Today: A significant week(end) for America – from the I Ching

This is a significant week(end) for Americans and people living in America.  It is a time to assess who we are and what we are about.  It’s about our collective identity.  It’s time to look around and see who else is here and what amplifies US.  We are under attack from without and from within.
Our Republic was founded and is based on the Rule of Law.  The Law is not the Truth, but it is the written contract that defines the parameters by which we agree to live with each other.

The primal law is the Constitution.

From time to time the Law is contorted and stretched, and cheaters will cheat.  But, since the Civil War, its rule has not been breached.

Chaotic forces are now mounting a siege against our nation’s long tradition of unity.  Its reverence for and commitment to Truth is bleeding into the darkness.  The value of Truth itself is being questioned.
The remedy to all this is not to rebel against the dark forces in a disorganized and reactive way.  That would only contribute to the chaos and amplify its effects.
The tools of democracy must be employed in their various forms that offer stability to our way of life.  Dissent must find a common voice through peaceful verbal and physical expression, which includes civil disobedience.
The key has always been, and will always be, unity.

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's translation of the I Ching

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