Tao Te Ching – Verse 49 – The Master has no mind of her own. She works with the mind of the people.

The Master has no mind of her own.
She works with the mind of the people.
She is good to people who are good.
She is also good to people who aren’t good.
This is true goodness.
She trusts people who are trustworthy.
She also trusts people who aren’t trustworthy.
This is true trust.
The Master’s mind is like space.
People don’t understand her.
They look to her and wait.
She treats them like her own children.

(translation by Stephen Mitchell, 1995)

The sages have no constant mind
They take the mind of the people as their mind
Those who are good, I am good to them
Those who are not good, I am also good to them
Thus the virtue of goodness
Those who believe, I believe them
Those who do not believe, I also believe them
Thus the virtue of belief

The sages live in the world
They cautiously merge their mind for the world
The people all pay attention with their ears and eyes
The sages care for them as children

(translation by Derek Lin, 2006)

Loving others, others love too.
Seeing only goodness, there is only goodness.
Seeing only truth, allows the Sage’s eye to make truth everywhere.
Proclaiming Life to be Bliss, the Sage dissolves fear.
Grounded in Nothingness,
The Sage delights the hearts there.
Where I am, from afar: nowhere; from close: Bliss.
So has the effect of Zero in the world been explained.
I am an old man, but in that remind all who see me
Of the happy innocence once felt in youth.

(translation by Jeremy M. Miller, 2013)

from I Ching Online


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