About Sat Nam Rasayan®

HealingWheelGraphicSat Nam Rasayan® literally means “Healing in the True Identity”.   In practice, it is the tradition of healing through awareness. Within the interdependency of all things lies the source of all healing. That source exists neither within, without, nor apart from ourselves. Merging our awareness in that source, in the true identity Sat Nam, allows healing to happen.

As a practical matter, we human beings are blessed with the capacity to become transcendent in our consciousness. That is, we can stabilize a specific aspect of our awareness from which we can project an intention to heal. That aspect can take our experience beyond the dimensions of our measured awareness and into the unknown. The study of Sat Nam Rasayan® shows us that experience.

The Supreme Healing Art

In the Yogic Tradition we find that our consciousness has no fundamental boundaries nor limitations. If we look to consciousness for healing, we also find that there are no inherent limitations to the healing process. Sat Nam Rasayan® can be applied effectively to matters of body, mind, and spirit.

Sat Nam Rasayan® is not a medical tradition. A medical tradition is a discipline that is based on and confined to a universe of specific principals that describe nature and describe specific conditions for wellness and disease. When conditions in a system exist that indicate disease, these same principals are applied in the healing process to move the balance of the system toward wellness.
The healing process of Sat Nam Rasayan® does not rely on specific medical principals. So, its scope of application is not restricted to any particular descriptions of illness or disease. It is essentially non-dualistic in its approach to healing. As such, there are fewer limits to the complexity of what can be treated. Its potential is as limitless as the consciousness of the healer. It is, in common vernacular, the ultimate holistic healing modality.   It is the supreme healing art.
Because its scope of application is very broad, there is some overlap in the types of conditions that people seek help for. However, no claims should be made as to the relative effectiveness of this healing art with respect to others for specific medical conditions. And, medical attention should not be denied for conditions that can be treated effectively with medical procedures. The effectiveness and value of Sat Nam Rasayan ® healing is ultimately decided by the client subjectively in one’s sense of well being and objectively where the tendency for identified disease can be measured.
Why Healers Heal

Sat Nam Rasayan® practitioners heal with the broad intention of reducing pain and suffering in the world. That is the major criterion for successful healing in this tradition.

“If there is suffering, then there is suffering somewhere in me.”

The Healing Art of Sat Nam Rasayan® is not an empathic process. Instead, we recognize that we are the source of our own perceptions. The perceptions themselves arise within us as we relate with others. Rather than deny the perception of suffering as someone else’s problem, we healers choose to heal suffering from within our awareness.

This is not a capacity shared by a select few. As a human being, you have the capacity to heal. That is why we teach.

Why People Seek Healing

People seek Sat Nam Rasayan® healing when they trust that they can be healed. The most common motivation is to seek relief from STRESS and DEPRESSION.