Today: – ”Adapt, bend, persevere.  Do not lunge headlong into opposition.  Go around.” – a reading from the I Ching

Adapt, bend, persevere.  Do not lunge headlong into opposition.  Go around. That assure success in current matters.

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Beneath the Soil, the Seedling pushes upward toward the light:
To preserve his integrity, the Superior Person contents himself with small gains that eventually lead to great accomplishment.
Supreme Success.  Have no doubts.
Seek guidance from someone you respect.
A constant move toward greater clarity will bring reward. You are progressing, rising inch-by-inch toward certain success.
What makes this assured is your refusal to tilt headlong toward your goal, slamming into obstacles and going mad with frustration.  You have a clear map before you of the steps necessary to reach your objective.  With faithful patience and a careful conservation of personal energy and resources, you will run this long, slow distance.

Meditation: LA907 – Kriya for Non-Reaction

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