Hari Nam Singh

Hari Nam Singh is a yogi and a healer in the Ancient Sacred Healing Tradition of the Yogis: Sat Nam Rasayan®.

For more than twenty years Hari Nam has studied life with Yogi Bhajan and healing under the direct tutelage of Guru Dev Singh.  He holds a level 3 certification from the Center for Contemplative Awareness.

Get help with:
Anxiety • Stress • Depression • Fear • Anger • Grief • Fatigue • Sleep disorders • Improving acuity and mental function • Improving relationships • Improving communication • pregnancy (healthy child) • Your career • Shyness • Addiction • Weakness • Muscle pain • Joint pain • Migraines • Digestion • Stagnation • Cancer & other degenerative illnesses • Transition and dying

Request a remote healing session from him wherever you are in the world.  See Hari Nam’s Teaching Calendar

Contact Hari Nam Singh at the Healing Heart Center via e-mail for an appointment.