Today: “While waiting for relief, look to the precedents for the situation” – I Ching

While waiting for relief, look to the precedents for the situation.  Seek wisdom from what came before.  Don’t worry bout the crazy strength of the opposition.  Just be the good example that will influence them.  If their underlying nature changes, their strength can become an agent for good.  Wait with grace.

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Heaven’s motherlode waits within the Mountain:
The Superior Person mines deep into history’s wealth of wisdom and deeds, charging his character with timeless strength.
Drawing sustenance from these sources creates good fortune.
Then you may cross to the far shore.
There are important precedents in this situation.  Others have trodden this Path before you, overcoming the same obstacles facing you now, and making crucial decisions at the same crossroads.  Study their journals, watch for their trail markings.  Gain inspiration and wisdom from the heroes and learn from the mistakes of those who chose a sidepath.  All were Seekers, explorers whose daring mapped a course you can follow.  The words and deeds of the finest can imbue you with the courage necessary to face what lies before you.
Here the restraining of the impetuous forward drive is achieved in an indirect way. A boar’s tusk is in itself dangerous, but if the boar’s nature is altered, the tusk is no longer a menace. Thus also where men are concerned, wild force should not be combated directly; instead, its roots should be eradicated.
No matter what you do, the fruit of your labors never seems to ripen.
Your reward remains just out of reach.
Men have gone mad from such anticipation.
Don’t lose your balance lunging for the brass ring.
While the Fates continue to restrain you, go them one better and display a self-generated restraint and grace.
Look for the humor in the situation.


Tao Te Ching – Verse 58

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