Healing Requests

You may book a healing appointment with Hari Nam Singh via credit card or Pay Pal.

Single request suggested donation $63.00 USD.

via credit card

Healing Request Guidelines

Hari Nam Singh offers individual healing sessions remotely and in person.  Healing sessions of both types may be booked here.  The economies of scheduling and forcasting afforded by booking sessions via this site allow us to offer substantial discounts.  Hari Nam will receive and review each healing request, and accommodate the requested times to the extent that is possible.  Please allow at least 24 hours prior to a healing session if the time of the session is important.  A confirmation of a scheduled time will be sent to the requestor for scheduled healing sessions.  A confirmation will be sent to the requestor after the completion of a simple or scheduled remote individual healing session.

Types of Healing Requests

Individual Private appointments at the Healing Heart Center in the Hollywood area are available and may be booked online.  Appointments typically last 30-45 minutes.  Afterwards Hari Nam will discuss any meditations or other actions that he recommends.

Remote healing appointments are available and may be booked online.  A session typically will last 30 minutes.  Hari Nam will attempt to conduct the sessions within 12 hours of the requested time.

 What to Expect

Depending on what you are doing and your level of activity during a session, you my or may not be aware of what is happening.  If you are at the Healing Heart Center for a private session, you will likely feel a sense of deep relaxation.  If you are at rest during a remote session, you may have a similar experience.  The depth of the healing does not depend on your disposition during the session.  As stated in the About Sat Nam Rasayan® section, it is the consciousness of your tendencies that is altered in the session, allowing various conditions to heal.  You may notice a change in a condition during or some time after the session, depending on your awareness of the condition.  Remember that this is not a medical tradition.  Its purpose is to reduce pain and suffering and to promote and reduce obstacles to well being.

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