Today: “Rely on your modesty. You will radiate.” – from the I Ching

Rely on your modesty.  Perfecting this, you will radiate and have a profound impact on others. Then whatever you do will be successful.

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#15, Line 2, #46

The Cosmos is moving toward equilibrium.
Extremes are being tempered, excess is beginning to shift toward the empty.
You can use these moderating influences to strike a balance in the world around you.
Remember, though, that this Leveling will not come about through an arrogant confiscation of excess, but through subtler persuasions.
Modesty and moderation are the keys.
Modesty that radiates.
This course brings good fortune.
To preserve his integrity, the Superior Person contents himself with small gains that eventually lead to great accomplishment.
Supreme Success.  Have no doubts.
You are progressing, rising inch-by-inch toward certain success.
What makes this assured is your refusal to tilt headlong toward your goal, slamming into obstacles and going mad with frustration.
You have a clear map before you of the steps necessary to reach your objective.
With faithful patience and a careful conservation of personal energy and resources, you will run this long, slow distance.


Tao Te Ching – Verse 72

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