Today: “Under duress from opposition, you must do what you know you must do” – I Ching

Under duress from opposition, you must do what you know you must do.  Look inside the depths of your self to the infinite wisdom that informs your choices.  Not from stubbornness or even steadfastness, but rather from the simultaneous vision of all choices in the space of intuition.

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When meeting an impasse, the Superior Person turns his gaze within, and views the obstacle from a new perspective.  Offer your opponent nothing to resist.  Let a sage guide you in this.  Good fortune lies along this course.
The Obstacle lies in obstinance.  An insistence on only one way of proceeding has brought things to an impasse. You may either continue banging your head with irresistible force against this immovable object, or you might step back and survey this situation from a fresh perspective.
Ordinarily it is best to go around an obstacle and try to overcome it along the line of least resistance. But there is one instance in which a man must go out to meet the trouble, even though difficulty piles upon difficulty: this is when the path of duty leads directly to it – in other words, when he cannot act of his own volition but is duty bound to go and seek out danger in the service of a higher cause. Then he may do it without compunction, because it is not through any fault of his that he is putting himself in this difficult situation.
There is a Source common to us all.
Jung named it the Collective Unconscious.
Others hail it as God within.
Inside each of us are dreamlike symbols and archetypes, emotions and instincts that we share with every other human being.  When we feel a lonely separateness from others, it is not because this Well within has dried up, but because we have lost the means to reach its waters.  You need to reclaim the tools necessary to penetrate to the depths of your fellows.  Then the bonds you build will be as timeless and inexhaustible as the Well that nourishes them.


Tao Te Ching – Verse 55

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