Today: “Dissolve the ego.  Recognize the divinity of the self.  ” – from the I Ching

Dissolve the ego.  Recognize the divinity of the self.  The you will realize your intentions.

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's and subsequent translations of the I Ching

#49, line 3. #53

Walls meant to protect have instead separated and isolated.
Your defenses have kept you apart from those whom you most need to touch.
Whatever the reason for discord between you, it is time to lay down your arms.  Dispel the inflexible demands and fears of the Mind so that you may reunite in the Heart.
If you have begrudged, forgive.  If you have torn down, repair.  If you have injured, heal.  If you have judged, pardon.  If you have grasped, let go.
His ego dissolves and the void is filled with his Self.
No more fear and frustration.
Adaptability mixed with integrity will bring a calm, steady progress.
Move from your center, always faithful to your principles, yet with the flexibility to weather any tempest.
Yours is not a meteoric rise to the top, but the solid, confident footing of one who has a clear vision of what can be, and who is willing to climb the distance to reach it.  The oracle foresees companionship along the way — a Divine comfort on any journey.


Tao Te Ching – Verse 3

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