Today: “Your soul will connect with other people of integrity.  People will gather together in a new way.” – From the I Ching

Regardless of what others are doing, you can rely on yourself.  Their division is not your division.  Your soul will connect with other people of integrity.  Separation will be resolved.  People will gather together in a new way.  Allow this to happen organically.  Don’t push it.

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's and subsequent translations of the I Ching

#45, line 3, #62

This is an important Convergence, and you must be part of it.
Look for the Center of this convergence.  Like waters running to the sea, like an astronomical convergence of planets revolving around the sun, you should let the gravity of this Center draw you near.  Others are also drawn to this Center, and among them you will find shared bonds and kindred spirits.
This tribal convergence will give you a clarity of purpose. You will no longer be alone.
Often a man feels an urge to unite with others, but the individuals around him have already formed themselves into a group, so that he remains isolated. The whole situation proves untenable. Then he ought to choose the way of progress, resolutely allying himself with a man who stands nearer to the centre of the group, and can help him to gain admission to the closed circle. This is not a mistake, even though at first his position as an outsider is somewhat humiliating.
The Superior Person is unsurpassed in his ability to remain small.  In a time for humility, he is supremely modest.  In a time of mourning, he uplifts with somber reverence.  In a time of want, he is resourcefully frugal.
When a bird flies too high, its song is lost.  Rather than push upward now, it is best to remain below.  This will bring surprising good fortune, if you keep to your course.
There is no profit to striving here.  To be content with oneself is the greatest success imaginable.  The enlightened person has nothing to prove to himself or others, and thus may always operate from a position of sincerity, with no pretense or posturing.  His humility is guileless simplicity.
His mourning is selfless compassion.  His frugality is an unshakeable faith that he is but a conduit, letting what is needed flow through him to others, with no loss to himself.


Tao Te Ching – Verse 30

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