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Since July, 2016, I have attempted to post daily readings from the I Ching as Today: I Ching.

The readings contained in Today: I Ching posts are intended to reflect the tendencies described by the I Ching in answer to the question: “What is going on today?”  The results are intended to have relevance to the reader of the post in some way.  It also can include relevance to what is going on in the world at large.

Over the years I have queried the I Ching with regard to many topics, personal and global.  I have used much of the feedback I have received from the Oracle to clarify my understanding of what is going on.  In many cases it has at least partially answered my curiosity about those topics, particularly when they relate to dynamic and complex situations.

I have decided, on a trial basis, to offer readings to readers who submit to me a question for the Oracle.  Perhaps the daily reading seems not specific enough to address a particular issue.  Perhaps you have follow-on questions for a reading.  Then you might consider requesting a personal reading.

Here is how it works. Submit a question with the form.  I will query the Oracle with your question,  interpret the results and send a reply back to you via the supplied e-mail address or the e-mail address for the PayPal account..I will respond with a link to the reading and my interpretation of it to the email address that is provided.

Questions should be of the general form: “What about…”, “Is the…”  or what if…”.  Avoid asking the Oracle to tell the future.  Avoid asking the Oracle to tell you what to do.  “What if I do [this]” or “What if I don’t do [that]” are useful forms of a question.

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