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I have only encountered a few dietary supplements that I would care to share with people.  I don’t push them on my clients.  I have only represented one of them as a distributor, mainly for the purpose of enjoying a distributor discount on the product from the manufacturer.  Once you read this article, if you are inspired, you may visit my web presence for Juice Plus, and even order some, if you wish.

I have been using the Juice Plus fruit and vegetable supplement since 1998.  I was first introduced to it by Dr. Soram Khalsa when he gave a lecture at his office on oxidative stress.  His presentation referenced a vast body of knowledge that links oxidative stress to a large number of degenerative diseases, including cancer.  Oxidative stress is the phenomenon of the body’s producing chemicals,  known as free radicals, which are highly reactive agents that readily combine with other compounds resulting in carcinogens and other toxic byproducts that contribute directly to the onset of these degenerative diseases.

Oxidative stress itself is a natural process that is the byproduct of physical stress in the body, which can occur in many forms, such as nervous stress, physical exercise, environmental pollution, lack of sleep and bad diet.  While oxidative stress is present in our lives, the formation and recombination of the free radicals into toxic substances can be largely averted.  That fact is the motivation for all of the talk you hear about antioxidants and their beneficial effects when introduced into your diet.

What the research also has shown is that a very potent source of antioxidants is simply the consumption of adequate amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits.  The antioxidants in those foods can minimize the impact of oxidative stress and the presence of the overly reactive free radicals in the body.

There are many products whose advertisers tout as having high levels of antioxidants.  Perhaps not all of them are equal, and some may better or more effective than others.  However, the research shows that the adequate consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits is sufficient to maintain health and avoid many degenerative diseases.  In fact there is a vast number of antioxidant compounds that exist in these foods, known as phytochemicals, that do not naturally occur elsewhere nor have even been identified, let alone synthesized in a laboratory.  They were made in nature’s laboratory.

This is the conclusion that researchers used as the basis for developing Juice Plus.  They tested the idea that vegetables and fruits could be juiced, then dried slowly and packaged to deliver their essential nutrients, including the antioxidants and other phytochemicals, to the body and be metabolized to the same degree as their fresh counterparts.  Research on this question has proved that the bulk of these nutrients are delivered unchanged in their juiced and dried form.  The body responds similarly as to the fresh versions of the food.

It was these arguments that prompted me to try Juice Plus.  I started in 1998.  At that time I was in my late 40’s.  I was actively training in the martial art Aikido and had just earned a Shodan degree. The dojo where I was training was full of much younger people, many in their 20’s.  We trained very hard and at my age I had to try very hard to keep up with them.  I had tried some various supplements to give me energy, stamina, etc.  It wasn’t easy.

I have to report that when I began taking the Juice Plus, my energy and endurance increased dramatically.  Those youngsters had to keep up with me!

The other thing that I noticed was that I began sleeping more soundly.  I felt more refreshed in the morning.  I decided that I would keep using the supplement into my old age.  I’m not sure when I might get old, but I am still with the program.  It’s even better for old people.

I encourage you to give it a try.  The minimum trial amount is a four month supply for one person with a normal dose.  That amounts to about $1.50 per day.  Their studies have shown that this is the minimum time over which cells are replaced and repaired and a significant impact can be experienced.   If you are still reading, you can check it out at my Juice Plus page.


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