Meditation: NM0337-Bujung Kriya – For Wisdom and Understanding

BUJUNG KRIYA – For Wisdom and Understanding
Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Form a cup with the left hand at the navel. The right hand is held in Gyan Mudra to the side at neck height with the elbow

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Meditation: LA719 930303 – Magnetic Field – Sacred Space

LA719 930303
Magnetic Field – Sacred Space
We can define kundalini Yoga as a particular science to produce an effect of
the Sacred Space, which unites the individual with the Sacred. Today we will try this effect through use of Read the rest

Meditation: KWTC7-19910705 – Self Hypnotic Trance – Self Bliss

All right, close your eyes and just imagine, now it’s a imagery because you are imagery. There is no reality other than that your imagery and just imagine, imagine you are the creation of one Creator. Just imagine in this … Read the rest

Meditation: LA653-900612 – Self Hypnotic Trance

Please sit in any meditative easy pose or any hard pose you want to choose, enjoy yourself, but please do one thing, yesterday, you are some of you were leaving, moving like little leaves. Energy will be released which is

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Meditation: NM360-20000913 – Making a Mold – White Hole Mudra

The Nam is the personified personality and the applied personality merged together. Meditate on the Nam, on your own identity. There is nothing more precious than that. If you fall separate from your identity, you will become so low, Read the rest

Yogi’s De-Stress And Sleep Routine. 

Yogi’s De-Stress And Sleep Routine. 

Most of us never truly relax, even when we sleep. This bedtime routine will enable you to deeply relax and enter deep sleep at your will. 

Lecture: The meaning of love

Lecture: The meaning of love

There is a very popular saying. If you make all good things you will go to heaven, if not you will go to hell but anyway you will go somewhere. So don’t be very serious

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Meditation: LA057 780928 Change your frequency

Relax the arms down with the elbows bent. Raise the forearms up and in toward each other until the hands meet in front of the chest at the level of the Solar plexus. Press the entire length of the fingers

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Meditation: LA869 960410 – Expand the Arcline

Sit straight in Easy Pose.

For both hands, lock the little and ring finger tips under the thumb, and extend the index fingers and middle fingers straight.
The tips of the index fingers are at the sides, earlobe level. Forearms

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Meditation: LA935-980608- Connect the subconscious and intuition


So tonight we are going to do a simple meditation to see if we can connect subconscious and intuition, okay?  Later on you like it, pay me some reward otherwise shout and leave, that’s my intention. I want to

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Meditation: M136-970930 – Work on Shashara, Balance Earth and Heavens

September 30, 1997  New York City

Today, we will work on your shashra, the seventh chakra and we will change your interlock of the third and the first chakra, to make out of you, whether you like it or not, … Read the rest

Meditation: Perugia 2017 Meditations

Courtesy of Sandro Cifra

771130 Lower Back Is Where The Breathing Control Is

KWTC 870710 AB JAN UPAR KO NA PUKAAR no one complains about the Lord

KWTC 980710 life is lift to infinity

LA007 780117 Bewitchment in experience of Read the rest

Meditation: Perugia 2014 Meditations courtesy of Sandro

40 Day Sadhana  NM065-920709 Move Your Own Psyche Creating Your Inner Balance
NM184-951013  Jupiter Meditation  You have to become intuitive

Dec 3  2 750929 kriya for strong nerves.Read the rest

Meditation: LA093-790319 – Pranic Energy – the Earth Element Balanced by Ether

LA093-790319-01a LA093-790319-MeditationOnPranicEnergy

View in the Yogi Bhajan Library for Teachings

View the entire lecture in the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

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