Today: “Oppressors are making things difficult.  Be cautious in your endeavors” – from the I Ching

Oppressors are making things difficult.  Be cautious in your endeavors, particularly with your communications.  The messages are being twisted and confused.  Chaos rules.  Beware of a potential hostile strike that will come from this chaos.

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#3, line 5, #23

New ventures always pack along their inherent chaos.
Though this is an annoyance at best, and can even imperil or downright doom an endeavor, it is also the friction needed to polish your project to jewel brilliance.  Learn from these early obstacles.
An individual is in a position in which he cannot so express his good intentions that they will actually take shape and be understood. Other people interpose and distort everything he does. He should then be cautious and proceed step by step. He must not try to force the consummation of a great undertaking, because success is possible only when general confidence already prevails. It is only through faithful and conscientious work, unobtrusively carried on, that the situation gradually clears up and the hindrance disappears.
The weight of the Mountain presses down upon a weak foundation of Earth:
The Superior Person will use this time of oppression to attend to the needs of those less fortunate.
But in this situation, oppressors are violently seizing power.
Pay special heed when you receive this hexagram, because the oracle is often warning you of a situation of which you are totally unaware.
You are about to be blindsided.


Tao Te Ching – Verse 15

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