see what you get out of this?
Breathe in two-stroke and exhale through the nose, that’s all.

Inhale deep, put your heart in the center here and put all the pressure you have in your body and fight it to hold it in the center. It should be to that extent that your hand should shake, come on.
Let it go. Inhale deep again, please bring your hands at the heart center like this. You should put all the pressure there, just extend your shoulders and put the pressure that every fiber in your body must get the energy. This is the time to serve yourself. Let it go.

Inhale again and take your both hands up over your head and stretch your spine, tight, pull it tight, tight, tight, tight, relax.

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