Today: – ”You are at the center of a convergence of consciousness.  Interact with with your brothers and sisters.” – a reading from the I Ching

You are at the center of a convergence of consciousness.  Interact with with your brothers and sisters.  Show to them your common aspirations through your devotion and gain support for them.

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#8, line 2, #7
Deep Waters on the face of the Earth: Surface waters flow together.
The Superior Person recognizes the situation calls for joining together.
Thus he cultivates friendly relations with all.
Good fortune is possible.  Then there will be no error.
Those uncertain will gradually join.  Those who join too late will meet with misfortune.
This is a time of connection with another or others — not just an alliance, but a melding of parts into a new whole.  Such a connection may be too close, too intense for some.  Consult the oracle again to see if you have the qualities needed to strengthen and withstand such an intense synthesis.
Devotion comes from deep inside you.  Good fortune if you keep to your course.  
Deep Water beneath the Earth’s surface: Untapped resources are available.
The Superior Person nourishes and instructs the people, building a loyal, disciplined following.  Good fortune. No mistakes if you follow a course led by experience.
You must gain support from others.  Find a way to make others want to see your objectives met as badly as you want it.  How can they profit from the attainment of this goal?  Can you command confidence that you are just the person that can bring this plan to fruition?

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