A letter to a friend


I appreciate hearing from you.  You have been true to the Guru.  

I haven’t been holding virtual meditation gatherings, though  you are on my list whenever they should happen.

I still offer remote healing sessions, though typically not face to face.  This is how I can offer personal suggestions for meditations.

I agree, the world has largely devolved into insanity.  It has touched us all, though not everyone is broken.  I’m happy to hear that you have found a safe haven.

There has been a profound change in people’s perceptions of how to organize our devotion.  The paradigms of community, seeker, teacher and organization were largely blown up.  Tribalism and cultism have taken a toll.  What I have realized is that we human beings remain intact with our personal identities and aspirations.  We only need to recognize and reform our social identities.  The age of the monolithic power structure is over.

One thing that I have understood from our excellent teachers is that we, now, are it.  Everything hinges on the active we, evolving from the passive us.  Subtly, just as we all have experienced in countless classes, we share each others’ existence and presence.  We do not have to feel alone.  We share in our subtle bodies a common experience that binds us and lifts our soul.  Once we resolve the question of the soul body, we can nourish and grow it through our daily practice, sadhana, together with the subtle body of all the souls practicing with us.  In a natural progression, we share our awareness and compassion through radiance, our radiant body.   This is how we can begin recognize and then support and nourish the collective soul body.

Here are some suggestions.

To enhance awareness of the subtle body and soul body:

Meditation: NM0410 – 20010615 – The Northern Lights – Ek Ong Kar

Yogi Bhajan introduced it to us at Summer Solstice 2001. It was the last time he appeared at Summer Solstice.    

It is difficult, to begin.  He said, “do it for 40 days” then maybe 90 days, or 120, or just keep doing it.  I started with 11 minutes for a week, then 22 minutes, then 31 minutes, then 62 minutes, then 2 1/2 hours.

This is a good one to master,  at 1000 days.

Here are the meditations for the radiant body:


Here’s another one Yogi Bhajan suggested that we master (as I heard it):

Meditation: LA822-950201-Healing the Physical

Also called “The Lighthouse”.  It’s worth doing.  

For the soul body:

Meditation: M043-19890623 See Your Soul Within Your Third Eye

Meditation: KWTC04-960627-Soul and Identity

For sanity and stability:



One day at a retreat, my friend and I were discussing the meditation NM0410, which was my sadhana at the time.  She told me she was intrigued by it, and wanted to try it.  As we were housed in a dorm at the retreat, she asked me to come get her on my way to the place where I was meditating.  At 3am the next morning, I knocked on the door of her room (shared by 3 other people).  Immediately, I heard screams from inside the room.  They all screamed.  So, puzzled, I left to do my sadhana.

She later explained that she and her roommates had convinced themselves that they were being stalked by a ghost in their room.  My knock on the door became a part of their story.



Some thoughts on my friend’s message before vision quest

Even our own utterances stimulate ourselves and each other to give attention to the flow of experience.  Nothing is random, everything is for us.  When we include everything, we love.

Our subconscious also exists within that flow to give attention to the “movie” that we are replaying in order to “work things out” and live a conscious life in love.

Physical work in devoted service, samu, karma yoga, or simply, “chopping wood and carrying water” puts us in touch with the subconscious where we can begin the process.

We can replace the movie with mantra in our conscious awareness to redirect our attention towards the infinite.  That’s Japa.  

We can learn to see within and behind the movie with daily meditation, sadhana.  The meditations we practice come from the tantric tradition of our lineage.

“Chop wood, carry water”  is a practice that creates a mini retreat that directs our attention to the flow of our subconscious, so we can hear it.  Our awareness exists as original mind far beneath the differentiation that our subconscious stimulates.  The subconscious is our personal predisposition  to translate our experience from the depths of our unconscious awareness in terms that we can relate with.  Giving attention (listening) to the silence within the sound of the subconscious can deconstruct its story and merge the experience with its origin, original mind.

Our life is our retreat.  Maybe we can see what’s behind it all.  Then what?

We share a common awareness with everything in the unconscious. Our subconscious stimulates a direction to our awareness in the flow.  When we give expression we don’t need to separate it from the source of that  expression.  We can learn to live without a translator.

Doing 120 days of sadhana is a form that directs our attention beneath the subconscious into the unconscious and guides our attention within that level of awareness.

Somebody interviewed a Tibetan monk who had just completed decades of meditation in self isolation.  When asked to comment on his experience, the monk responded “I witnessed all of my lifetimes from the very beginning to the end.  Commenting on that experience would only serve to mislead you.” 

Communicating verbally or in writing gives us a view and invites each other into our mind.  A literal translation could only mislead.  That is why we have to put some magic into what we say and what we write.  When I was young, reading the writings of the early Zen masters led me into their mind.

The rules are:  We are speaking, sharing experience now, today, tomorrow, whenever the words land and wherever the words land. That is the nature of the medium of consciousness.  We must make it count.

Here are some meditations on the subconscious and sharing:

Meditation: LA082-790123 Telescopic Infinity

Meditation: NM0365-20001024-On Communication II

Meditation: LA046 – 780614 – Hari Shabad Meditation – Use the Wind to Produce Trance and Dissolve Negativity

Meditation: LA031 19780423 – Ad Nad Kriya – Gupt Gian Shakti the Secret Power of the Knowledge


Meditation:  LA372 831212 Corruption and character

Today: “Breaking the barriers of the subconscious mind is the union of the unit consciousness with supreme consciousness” Yogi Bhajan

Lecture: LA907 970311 burn the subconscious “Life is Love”

Meditation: LA004 780109 Experience the Experience

Meditation: LA741 – 921125 – Dance of Shiva

Meditation: 881026 Removing Fear of the Future

Meditation: NM335 – A00111 Connect Up to Infinity


Ram Dass – “As you dissolve into love, your ego fades. You’re not thinking about loving, you’re just being love, radiating like the sun.”

Now – the path is to realize what love is – yes, it is that which happens between people for whom strong identification happens – but that has a strong element of ego in it, though it also transcends ego. Love means connection – and connection is the extension of consciousness to include that which objectively is separate from ourselves, yet in loving extension, the experience of self now includes that which is being perceived. Love happens from the heart, and heart-energy is where form and consciousness energy are equal and since it is not mind-energy, there is no ego in it. Look about you – open your heart – love the trees and the birds, the clouds in the sky, those you pass by, EVERYTHING. This is the ecstatic life, the mystic’s life. It is how we can radiate like the sun, lighting upon everything, and is how we are truly meant to live.


Thoughts on identity and you being you

You being you is the greatest gift you can give to the world. It is God who gave it.

This is the foundation for putting Yogi Bhajan’s teachings into practice.  It is not a matter of belief.  It is a matter of connecting with reality, i.e., you becoming you.  You are real.  God is real.  Both become real in your awareness when there is no separation.

The first and sufficient assertion on the matter is “Ek Ong Kar”.  God and God’s creation are one.  God created the universe and did not separate from it.

Our personal application of that assertion is “Ang Sang Waheguru”.  “God in me, me and God are one“.  Look for God inside you, not outside you.  Merging that reality in your perception is the personal manifestation of Ek Ong Kar.

We have sufficient technology to extend our temporal existence to a rich experience.  Here are a few kriyas that address this topic.

Meditation: NM0394 – Live Above Denial

Meditation: NM360-20000913 – Making a Mold – White Hole Mudra

Meditation: LA004 780109 Experience the Experience

Meditation: NM0415 – 20010910 – Karma & Dharma



On Gangs

Sometimes, good people, even if they are religious, can fall prey to the desire to dominate and control others, for a variety of reasons.  It’s not sinful that they have those desires.

If they act on them, directly, or indirectly, it’s another matter.

Directly, a person may act to manifest some very selfish intention. In this case, that person may be visible and identified as the perpetrator of that act to anyone who witnesses the act.  The perpetrator may then be held personally to account.  Then, there is an obvious cost for acting in that way.

Indirectly, a person may “hire” someone or something that they can hide behind to do their bidding in order to fulfill their desire. This tactic may provide personal distance from the consequences of actions perpetrated by the surrogate. They approve of the behavior and eagerly anticipate the result of the actions. This is an age old tactic that mob bosses and other gangsters use to provide “plausible deniability” for “the boss” while the deed is carried out.

In another case, a group of people, well organized with a social identity, is formed by members who desire power and control along with personal anonymity.  They may wish that their intentions remain secret.  This is sometimes known as a cult.

In a most extreme case, one plan is to hire a “demon” with sufficient means to carry out their selfish intentions.  Having that kind of representation, members can defend their actions by claiming  “it’s not I who did that”. When the actions are identified and called out and retribution is called for, then “yes, he’s a demon, but he’s my demon” and “I will protect him”. “It’s still more comfortable to me, and safer, that he does those things than I do those things”.

A problem with this plan is that the above declarations imply that a part, perhaps a significant part, of the members’ personal identity is given up to the alternative identity of the group.  The group becomes an alter ego. To be a member, a person only has to deny one’s own identity in favor of the group identity and look to the group for the fulfillment of desires and protection from external consequences.  All of the remaining consequences are then internal.

Another problem with that plan is that the behavior can quickly become nefarious.  Demons often cannot be controlled.


Meditation: M103 – 19941218 – To Call on Your Impersonal

You have Personal, Impersonal, and Self. If you call on your Impersonal, you will have tons of energy. If you call on your personal, you will be depressed. You should have that power, whenever you are facing circumstances to call on your Impersonal. Impersonal is You beyond you, and personal is you within the realm of your own knowledge.

Library of Teachings M103-1994-1218-To Call on Your Impersonal

Musings on Grace and Gratitude

The more that we bring up gratitude, the more that seems to be the only important thing about our relating with life — not belief, not comfort.  The greatest grace that we have received as humans is exactly that capacity for gratitude. We have been blessed with the best teachers and the most sacred teachings…all just to realize that quality of gratitude in us.  Gratitude promotes the alchemical transformation of our experience into compassion, which does not have any limit, which is Infinite.

How could we be intolerant of anyone who is limited by ignorance?  refuse people the grace that they lack? cling tightly to what we have in unlimited abundance?  begrudge people their limited existence?

Everything we see and everyone we look at reminds us of how we do not suffer and shows us the grace that we can share.  Freedom is internal, not circumstantial. We are bound in this life to our karma, as is everyone.  At least we can experience and savor every moment and every thing that are the gifts of time and space.

Look at people who are walking in the street.  Where are they going? What is important? It all depends.  That’s grace.

Remember the saying: “There, but for the grace of God, go I”?

You are a product of God’s Grace to the world.  Remember that.

“The Power of Memories – Remember the Saint Within” Meditation


America has lost her marbles and she needs them back



If thirty percent of the mind is experiencing the chaos of insanity, then is the person crazy?  Maybe, but also maybe some therapy could salvage the whole.  That is a rationale for adopting and embracing Humanology, which is not really a thing, but is rather the body of teachings that can be absorbed through the experience of a technology that we can embrace in order to begin to know, and ultimately, reclaim the self.  Experience comes from the commitment to a personal daily routine, sadhana, or therapy.  We do the meditation, and we get better.  The technology was referred to us by my teacher, Yogi Bhajan.  It is not a thing!  Do not believe it, do it! Continue reading “America has lost her marbles and she needs them back”

Healing the perception



We find reality through our perception.  When every component of our perceptive field is integrated into a whole we see that as reality.  If we do not add any bias to any component of perception, then we can trust that it is real.

Prejudices and other biases alter perception, forming a point of view.  An integrated point of view may appear real, though it skews reality toward that viewpoint. Then, we have a window, but not the whole picture.

As healers, when we relate with the patient and merge with in an integrated perceptive field  two things happen:
1.  We know the reality of the patient as we know our own
2.  We can manifest our intention in the relation.

That is the realm of the projective meditative mind.  If we can completely lose all points of view, then anything and everything can be healed.

A similar principle can be applied simply to healing others.  Every viewpoint that the patient holds results in some condition or position in the patient.  Not all points of view are equal.  Some result in positive relations, others, negative;  some loving, others adversarial.

If we agree that physical, emotional and spiritual conditions are held in consciousness, then we can say that these conditions can change or be released with a shift in the consciousness.  Simply, a change in a person’s  perception or viewpoint can precipitate healing in that person.  There can be a very strong resonance between the perception and a condition.

Sometimes it is simpler to address the perception than the condition.  A perception can flip in a moment.

Meditation: LA082-790123 Telescopic Infinity

The Chaos Strategy



Many have figured this out.  Many deny it.  Chaos was weaponized a long time ago, and keeps re-emerging as a political reality for those who have forgotten history.

It isn’t about truth or lies.  That is just the tactic.  The strategy is all about chaos.
If you find the means to produce pure and ultimate chaos, then you can easily find the means to seize the power necessary to bring back “order”.
If you can blow up the world economy (e.g., toxic tax bill) then you find the means to put it back together in your own image.  There will always be somebody else you can blame for the catastrophe (2008).
If you can wage catastrophic war producing total devastation (e.g., nuclear war), then you can rebuild on your own terms.  There will always be somebody else you can blame for the cataclysm.
If you can privatize a nation’s secret security and spying infrastructure (cia) then they will work for you secretly (gestapo) and can target and prosecute fellow citizens with extrajudicial impunity.
If you can completely dismantle democratic institutions then you can define your own.
If you can get enough people (e.g., religious zealots) to believe that blowing up the world is a good thing, then there is nothing that you can’t accomplish with their help.
If you can appear to be insane to enough people (e.g., everybody) then they will underestimate you (as always) so you can fly under the radar and fully implement your chaos strategy.


Thoughts on Keynsian Economics

Think about it.  When enough people are presented with opportunity, there are many who do not ignore it.  Under the right circumstances, they  cannot ignore it.  Statistically, this tends to cause a shift in whatever macro dynamics are in play.
An obvious case is the question of the implementation of Keynsian Economic Theory.  It was used, with impressive effects, to pull the world out of the great depression.  FDR was a skeptic of investing in “something for nothing”, but his gamble in creating the WPA paid off big time.  What really did the trick was the “forced” government investment in the war machine in the late 1930’s.  The tragedy of WWII also led to the greatest period of prosperity in modern history.  Investment in war is always questionable.  Investment in manufacturing infrastructure worked beautifully.

The “gilded age” of the 1920’s yielded to the “golden age” which lasted into the 1970’s.

It’s simple.  During the depression, what everyone wanted, and needed, was a job.  The WPA filled that need.  During WWII, all the stops were pulled, with seismic economic results.  it seems that when money is flowing, people cannot resist spending it, which is a direct stimulus to growth and prosperity.  Fear subsides and the economy soars.  Of course, it’s not a trivial problem.  Too much spending beyond growth can cause inflation, as was witnessed with “stagflation” in the 1970’s.

Rather than adopting sane fiscal safeguards against inflation, which are known to the Keynsian Economic model,  President Reagan chose to reintroduce fear into the equation with his “trickle down” proposition, which has been a persistent impediment to economic growth to this day.  “Trickle down” is not a theory, it is a voodoo trick intended to persuade people to believe that the monied interests will take care of everybody.  Just ask yourself which is more likely:  Will more people spend more money when they have more money without the fear of being destitute, or will wealthy people invest more of their wealth to build something for everyone’s benefit?  The former makes no assumptions.  It’s a fact, proven by history.

The latter is loaded with assumptions:
Wealthy people are philanthropic – some of them are
Big business is willing to put its wealth at risk without the assurances of a monopolistic sure thing – its stockpile of trillions of dollars shows otherwise.  Most recent investments have only gobbled up smaller enterprises and reduced competition, indicating one goal – a consolidation of wealth into fewer more powerful interests.  More cash in their pockets won’t change this.

President Reagan weaponized fear, and its legacy has been adopted by all of his followers and apologists.

We were privileged to see the Keynsian model at work again when President Obama and Congress passed the Recovery Act in 2009.  Its only problem is that it was an anemic gesture that should have been ten times bigger.  Of course, there was enormous opposition by the usual suspects.  It saved the world economy, but did not set us on a path to prosperity.  FDR experienced the same problem with his initial efforts to save the world from the depression.  It took the the War to seal the deal.

Other examples of public policy that have led to overall prosperity:

Mandatory free public education (mandatory that it must be offered) includes an enormous talent pool whose education has led to unprecedented achievement in all possible ways. Science, technology, arts, global relief from disease and other suffering and even diplomacy that has trumped tribal instincts.  Imagine a world where only Trumps are educated (54% of Republicans think that college education is a bad thing for the nation)

Investment in the humanities.  Where would we be without our culture and entertainment?  (No philharmonic, no Spiderman?)

Veterans Administration and the GI bill: the only real compensation given to veterans for their sacrifice.

NASA:Today’s private space enterprise and our private lives owe a debt to public policy (JFK’s moonshot, velcro).

What is common to all public policy is that everyone contributes to it, and everyone is the beneficiary.

Meditation: For contemplating what comes next after the Women’s March



“You know each other, because you were all born in the same time and space as a batch of the third millennium. No matter where we live—we have all come to the planet Earth. You know that you are here. Do you accept that everyone knows everyone? Do you ever go up to someone and say “Hi, you are here, I am here!” without knowing the person’s name? Whenever dealing with people, remember you are here along with everyone else all of the time.” – Yogi Bhajan

Balancing projection with intention
Yogic scriptures tell us of the four stages of the mind: normal awareness, the dream state, total mental rest, and total awareness. Mastery of this meditation enables the practitioner to master these four levels of the mind. It can create a mental equilibrium so that our expression will be consistent with our intention.
Contemplating our intention will align our intention with our identity.

Living above denial and the faculty of self engagement

When we feel badly about what is going on around us, and feel helpless to do anything about it, we are denying who we are and separating ourselves from it.  Rather, we should know the self that is equal to the challenge and  engage it rather than separate or shrink from it.

Increase the flow of spirit in you
When everything is upside down and stagnation and chaos prevail, it is time to be and not do.  There is nothing to do personally but peacefully participate in the divine flow.  That flow is present even in chaos and will emerge as the way everything will eventually right itself.  The situation is too complex to force any single remedy successfully.  Relying on your inner worth with perseverance and being in the flow will allow divine wisdom to take its course.
From “It is time to be and not do”.

Develop patience and intuition
You must consciously breathe the breath of life. Give yourself a chance to wait, and the patience to understand. When you meet and talk with somebody, or think about somebody, you cannot even think of that person’s condition if you do not use patience and intuition. If you do not use patience and intuition you will do a lot of wrong. Patience and intuition are essential in order to meditatively assess what is going on.


About this page
After the women’s march, it is useful to contemplate what comes next.  As individuals, a community and a nation, men and women, we can look first within ourselves to know our light, find our strengths, and gather the means for making an effective impact that will heal our communities and bring them together, local and global.  Then we can reach out and join with others communicating our ideas and plans.

I have begun this page as a means of reminding us of the motivations that brought everyone together and as a means of sustaining the internal space that it opened in us through that experience.  It is a collection of meditations that I feel will contribute to that intention.  All the meditations were given to us by my teacher, Yogi Bhajan.  They come from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, which is simply a technology that gives us tools for living a happy life. Continue reading “Meditation: For contemplating what comes next after the Women’s March”

Truth is being redefined

Throughout the ages, there have been only a few pillars upon which  standards have been developed for discerning Truth.  Reason is one of them.  Plato wrote about it millennia ago.  Reason has been applied by individuals,  groups of individuals and most nations.  Reason is the basic foundation of the Republic.  Modern republics exist because their peoples have accepted the basic veracity of reason and have agreed to live by it.

Sages that lived in India and China gave us simple principles to live by whereby we can learn to supplement Truth with intuition in order to fill in gaps that reason leaves us with when we ask really hard questions, such as posing moral dilemmas, or complex questions that include overwhelming amounts of data, often with conflicting components.

With a balance of reason and intuition, it seems that we can know anything   we need to know in order to proceed wisely in any situation.  They give us wisdom.  Great leaders tend to master that balance not just to accumulate power and win the consent of those they govern, but to advance their civilization in ways that reflect that wisdom.

Now, we seem to have come to a point where Truth itself is being marginalized in the public discourse.  Not that there is conflict in opposing views, but that Truth just doesn’t matter.  What is replacing Truth as the most important thing is belief.

Truth cannot be controlled.  Belief can.  Just as mighty conquerors would impose a new order on the civilizations of the conquered, modern conquerors are doing the same.  They are using the same model, only the currency has changed.  The old currency was weapons and brute force.  The new currency is money and persuasion.  It used to be the biggest army that prevailed.  That is more difficult to pull off these days, since too many people are now aware of the Truth, which is the most powerful ally.  Now, it is the biggest megaphone that wishes to neutralize that most powerful ally.  Truth must be discredited.  Not true, who cares?

Fortunately, there is an even a bigger movement afoot that will ultimately preserve the dignity of mankind, and perhaps the human race.  The vast majority still recognizes Truth and continues to hone intuition and balance it with reason.

Meditation for balancing reason and intuition.

Stay tuned.

The Snake Revealed

That’s right, Im a snake.
Snakes don’t have compassion. We are reptiles, after all.
Don’t pay any taxes? –That makes me smart.
Stiffed everyone I owed? –That’s just business.
Wished for financial calamity so I can exploit peoples’ misfortune? –That’s just business, too.
Praised foreign despots while they inflict atrocities and then blame my personal adversaries for all of it? –Why not?
Climate change? — a hoax invented by the Chinese for China
Democracy? — overrated. Believe me I’ll fix everything myself in this hell we are living in.
Insulted people for their looks, weight, gender, race, lineage, nationality?
–They deserved it.
Now you know. Wait until I reveal who I really am.  But you will only find out if and when I am in charge and have control of the situation.
On her way to work one morning

Continue reading “The Snake Revealed”