Today: “Release your expectations.  Give, forgive and develop your intuition.  The Cosmos will serve you.” – a reading from the I Ching

Release your expectations.  Give, forgive and develop your intuition.  The Cosmos will serve you.

Meditation: The Neutral Mind

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#40, line 2, #16
A Thunderous Cloudburst shatters the oppressive humidity:  The Superior Person knows the release in forgiveness, pardoning the faults of others and dealing gently with those who sin against him.
It pays to accept things as they are for now.  If there is nothing else to be gained, a return brings good fortune.  If there is something yet to be gained, act on it at once.
The relief you experience here is not your own personal pardon, but the release of others from your rigid expectations.  Like a hot air balloon, you will rise to new heights as you cast the heavy sandbags of resentments and restrictions away from you.  Feel the lightness of being that results from forgiving others and accepting them as they are.  Free yourself of the endless vigil of policing the behavior of others.  See them for who they are, not what they can or can’t do for you.
The image is taken from the hunt. The hunter catches three cunning foxes and receives a yellow arrow as a reward. The obstacles in public life are the designing foxes who try to influence the ruler through flattery. They must be removed before there can be any deliverance. But the struggle must not be carried on with the wrong weapons. The yellow color points to measure and mean in proceeding against the enemy; the arrow signifies the straight course. If one devotes himself wholeheartedly to the task of deliverance, he develops so much inner strength from his rectitude that it acts as a weapon against all that is false and low.
Thunder comes resounding out of the Earth:
Similar thunder roars up from the masses when the Superior Person strikes a chord in their hearts.
Whip up enthusiasm, rally your forces, and move boldly forward.
There is a rhythmic force, a world music, that lives deep in the Unconscious of each of us.  It’s a primitive drumbeat, a shaking rattle, a tribal chant that invokes the primal self to rise up and join the dance.  This is the enthusiasm that is generated now. Not rhetorical persuasion, not a play on the emotions, but a charismatic, irresistible Call of the Wild.  Confucius said that the person who could comprehend this could ‘rule the world as though it were spinning in his hand.’
This is a time for instinct, not intellect — the Thunder from the Beneath..

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