Today: “Meditation is the creative control of the self” Yogi Bhajan

“Meditation is the creative control of the self where the Infinite can talk to you.” Yogi Bhajan
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Today: Wait for a better time to act – I Ching

Submit to bad times and let them pass.  Any overt action is futile.  Times will change where your actions will become effective.



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This pictures a time when inferior people are pushing forward and are about to crowd out the few remaining strong and superior men. Under these circumstances, which are due to the time, it is not favourable for the superior man to undertake anything.
The right behaviour in such adverse times is to be deduced from the images and their attributes. The lower trigram stands for the earth, whose attributes are docility and devotion. The upper trigram stands for the mountain, whose attribute is stillness. This suggests that one should submit to the bad time and remain quiet. For it is a question not of man’s doing but of time conditions, which, according to the laws of heaven, show an alternation of increase and decrease, fullness and emptiness. It is impossible to counteract these conditions of the time. Hence it is not cowardice but wisdom to submit and avoid action.

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